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TheAbarth 695 Tributo Ferrari is no doubt the most powerful Fiat 500 in the line-up. It is powered by a 1.4-liter turbocharged T-Jet engine that delivers a total of 180 HP, a significant increase over the 500’s standard 101 HP. But, as usual, there is always someone out there who believes that any car can be improved, and Italian tuner Romeo Ferraris has taken on that challenge with the Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari.

Romeo Ferraris got their hands on two of the limited edition Tributo Ferraris so they could tinker around with their insides. Starting off with the original project’s 1.4-liter turbocharged T-Jet engine, Romeo Ferraris used new camshafts, a new turbine, oversize injectors, a remapped ECU and a new exhaust system complete with sports catalyst and dual rear exit to get the Tributo Ferrari up to 260 HP. That’s a 80 HP increase over the standard 180 HP.

Abarth had originally left the 500’s power output unchanged, but they did strengthen its suspension and braking system. Since the handling was already there, the tuner just opted for installing a new Brembo brake system to handle the extra juice.

As far as looks are concerned, no aesthetic modifications needed here. The original Fiat 500 used for the project was already Ferrari red before Abarth added performance-enhanced and Ferrari -designed 17-inch alloy wheels, carbon fiber door mirrors, and Xenon headlights. With the car looking that good already, Romeo just had to power it up to get a good response.

The two Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari models will be offered to the American market, but there are no words just yet on the update’s prices. We’re guessing that, with only two units up for grabs, there will be a lot of disappointed folks out there.


The biggest international auto show of the 2011 calendar year is getting closer and closer to opening its doors when the event kicks off on March 1st, 2011. Unlike recently concluded auto shows we’ve had since the calendar turned to 2011, the Geneva Motor Show is always the one that gets our juices flowing. Not that those other events weren’t any good, but Geneva brings out all the goods. All the big boys come out to play at this event, so much so that making this preview took more days than we expected because everyday, a new model was being announced as attending the event.

Now that the Geneva Motor Show is less than two weeks away, we feel like it’s time to give you a sneak peek on what cars to expect at the event. A lot of brands that routinely skip other auto shows will all be in attendance at the Geneva Motor Show, proving that without a shadow of a doubt, this Swiss spectacle is one of the most important - if not the most important - events in the automotive calendar.

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At the end of 2010 Romeo Ferraris unveiled the Abarth 500 Estremo , but now the company is celebrating their 25th anniversary and an occasion like that calls for a much more stylish and special vehicle: the Abarth 500C Anniversario.

The car is painted in a two-toned fully chromed exterior paint, which captures the attention with its unique reflections, but does not dazzle in the sunlight, as the percentage of chromium does not exceed 60%. The top is painted in silver chrome, while the lower is painted in red. The exterior kit is finished by a new set of 17" wheels wrapped in high performance tires.

Under the hood, the 1.4 liter turbocharged engine has been tuned with a new air filter, turbocharger (this also includes turbo accessories), a downpipe with fresh catalytic converters. The result is an increase of 63 HP up to a total of 203 HP. The competition kit is finished with new Brembo parts (280 mm rotors and four-piston calipers for the front axle).

While we are all waiting for Abarth’s very own two-seater sports car , some students from IED design Milano decided to work on a concept of their own. Under the supervision of Luca Borgogno, senior designer at Pininfarina , and Luigi Giampaolo, a designer for Maserati , these students have created the Abarth Scorp-Ion, a concept car that was presented in a 1:4 scale at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Scorp-Ion concept is being built on a 2.35 meter long wheelbase and measures 4.1 m x 1.90 m x 1.19 m. The concept is an electric vehicle powered by four electric motors (one per wheel) that get their power from a lithium-ion battery located in a central position. This will not only help in delivering an optimal weight distribution between the axles, but it will also help lower the vehicle’s center of gravity.

"It’s always exciting declares César Mendoza, Director of IED Turin and also a source of a particular apprehension to know that our school participates each year at the Geneva Motor Show without having a definitive vision, from the outset, of the project we will present; a vision that is gradually refined and takes shape once the concept has been completed by the students. It is this silent confidence in our students and which exists among the school, lecturers and students that underlies the professional growth of each single designer. The concept premiered this year is already a source of great satisfaction as it has provided us with the opportunity to carry out research into a great Italian marque, its character, also considering the use of alternative sources of energy. This study has encouraged our students to conceive bold, innovative styling and volumetric solutions."

Okay, just reading the name of this car should make everyone wonder just how much it is going to cost, and don’t worry, we’ll get to that. First let’s introduce the car. The Abarth 500C is typically no more than about $25,000 and features lots of little goodies, like that four cylinder inline engine that delivers a weak 140hp. Now add a tuning package from Fenice-Milano that consists of a little bling bling, and now this expensive ride starts to sparkle.

Just how expensive is this little car? Well, take the base Abarth 500C, add 24k gold inserts and an Apple iPad Supreme Edition made out of 24k gold and diamonds, and now you got yourself a $660,000 vehicle. That’s right, that is what a Chinese customer ordered and paid for this bedazzled 500. Ridiculous? Absolutely. Intriguing? Hell yeah!

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A standard Abarth 500 develops a total of 135 HP, but how about cranking it up a few notches and almost doubling the output? The package capable of this comes from Romeo Ferraris and is called the Estremo (that’s Italian for extreme). Their package develops a total of 260 HP and can be ordered for both coupe and convertible versions.

The car is painted in Blu Pozzi, an exterior color reserved for supercars like the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and 599 GTB . The exterior also gets ice cap chromed mirrors, opening vertical doors, and "260 hp Far" applied on the hood and tailgate .

For the interior, the tuner is has chosen tobacco colors for the grain leather coating for the sports seats and all the plastic parts (instrument panel, door panels, rear panels, pillars). The sun visors and surface of the trunk get special carpeting and Alcantara.

In order to obtain the 260 ponies, the tuner has modified the parameters of the ECU and replaced most of the standard components of the engine compartment with high-performance products (turbine, injectors, pistons, camshaft, flywheel intercooler and front).

The Fiat Abarth 500 has become one of the more popular hot hatches to sprout special editions these days and this Abarth 500 ‘Monza’ edition is no different. Limited to only 10 units, this limited run hot hatch pays tribute to the legendary Italian racetrack just north of Milan.

Though it’s not as fancy and as flamboyant as many other special edition 500s we’ve seen in the past, the Abarth 500 Monza’s combination of sound and simple aesthetic interpretation and surprising performance power makes it a real collector’s dream. The fact that only ten people in the world can have a chance to own one makes it that much more enticing.

Source: Jameslist

While a standard Fiat 500 develops around 100 HP, Abarth managed to do a bit of tweaking to the hatchback’s engine to increase this output to 135 HP. This was a pretty good little boost, but in the hands of another tuner, this output could still be improved. And this is where Novitec took the hatchback coupe and gave it a little makeover of its own, providing some engine updates and a couple of minor exterior modifications.

The first kit to come upon the Abarth 500 is the NT4-CORSE power kit. This kit runs 3,016 Euro and boosts the500 ’s power to 164hp. Novitec accomplished this by adding a special turbocharger with a more efficient air supply to cool it down. Assisting the engine are larger injection nozzles and a special fuel pressure control. After that it was an optimized air-cleaner box with sport air-filter cartridge and a Novitec CORSE high performance exhaust system to round off the kit.

The second kit from Novitec is a tuning kit called the NT4-CORSE. This package provides a power boost to 212hp with the use of stainless-steel sport mufflers and high performance exhaust systems, available with one or two tailpipes in various shapes. The cost for this kit was not provided, but whatever the base price is, it is slightly increased if the customers opts for sport springs, a height-adjustable sport suspension made from stainless steel, 17 or 18" light alloy wheels, and a carbon front spoiler lip.

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News of Abarth preparing their own roadster started back in 2008 and, although we have caught some rumors here and there , nothing much has panned out leaving us to believe that Abarth will be clutched under the wing of other European brands forever. That, apparently, was an incorrect assumption.

Hoping to leave behind the disappoint that was the Smart Roadster , Abarth’s new Roadster model will feature an all new design, a transverse, mid-engined layout similar to that of the Lotus Elise. There are previous suggest reports suggesting the future Abarth model will share the chassis with the KTM X-Bow , but that is still under discussion. The car’s exterior design will be inspired by Abarth models of the 1960s.

Under the hood there will be the recently launched turbocharged 1.4-liter MultiAir, available with outputs as high as 170bhp. The engine will be mated to a new six-speed, dual-clutch gearbox, but a seven-speed version is also a possibility for the future.

Expect the new Abarth Roadster to debut in 2012, priced at around £25,000 (aprox. $40,000 at the current exchange rates). Abarth expects to produce a total of 5,000 units to sell worldwide.

UPDATE 11/01/2010: New information has lead us to believe that Abarth may be creating their mid-engine roadster without the help of Lotus or KTM .

There were numerous issues that arose with KTM. The carbon-fiber chassis on the X-Bow could have been used for the Abarth model, but that would have resulted in a price that would have been way too high for Fiat customers.

While the KTM issue is merely business, the Lotus one may be more personal. Lotus CEO Danny Bahar left Ferrari and took many people from the company with him and let’s face it, those who leave the Italian company never return or work with them again.

Source: Autocar

Rumors about an Abarth sports car started in late 2008 when Fiat decided that their in-house tuner could be better utilized. Nothing much has been said since then, but we have finally got some information on the future coupe model. According to Road&Track, the KTM X-Bow will form the underpinnings and running gear for Abarth’s limited edition. Its official debut will be made in 2013.

The future Abarth model will share the chassis with the KTM X-Bow and will be powered by a MultiAir 1.8-liter turbo engine producing between 180-190 bhp. The future coupe model will also come with an Abarth Abarth transmission and a unique interior and exterior design and trim. Until now it was rumored that the future Abarth model would be built on a Lotus Elise chassis and running gear, but those parts involve relatively old technology and Abarth doesn’t want to move backward.

Abarth will only build 2,000 units a year with prices in the $80k area.

Source: Road&Track

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