9ff offers a new agressive exterior for 997 Porsche Turbo. The front grill is modifies so the radiator and engine cooling system are provided with more air while the brake cooling is improved by additional air inlets. The 9ff Turbo has the boot lid made of carbon, so the weight is reduced to 2866 lbs. The front apron is lowered, the brake system is enlarged and 19 and 20" wheels are being used. A newly designed rear wing completes the aerodynamics kit while the stylish and aerodynamically (...)
At Nardo, 9ff has setted a new world record for the road-legal convertibles. They have competed agains 16 other tuners. The 911 Cabrio T-6 made a maximum output of 780 bhp, which has proved to be enough to leave others in the dust. The official speed record for road-legal convertibles now stands at 236.5 mph.

Porsche tunner 9ff will release a tuning kit for Porsche Carrera GT. The new kit will have 300 hp more than the current model, so the Carrera will now have an output of 912 hp. The new kit will feature: 2 bigger turbo, 2 camshafts, 2 exhaust manifolds, 9ff muffler with valve system and end-pipes, metal catalytic converter, air filter + air hose + air box, ECU upgrade

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