Acura Integra

Acura Integra

  The Acura Integra is also known as the Honda Integra outside of the U.S. and is the Japanese automaker’s entry level luxury sports car. The Integra was introduced in 1985 and went through three generation in the U.S. with the almighty Acura Integra Type R that was the pinnacle of the model line. In 2002 the fourth generation Acura Integra become known as the Acura RSX in the U.S. and is still in production today.

Now that the clock has finally run out and just hours away from the first showing of Fast Five - the fifth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise - we felt like it’s the right time to give proper respect to the characters that have made this movie franchise as fun as it has been since the first movie came out in 2001.

And if you think that we’re talking about resident leading men, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, guess again. This list has very little to do with them, or their other co-stars for that matter, but more so about what they were driving during the first four movies. Yes, dear friends. This is a list to honor the Top 10 cars of the Fast and Furious franchise!

Do take note that we compiled this list based on our opinions so if you have any sort of reaction on the cars we chose and the number we gave them, you have the floor in the comments section to let us hear about it.

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The pattern of ‘clustering’ most frequently occurs with upper midsize cars like the Acura Integra, which accounts for eight of the top 25 most stolen vehicles. The Integra, along with the Suzuki Suzuki Aerio (positions 12 and 13 on the list), are also part of a trend among what is commonly referred to as ‘tuner’ cars. These cars are popular with street racers, who look for vehicles packing a powerful motor in a lightweight and efficient package. Perhaps most surprising is that in spite of escalating (...)

As the entry-level Acura, the Integra embodies all the virtues that have established Acura as one of the leading luxury import brands in the U.S. market. It features superb road manners and excellent handling, an advanced powertrain, an aerodynamic exterior shape and a comfortable, ergonomic cockpit designed to make driving enjoyable and safe. The Integra, like all Acura automobiles, is dedicated to the proposition that driving is its own reward.

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The Acurabot, a highly modified 1994 Acura Integra LS was completely rebuilt over a seven week period between November’s SEMA show and the January 7th start of CES. Owner Tajai Das of Xclusive Concepts first bought the car in 1998 as a stock, non-Vtec, Integra LS. By 1999 he had begun to customize the car’s appearance, soon taking the Best Vinyl Graphics category at the 1999 Import Revolution show in his native Ontario. "That was it," Das recalls. "From that moment, I was (...)
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The Acura Integra, sold as a Honda in most of the world, was a small, sporty vehicle sold primarily as a hatchback. It was Acura’s smallest, least expensive model, designed to offer a competitor to vehicles like the Volkswagen Volkswagen Golf GTI, which was the most well known and popular "hot hatch" of the 1980s when the Integra was introduced. Although a sedan was available for several years, it was dropped when the vehicle transitioned to its current fourth-generation "DC5" platform, which is now sold as the RSX in North America.

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