1996 - 2001 Acura SLX

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The Acura SLX sport utility vehicle is available as a single model. Standard features include air conditioning, heated leather front seats, power windows and door locks, power fold-in exterior mirrors and keyless entry system. Also standard is a power moonroof and wood-grain interior trim. The standard Torque-On-Demand 4-wheel drive system automatically transfers power from the rear wheels to all four wheels for increased traction when needed. The automatic transmission features a power mode for increased acceleration, and a winter mode to reduce wheel spin when accelerating from a stop on slippery surfaces. Also included is a standard keyless entry system and a theft deterrent system which automatically arms when the vehicle is locked.

The Acura SLX was a lightly upgraded Isuzu Trooper sold by Acura as a luxury sport utility vehicle beginning in 1996. It is only sold in the US. The SLX sold poorly and was discontinued after 1999. One reason that it sold poorly was that it would tip up on two wheels in fast turning conditions where Consumer Reports tested in the 1998 Full-Size SUV comparison. The SLX was later replaced by the Honda Accord-based MDX in 2001.


There is a 3.5 litre V6 making 215 hp @ 5400 rpm and 230 foot-pounds of torque @ 3000 rpm. It is powered with a four-speed automatic with two modes: Winter and Power. Though, its hard-pressed to move the extremely heavy SLX. Even the Power mode makes the SLX "heavy" to drive.

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