We are well aware of what the German tuning firm 9ff is capable of when they put their minds to something, like the 253 MPH GT9R or the 850 HP BT2 complete with classic Gulf Racing livery. However 9ff is set to unveil something a little more mundane at the upcoming 2009 Essen Motor Show with the Speed9. While it is based on a 911 Turbo , 9ff is paying homage to the classic 1955 Porsche 356 1500S Speedster for all those high performance Porsche aficionados who want to ride around with the wind in their hair.

9ff Speed9

Thanks to modern day running gear, the only thing that is reminiscent of the old ’55 is the styling. Covering that aspect 9ff included a new ground effects package that consists of a new front apron, side skirts and rear bumper along with 9ff Speed9 sports seats and matching steering wheel. The 911 Turbo that serves as the vehicle’s foundation received an upgraded ECU, free flowing exhaust and a set of sport catalytic converters that let the bi turbo flat six breathe to the tune of 650 HP and 656 lb-ft of torque. Even though 9ff hasn’t let us in on any performance figures as of yet, you can expect the Speed9 to go faster than you ever want to with the top down.

The 9ff GT9R is most likely the fastest Porsche GT3 at the moment. But while the tuner only offered details on the coupe versions, rumors say the German tuner is also taking orders for a speedster version of the GT9R.

We expect for the cabrio version to use the same 4.0-litre flat six, mid-mounted engine that thanks to massive twin-turbo is able to produce 1120bhp and a peak torque of 774 lb ft. The coupe version was named by its producer ’the world’s fastest street-legal car: it sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 2,8 seconds and can hit a top speed of 257mph are on tap.

This rendered appeared on the 9ff United Arab Emirates (UAE) official page and comes with the message: "Fastest Car in the World - 257 MPH - Now available as Coupe OR Convertible."

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After speculating about what a tuned Porsche Panamera might look like, the aftermarket specialists from Gemballa released a few renderings of their Mistrale . Not being ones to sit back and let others have all the fun, the high performance Porsche specialists from 9ff have released a few of their own design ideas for the new four door sports car.

9ff tuned Porsche Panamera

The 9ff kit consists of a redesigned front bumper with larger air intakes, a vented hood and a set of their signature 22 inch three piece rims. If anything about their high speed history can give us a clue as to their plans for the Panamera’s power plant; a PT-55 package should up the power to anywhere from 500 to 550 HP thanks to an ECU upgrade and some high flowing air filters, while the PT-60 performance package should produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 HP with the addition of a new exhaust and some sport catalytic converters. The big boy of the range will be the PT-65 that gets a pair of upgraded turbochargers that work with all the aforementioned parts to produce around 650 HP.

Either way, the Panamera is a new breed of sports cars that will combine the practicality of a four door four passenger layout with the utmost in performance and luxury. We can’t wait to see what these cars will look like when they are all done.

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German tuner 9ff loves to get the most out of Porsche engines, and we have a hard time arguing with its 1300 hp Draxster. Based on a Porsche 911 the vehicle has been extensively modified, the engine is a twin turbo 4.0-liter unit and the vehicle weighs in at 1168 Kg (2569 lbs.). Although the vehicle will not be officially used in drag races, with that amount of power the Draxster can hit 161 mph in just 9.5 seconds, fast enough to leave some space between it and a Bugatti Veyron . Unfortunately the pricing for this vehicle has not been announced nor have production plans been announced yet.

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Probably the only thing worse than a 423 hp Hummer H3 is a 725 hp Porsche Cayenne . Tuner 9ff is making its reputation for getting some of the highest horsepower out of Porsche products, but that has usually been car based on the 911. Now its turned its attention more to the soccer mom crowd with the 9ff Vantage GTR.

Aside from the upgrade to 725 hp in a 5000 lbs car, the rest of the package is pretty attractive. The kit includes a revised front-end with headlights borrowed from the 911 series, a new hood and a new front bumper. Also a new fenders, side sills, roof spoiler and rear bumper are included in the package.

So if you know a soccer mom who is injecting her kid with steroids, then this car may appeal to her. For the rest of us, we’ll stick to the 911.

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9ff decided a while a go that it didn’t need to have its hands on a Porsche Panamera to start customizing it . Even without an official debut of the car , plans seem to be moving forward to tune the Porsche’s sedan.

According to a Russian website called Cardesign, tuner 9ff is teaming up with Top Car and Cardi to modify the Porsche Panamera . The chain seems to start with Top Car designing two kits: one that replaces all the body panels except for the roof and a tamer package that just adds new front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a revised hood. Cardi will be responsible for the manufacturing and possible installation of the panels. 9ff will do what it does best and work on the engine, transmission and suspension.

There are no specifics about the performance upgrades to the car, but not surprising considering the Panamera has not yet even been seen in the flesh yet. What can be expected is that it will be a quick machine considering the other Porsches 9ff has gotten its hands on .

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The Porsche Carrera GT may be out of production for over two years now, but that still doesn’t make it any less desirable. It also doesn’t meant the tuners don’t need to stop upgrading the car.

9ff, the tuning house that has made some earth-shattering cars from Poreches like the GT9 , has gotten its hands on a Carrera GT. It’s called the GTT 900 pack, and it was showcased at the Essen Motor Show in Germany this weekend.

The standard V10 unit was upgraded by about 50 percent to give the car a new total 900 horsepower. Improvements include new camshafts, less restrictive exhaust manifolds, and a special muffler with a unique valve system and end-pipes. A just in case people didn’t think you were special enough for driving Carrera GT, 9ff added bright red "look at me" paint.

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Because 9ff’s 253 mph GT9 was just to pedestrian, the 9ff people are rumored to be going back to the drawing board for more speed. If the GT9R can add a few miles to its top speed, it just may capture the production car top speed crown (set at 256 mph by SSC Aero Twin-Turbo .)

There are no other details at the moment, but the guys over at Supercars.net assembled what they think it will look like. This includes a new wing, an updated front facia, front splitter, wheel well extractors, brake cooling ducts, side exhaust and a distinctive roof-mounted air scoop.

When we know more, you’ll know more.

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To maximize an ideal top athlete, such as the Porsche 911 GT2 in a way that can be maintained for a long time, it is essential to make far reaching modifications which have to be founded on numerous years of expertise and experience. A kind of professional expertise the Dortmund-based Porsche refiner 9ff unquestionably has.

9ff GT2 based on the Porsche 911 GT2

With the 9ff GT2, the owner and head developer Jan Fatthauer and his team once again challenge their talents and produce a vehicle which has been optimized in its every existing driving capability. The goal was to create a GT2 which is able to provide the best performance on both the tracks and the streets. With its powerful 670 hp "bolt on kit" and a running gear which has been developed at the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring, the 9ff GT2 outstandingly proves that road capability and racing can overlap without having sacrifice any level of convenience and comfort.

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The Porsche 911 (997) GT3 RS is already a fast car, but when the guys over at 9ff decided to transform it in a 9ff GTurbo1000, the results are pretty cool.

Adding a two turbos boosted power to 950 hp (from an original 415). Now the car can sprint from 0 to 186 mph in just 18.1 seconds, which means that is quicker than the Koenigsegg CCX and with just 1.4 seconds slower than the Bugatti Veyron . The 9ff team likely started with the non-turbo GT3 as a base instead of the already boosted GT2 because of the weight savings of the RS model.

As great as this all looks, couldn’t they have done something to make engine sound less like a farm tractor?

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