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Abt Sportsline

The very first aftermarket package for the Audi A7 was recently brought to everyone’s attention courtesy of tuning firm, MTM , but it certainly didn’t take long for other tuning companies to follow suit and prepare their own versions of Audi goodness. This time around, the Audi A7 gets aerodynamic and performance upgrades from another German tuning company, and one that is no stranger to working on Audis , Abt Sportsline.

Having built a reputation as one of the best Audi tuners in the world, Abt Sportsline took the A7 and created a luxury car that’s more polished, more powerful, and looks about as good as anything that has come out of Abt Sportsline in the past.

Time and again, this German tuning company has never failed to deliver and their new A7 project is the latest in a long line of Abt-tuned Audis that have made a very positive impression on a lot of us.

Details on the Audi A7 by Abt Sportsline after the jump.

ABT Sportsline has had great success with their tuning kits for the Volkswagen Touareg since the SUV debuted in 2002. Hesitant, at first, to take on the job of tuning the SUV, ABT took their chances and turned out some great products . Now the German tuning firm is unveiling a package for the new generation Touareg that they hope will have the success of their previous projects. The new kit features both exterior and interior modifications, as well as an impressive engine update.

For the exterior, ABT is offering a new set of alloy wheels available in different sizes, a sporty front grille and rear wing, a rear apron, and a 4-pipe exhaust unit.

For the engine,ABT Sportsline is providing the SUV’s 3.0 TDI version with an ABT Power system that increases the output to a total of 282 HP. With the Power S system, the output goes up to 310 HP, while the V8 turbo diesel engine gets an output of 385 HP and 870 Nm of torque.

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Contrary to popular belief, ABT can do more than just make your VW , Audi , SEAT, or Skoda look better. They offer a range of power upgrades as well, with their latest being an ECU (Engine Control Unit) upgrade to boost power and performance on 1.2 and 1.4 liter TSi turbocharged lumps.

The award winning engine is a great platform to work from thanks to its class and industry leading qualities, which include good fuel economy, an excellent power to weight ratio, and low carbon emissions. The basic ABT philosophy is to enhance the power output so that it equals that of the next size engine in its class. For example, a 1.2 liter TSi develops 105 HP (77 kW). After fitting it with the ECU, output is upped to 140 HP (103 kW), which is equal to that of the factory 1.4 liter unit. This equates to a gain of around 15% which will surely be felt when driving in both day-to-day scenarios as well as when you’re in a hurry.

The same treatment is available for the 1.4 liter TSi – power is increased from 180 HP (132 kW) to 210 HP (154 kW), which brings it on par with the Golf GTI. With less weight and more power, one can safely conclude that the likes of the Polo GTI or the Ibiza Cupra with the ABT enhancement will show up the benchmark Golf GTI in the performance stakes.

ABT claim the fuel economy remains unchanged even with more power – no doubt a useful feature with apparently no downsides. There are a host of other tuners who offer similar products with much higher gains, but the ABT guys “play it safe” to maintain fuel economy and reliability.

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ABT Sportsline have enlisted the help of sexy Carolin Winter to take you on a user-controlled virtual tour of the ABT facility. The tour itself is based on a choice of sneaky espionage or formal introductions. The former allows you, through Carolin, to sneak around the building and scope out areas previously never seen. On the way you’re likely to bump into the likes of the ABT Audi R8 GT and other serious metal, or maybe even sit down for an Espresso at the ABT Sportsbar. No matter which choice you make, the goal is to locate all three versions of Carolin’s dream car; the ABT A1 Klecks, A1 High Voltage, and A1 Aloha.

The A1 is Audi’s take on a compact car, and is also the smallest car they make. From the outset, the brief was to make the A1 as appealing as it could possibly be to the younger market. This meant it had to be cool, funky, and to a degree, customizable. This ensured it as a competitor to the likes of the Mini Cooper and Fiat 500 . Audi clearly had their work cut out for them. ABT Sportsline has taken the customization aspect of the A1 to new levels, with three versions of the car for three different driver personalities. They call this the ABT A1 Reality Movement and forms ABT’s most affordable line yet.

Check out the first video after the jump. Depending on the direction you choose, the next link will pop up to continue your journey!

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World renown VAG tuner, ABT Sportline, has released an all-new performance exhaust for the Audi TTRS and RS5 models.

Anyone who drives an extremely sporty car of the caliber of an Audi RS5 or Audi TT-RS likes acoustics which suit the performance potential of their racer. Owners of premium cars from Ingolstadt expect a sound that represents the power of the car without being too loud, and is also produced in the best possible quality.

For the RS5 and TT-RS, ABT Sportsline has developed an exhaust system which meets the high demands of their customers: the sound is a lot more powerful and striking over all speed ranges and seems even more dynamic. At the same time it complies with the legally prescribed maximum noise levels. The good acoustics which will amaze fans of sporty vehicles suit both the RS racing sound and everyday driving. Thanks to the high-quality stainless steel technology the exhaust system is extremely robust and durable – an investment in a long car life full of driving enjoyment.

The new exhaust system from ABT Sportsline consists of middle and rear mufflers, which run from the catalytic converter to the rear of the vehicle. With this placement, the system fits perfectly with the Audi design as the standard appearance is retained. The result is simple; the unmistakable RS look plus a powerful ABT sound and performance gain that allow the special set-up to be ideal for everyday use.

ABT Sportline RS5 Exhaust sound

ABT Sportsline’s tuning packages for the Audi TT-RS consisted of just one; the Power Package . This package debuted back in September 2009 and brought the sports coupe to a worthy 420hp and a 0-60mph time of 4.3 seconds. This was much better than the standard 340hp, but ABT knew they could do better. Now, the tuning firm has increased the number of packages by one more to include the Power S package.

The new "Power S" tuning package not only includes chip tuning and an ABT intercooler, but also gets an upgraded ABT turbocharger. The result is a total output of 501 HP and a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds flat. Don’t worry, they’ve thought about the appearance too. ABT will also be offering a variety of wheels as an aesthetic upgrade.

In the first tuning kit provided for the TT-RS, ABT Sportsline set the top speed limiter to 175mph, but this time, the tuner revealed nothing about the top speed limiter. Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t expect it to be bumped up anyway.

Stay tuned for more details!

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Earlier this month we reported that ABT was preparing three design packages for the Audi A1. Well, feast your eyes on the new styles of the A1 by ABT. The packages prepared by ABT feature some aesthetic modifications, engine upgrades, and, of course, some splashes of color.

Before we get into the three different designs, let’s discuss the engine upgrades for the Audi A1 by ABT. For starters, there’s the 1.2 TFSI that originally produced 86hp. ABT has boosted its performance to a vigorous 115hp. The 1.4 TFSI gets ahead with 150hp, up from the standard 122hp and the 1.6L diesel engine now commands attention with 125hp. Adding to the increase of power the Audi has received, ABT has also added performance springs and a lower center of gravity.

Now for the exquisite designs that are sure to please any and all consumers. ABT starts off with the red “KLECKS” which features splashes of color throughout the vehicle. It was created as a tribute to the urban lifestyle. The “ALOHA” models signifies the laidback “beach boy” attitude and the “HIGH VOLTAGE” gets an angrier, “more toxic” look that features skulls as part of the design. Each design gets fender inserts, rear apron insert, rear spoiler, mirror covers, and front lip and side skirts in the car’s featured design color (brushed aluminum for the KLECKS, lavender for the ALOHA, and green grass for the HIGH VOLTAGE). The interior also gets a splash of the design color in the form of the car’s foot mats.

As an option, ABT can also slap on a double-pipe sports rear muffler to complete the look. They can also -provide the consumer with a set of 17”-18” five spoke wheel Z in a dark “Titan” color. Match that up with the ABT alloy rings in the vehicle’s design color and the consumer is officially riding in style.

We have to admit, we don’t really like hatchbacks, but we’d rock this Audi A1.

Source: ABT

Short description: 600 HP, 0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, a top speed of 198 mph, an amazing red exterior color, and a roadster. Is there anything left to say?

Well how about a tuned ABT R8 Spider taken to a race track and put to do what it does best: race! Well, we don’t know about you, but we are speechless. In fact we’ve had no words ever since we saw the car in all its glory, long before it even started its engine!

Compared to a standard R8 Spyder , the ABT version features a new front grill, front apron, side sills, and a rear apron with rear spoiler as well as the dual-color coated ABT BR alloy wheels. All of these are wonderful add-ons for the R8 Spyder, but we still think that the red exterior color is what will cause everyone’s head to turn when this car drives by and what will make every car lover want one in their garage!

ABT Sports has announced that they have already started to prepare a tuning package for the new Audi A1 . The new ABT A1 will make its world debut on July 28th, 2010.

ABT announced that the new kit will include ABT POWER for the engines of the A1, new suspension components, dynamic aluminum wheels, and other sports accessories. Brochures, an online configurator, fact sheets with technical data, and much more will be revealed in August, the month of the ABT A1.

The tuner will offer three different designs for the fans to choose from. The fan’s choice will be the one that walks away with a victory and a plan of action.

It will be interesting to see the adjustments that ABT makes on the long awaited Audi A1 . The A1 already has a fresh design that was inspired by airplanes with a choice of four engines ranging from 111 MPH to 124 MPH. A sleek looking car, no doubt, but it looks like it is going to get a lot sleeker after ABT has their way with it. We look forward to seeing the final project and will keep you posted as soon as the three choices are revealed!

Press release after the jump.

Limited to only 25 units, the ABT R8 GT-R was a sensation. Today we want to bring it back to your attention with a presentation video. The R8 GT R features a carbon made bonnet, front and rear aprons, adjustable rear wing, tailgate, external mirrors, and door panels. ABT was able to reduce the weight of the vehicle by 100 kilos by installing windows made of Makrolon.

It develops a total of 620 HP by the use of a 5.2 FSI engine. The result is a sprint from 0 to 62 mph in 3.2 seconds, from 0 to 124 mph in 9.9 seconds and a top speed of 201 mph. The sports car also gets height-adjustable ABT Sports suspension and adjustable dampers and 19" extremely light ABT CR alloys wheels.

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