Acura NSX

Acura NSX

  Like most Acura models the NSX was also sold as a Honda NSX outside of the U.S. and gets its name from being the automaker’s New Sportscar eXperimental prototype. When it was introduced in 1990, the Acura NSX was the first car to feature an all aluminum chassis and introduced the U.S. to VTEC with its high revving 270 HP 3.0 Liter V6 engine before increasing displacement to 3.2 Liters for an additional 20 HP gain. In 2002 the NSX received a facelift and despite the new appearance, much of the NSX remained the same underneath until the vehicle was discontinued in 2005. Despite the modest power and somewhat dated technology, due to the NSX’s low coefficient of drag and lightweight construction, the Japanese sports car was able to compete with some of the most exotic Italian super cars of its day.

Honda is previewing the new NSX supercar with the first concept version set to be released next month at the Detroit Auto Show. But before that happen, British magazine, AutoExpress, a few new details to pacify the masses. The new NSX, built as a Japanese rival to models like the Audi R8, will be a 400bhp four-wheel-drive hybrid model and will be heavily based on the concept car seen on the set of the new Avengers movie.

The hybrid system will combine a 3.5-liter V6 engine driving one axle with a pair of in-wheel electric motors driving the other ones. This system will offer a total of 400 HP and will propel the FWD NSX from 0 to 60 mph in under 5 seconds. The model will be revealed as an Acura badge concept, but on markets like Europe, it will be sold as a Honda.

The biggest news offered by AutoExpress is that the NSX will also be offered as a roadster, but no other details about this model were provided.

Stay tuned! We’ll have more details on the new Honda/Acura NSX after its official debut in Detroit.

Source: AutoExpress

With the calendar turning over a new page to 2012, the very first major auto show is set to open its doors in Detroit when the North American International Auto Show welcomes automakers - both local and foreign - to the Motor City.

This year, American brands are coming to Detroit in full force where they will be joined by a number of international automakers in presenting a steady diet of concept cars, production debuts, and just about everything else in between.

Among the notable debuts set to take place include the brand-new 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL , as well as the 2013 Bentley Continental GT V8 . German automaker Porsche has also penciled in the 911 Cabriolet for the festivities, while Lexus will be on-hand to display the intriguing and mysterious LF-LC 2+2 sports coupe concept.

As for the local contingent, Ford is leading the way with the premiere of the Fusion global mid-size sedan while Dodge is set to introduce their Alfa Romeo Giulietta-based compact sedan, the Dart .

There’s plenty of action headed to Detroit when the 2012 NAIAS opens its doors on January 14th. Head over after the jump to check out a preview of all the cars scheduled to be part of all the festivities.

Honda NSX previewed by Acura Supercar Concept

The 2012 Detroit Auto Show will be held in less than a month and as expected, more and more automakers are announcing their line-up for the show. For example, Bentley just provided details on its Continental GT V8 and Acura has announced their list of debuts for the show. The line-up includes an all-new compact sports sedan, a redesigned RDX crossover sport utility vehicle, and a concept version of the next generation Acura NSX super car.

The ILX Concept previews an all-new luxury compact sedan scheduled for launch in Spring 2012. It will be offered with a choice of three powertrains including Acura’s first-ever gas-electric hybrid. For the 2013 RDX, Acura has shifted its attention, much like everyone else, to improving the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Acura’s new Supercar Concept will take top billing in this showcase, with future plans for a production NSX consuming our minds. This concept was announced at the same time Honda Honda CEO, Takanobu Ito, confirmed that the next NSX would be a high-performance exotic sports car. The company is currently working on a 3.5-3.7 liter VTEC V6 engine in combination with a twin electric motor set-up powered by lithium-ion batteries. This motor will have a plug-in recharge system for a small electric-only range, giving it great amounts of torque.

Another source told AutoExpress that the Dual Note 4WD Hybrid Concept from the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show was the first glimpse at the technology that will underpin the NSX. This concept was powered by a 3.5 liter V6 engine which sent power to the rear wheels, while in-wheel electric motors sent power to the front. This setup delivered an output of over 400 HP.

"Acura has a steady cadence of exciting new models coming to market and it will all begin in Detroit," said Jeff Conrad, vice president and general manager of Acura sales and service. "From the all-new Acura ILX at the gateway of the lineup to the pinnacle of performance with the Acura NSX Acura NSX Concept, Acura vehicles are being created for luxury customers who aspire to the highest levels of quality and value, with beautiful styling and the right balance of technology, performance and environmental responsibility."

Image above is of the Supercar Concept as seen on the movie set for The Avengers.

In the world of the oddly-mishapen and terribly conceived custom-made replicas, we have yet another jem-of-a-find.

Yes, that’s a Lamborghini Diablo - or at least that’s what the owner would like us to believe. Any true car enthusiast, however, would obviously beg to differ, because that piece of orange eye sore is nothing like a Diablo. An Acura NSX ? Yes. A Lamborghini Diablo

The car is located in Branson, Missouri - if you’re interested to find out - and to no one’s surprise, it’s actually being sold on eBay for a very un-Lamborghini Diablo-like price tag of $49,000.

If you’re interested, we feel obligated to tell you that this car has about 94,000 miles on its odometer and has no warranty of any kind. Those two facts alone should be enough to drive you away for even considering any attempt at making a purchase.

Source: eBay
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We all know that due to the global economy many automakers have canceled or at least put on hold many of their high performance intentions. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream a little. This video comes courtesy of the folks at Edmund’s Inside Line showing a their next generation V10 powered Honda NSX prototype running around the Green Hell. Hopefully when all this recession mumbo jumbo is over car makers can get back to work on those vehicles that make us flock to their showrooms.

2010 Acura NSX will be priced around $160,000

Honda is an efficient company. It likes to get the most out of its investments, and that’s what kept us hopeful when we first heard the news of the cancelation of the Acura NSX . Dick Colliver, executive VP for American Honda Motor Co., recently helped emphasize our hopes. According to him the NSX could be revived at any time, and even more "development is mostly done." We already knew this but its good to know that people inside Honda are ready to dust off the NSX project when the world’s economy recovers.

But Colliver isn’t completely convinced NSX-like luxury/performance is needed to make Acura a Tier 1 luxury brand - the area of rare air that is currently occupied by the likes of BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, etc. Colliver told Automotive News, "Being a premium luxury brand is not just about product. It’s the way dealers handle customers. You’ve got to earn your way into the segment. You don’t necessarily have to have a $90,000 sedan to get there."

What is even worse is that if Honda does finally come around and bring the NSX back from the dead, will new regulations make its 550+ hp V10 illegal?

Think you were crushed by the cancelation of the 2010 Acura NSX , imagine how Honda supertuner Mugen must feel. But unlike the rest of us who are pouting about how we’ll have to settle for the Nissan GT-R , Mugen looking to the past to show that the old dog still has a few tricks left.

Honda (Acura) NSX Mugen RR Concept

At the Tokyo Auto Salon is the Honda (Acura) NSX Mugen RR, a concept car inspired by the old NSX . All we know is that this is a very cool body kit with a red interior and red brake calipers.

Mugen is being very tight lipped about the performance specifications. We can’t even confirm that there is an engine in this car. So, if the NSX Mugen RR can run under its own power, we doubt its anything more than the 3.2-liter V6 making 290 hp.

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Honda cancels the NSX supercar

Looks like the executives over at Honda caught a showing of Weekend at Bernie’s over the holiday break and got an idea. Just because the Acura NSX is dead , doesn’t mean they can’t show it off.

There was already a NSX concept car ready for January’s Detroit Auto Show before the project was indefinitely idled, so Honda doesn’t want to waste it. The concept car won’t mean that there is an Acura supercar bound for the U.S. The NSX will be there just to fill space.

From a business standpoint it’s easy to understand that Honda is just trying to get its money’s worth; but from an enthusiast’s standpoint, showing the concept is like Honda is taking us to the strip club. Honda’s New Year’s gift to North America is the ultimate ‘you can look but never touch’ set-up.

Source: Autoblog

RIP NSX. Honda announced today that the NSX program is dead. Honda CEO Takeo Fukui announced the move in a speech that all development of the car would be canceled. It seems that the company has changed its previous statement. Back in October he told Autocar that, "the new supercar is necessary for Honda". Honda will now focus its efforts on (gasp) hybrid cars.

This is a bad time for car enthusiasts, but we kinda knew this was coming. Halo cars are fun, but in times of deep economic troubles, retrenchment strategies are aplenty and come quick. The first to go are the low-volume fun cars. The NSX was not the first to be chopped, and it won’t be the last (now taking odds on the Lexus LFA .)

If there is any hope to come from this news is that we all know how efficient Honda is. We’ve seen the development cars for the NSX, which means that Honda has a large engineering and financial investment in the V10 sports car. So we can all hope (fingers crossed) that when the world economy recovers, Honda will be quick to use a lot of the technology developed in this NSX program to quickly bring a supercar to the market.

Source: AutoCar

What can you do with a little talent and a spy photo? A pretty cool rendering of a future NSX Super GT. Designer Jon Sibal took a spy picture of the future Acura NSX and did what plenty of rich fanboys are likely to do with their next NSX. He added a widebody kit and racing paint to make a full blown NSX GT racecar.

His description of the process of going from spy shot to race car rendering makes it sound kinda simple, but we’re not going to try it anytime soon.

Source: Jon Sibal

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