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Abt Sportsline

The German tuning firm ABT Sportsline has just released a customization program for the latest addition to Audi’s midsize lineup, the shapely A5 sportback. As far as appearances are concerned, ABT’s aero kit includes a new front apron, grill replacement, decorative fender inserts and a more pronounced rear spoiler. Poking out from underneath the rear bumper is a quad tip sport tuned exhaust that adds both sporting sound and style to the sportback which is finished off with a set of ABT’s signature BR Sport Rims ranging in sizes from 18 to 20 inches in diameter.

Audi AS5 Sportback by ABT

Being the race car builders that they are, ABT also has a few power packages to add a bit more oomph along with the restyling. The alternatively fueled 3.0 Liter TDI powered version’s output can be upped to 282 HP or even 310 HP depending on if you get the standard ABT POWER unit or the more powerful S version. Meanwhile the turbocharged four cylinder 2.0 Liter TFSI gets upped to 275 HP. So if you want to take one of Audi’s most stylish packages to date and make it your own ABT might just be what you are looking for.

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After seeing MTM’s customization program for the new Golf GTD we know that Honda and Mugen don’t have a monopoly on the modified hatchback market. As further proof, the German tuning house ABT Sportsline has just come up with a kit of their own for the diesel burning turbocharged Golf VI. Aside from giving the TDI hatchback a 50 HP kick in the pants with one of their ABT Power units, the Germans have also reworked the Golf’s exterior to further suit their own brand of style.

Golf VI GTD by ABT

The aero mods include a new front bumper with much more angular intakes as well as a set of stylish strips of LED driving lights. Out back the new rear diffuser makes room for ABT’s signature quad tipped exhaust pipes while an oversized wing keeps things planted at speed. Finishing off the design, ABT is offering a few wheel and tire options with their sporty AR and BR models available in either 18 or 19 inches in diameter. The alternatively fueled 2.0 Liter power plant now makes a total 190 HP and a very diesel like 288 lb-ft of torque, and although it may not sound so impressive going from 0 to 60 MPH in 7.1 seconds isn’t too bad for a diesel, and neither is a 143 MPH top speed. The best part about tuning a diesel is that when you are done you’re still driving a green vehicle.

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The German tuning house ABT Sportsline specializes in all members of the Volkswagen family, and they have just come up with another take on Audi’s factory tuned drop top sports coupe, the TT-RS . This particular styling package is inspired by the original Audi "ur-Quattro " that tore up the unrestricted Group B rally racing category back in the 1980s. Whereas the original Audi Sport Quattro from yesteryear was available exclusively as a hard top coupe, ABT is trying to bring the same level of performance and excitement into an open air roadster.

ABT tunes the Audi TT-RS to make 420 HP

After the engineers at ABT got done with the TT-RS, the turbocharged five cylinder engine was pumping out an additional 80 HP thanks to an upgraded intercooler and a reprogrammed ECU that work together to bring the TFSI power plant’s maximum output up to 420 HP. The newfound power allows the ABT TT-RS to sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in just 4.3 seconds and reach a top speed that is still limited, except this time to 175 MPH.

Not ones to mess with the muscular lines of the TT-RS, ABT Sportsline simply decided to add a set of their Special Edition signature rim to dress up the Audi. The ABT BR Sport Wheel that consists of a one piece casted design with a diamond machined deep black matt finish. Hinting at what makes this particular TT so special. Audi R8 super car owners be warned.

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Audi Q7 V12 TDI by ABT

ABT Sportsline is used to building entrants for Gemany’s DTM racing series, but are never too busy to tune any product out of the Audi catalog. When the tuners found out that the luxury carmaker was putting a turbocharged diesel V12 in the Q7 , they couldn’t wait to turn up the boost. Output is up to 560 HP, from the factory 500 HP; and torque has been increased to 885 lb-ft from the standard 737.5 lb-ft of twist. The full size Audi SUV can now go from 0 to 60 MPH in just 5.3 seconds. Not bad for an alternatively fueled tuner truck.

The German tuners ABT Sportsline have just unleashed their new tuning kit for Audi’s hot hatch, the A3 . The aero kit includes: a front spoiler, side skirts, fender inserts and a rear apron. Adding to the sonorous performance is an ABT quad tipped exhaust and a little bit of bling with a set of 18 inch rollers, or the optional 19 inch wheels.

ABT also worked their magic under the hood: the 1.4 Liter TSI engine now makes 160 HP, up from the standard 125 HP; the 1.8 Liter TSI motor is now making 210 HP, as opposed to the 160 HP that came from the factory. The largest of the gas burning engines, the 2.0 TSI is now making 240 HP and the diesel burning 2.0 Liter TDI power plant is tuned to make anywhere from 170 to 190 HP.

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For those who like the Volkswagen Eos and want to add it a plus of personality, Abt , the German tuning specialist released their tuning kit for the coupe-cabrio. At a price of 1,458 euros, the kit consists in a front lip spoiler, new side sills and a rear apron featuring a double exhaust system. Also new 18 inch ABT alloy wheels were added for better stability.

2008 Volkswagen Eos by ABT

For the engine, the tuning company tweaked the ECU as follows: the 2.0 TFSI engine delivers now 240 hp while the 3.2 liter engine delivers an astonishing 370 hp. The high end modifications for the engine are available at a price of 14,756 euros. The diesel engine was also upgraded delivering now 170 hp for a price of 1,119 euros.

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Abt Sportsline unveiled this year at the Geneva Auto Show, their new line for the newly redesigned Audi A4. The kit contains a new front skirt, new side and rear skirts and a stylish rear roof spoiler. Abt didn’t stop on exterior and the Audi engine also receive a power upgrade.

Audi A4 Avant by Abt Sportsline

The 1.8 liter TSI engine can be upgraded from 160hp to 200 hp or 240 hp while the diesel engine is capable of delivering 282hp instead of 240hp. The diesel engine can be also upgraded to maximum 310hp and 610 Nm of torque. In order to improve the performances and the sound of the engine Abt also added a four-pipe exhaust system. The braking system was also improved by the tuner due to the new specifications of the car. So next time you look at the A4 Wagon, think about all the goodies it might hide inside ;)

Who says that a station wagon must be a boring vehicle? Practical, multifunctional and dynamic - the new Golf Variant by ABT Sportsline combines these attributes perfectly. The world’s leading Volkswagen-tuner developed a wonderful body kit for the most practical model of the Golf family. The low front spoiler lip gives the face of the Variant an even more distinctive and therefore sportier touch. Together with the side skirts, the rear wing and the 2-pipe rear muffler made of stainless steel, the vehicle gets an overall successful appearance.

The ABT Golf Variant appears even there beautiful where normally usefulness reigns. In simple words, at places where the family’s luggage or bulky things are loaded. As perfect complement for the elegant station wagon, we recommend wheels by ABT: No matter if the well-proven AR or the new BR wheel with its corresponding spoke-pairs - the wheel creations from Kempten suit the Golf Variant perfectly. AR and BR wheels are both available in sizes up to 19 inch, of course also with suitable tires.

The new Audi A4 is definitely the premium model of the middle class cars. All the more when it is additionally improved by Abt Sportsline. The exceptional vehicle shows self-confidently that it is a real winner. With the front skirt, accentuating the headlight area, the Abt AS4 appears aggressive and powerful. Actually, the designers from Kempten managed to enhance the sporty charisma of the car without changing its elegant nature.

Unobtrusive design and powerful appearance - this is what the Abt AS5 stands for. With a discerning eye on the detail Abt enhances the elegant Audi Coupé with its breathtaking, pleasing contours and the stretched flanks. The team from Kempten has managed to upgrade the unique vehicle without changing its character.

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