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Acura NSX

The Acura NSX is widely regarded as one of the finest handling and fun-to-drive sports cars of the bygone era. Acura is the last brand that comes to mind when it comes to mid-engine, purpose-built sports cars, but that’s what it did back in the 90s, and it took the world by surprise.

Until then, Acura, and its parent Honda, were attributed to affordable, reliable and economical modes of transportation for the masses. Then, they rolled out the NSX with a mid-mounted, V-6 and close to 300 horsepower. Now, the car maker plans to launch a replacement for the legendary NSX and promises not to disappoint.

The production of the NSX ceased back in 2005, and it left a long legacy behind. Building on the legacy of legendary sports car is no easy feat. And that’s exactly what Honda and Acura engineers are faced with when it comes to the new NSX.

Little has come out in the public as far as the development of the 2016 NSX is concerned. That said, those at the helm of the project have their sights set firmly on some of the biggest names in the business. Ferrari , Porsche , Nissan and Audi already have cars that are competing with each other on the global scene, and Acura is shooting to offer all the qualities of a Ferrari 458 at a highly competitive price tag.

Ted Klaus, the person in charge of the development Acura NSX, was talking to Autocar recently, and he said “The NSX has never been about a set of figures on a piece of paper,” he said. “As with the original, the eventual power figure won’t grab headlines, for instance, but the qualities that you can’t write down, such as driver involvement and pleasure, are the ones that will matter."

"As engineers, we like numbers, but I’m acutely aware that if we build this car against a set of criteria that has been written down, we will lose our sense of focus.”

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The 2014 TSX Sport Wagon is the perfect example of Acura giving shoppers a competitive, unique and well-built luxury station wagon for just above $30,000. And what does the market say in response to the only low-roof hauler in a time when Shooting Brake and coupe bodies have never been hotter?

The market yawns, then saunters over to the RDX sitting nearby in the (usually totally empty of humans) Acura showroom floor. A slightly taller ride height and a V-6 engine are available for a few thousand over this classy and nimble TSX Sport Wagon.

For that cash, the RDX brings much, much newer infotainment controls and available AWD that the TSX lacks.

But the RDX is wearing (even worse) looks these days that are like a melted and shrunken MDX. Or maybe a mushed up Starburst candy.

So the RDX solution is not quite as appealing as when the RDX was a spunky turbocharged bandit.

After being outsold by the brand’s crossovers by more than twenty to one, the TSX wagon is 100-percent carryover for 2014. Some new pics that are not renderings or a photochop are welcome from Acura , but the TSX is in a holding pattern while Acura tries to define its future strategy.

The TSX Sport Wagon is not alone in offering frugal family transit with great quality and handling. The BMW X1 is a sporty and quick rear- or all-wheel-drive crossover new in America for 2013, while the Mazda CX-5 is even a bit more eager in corners than the Acura .

But for the shopper who really wants to make a wagon envy statement?

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Acura unveiled the fourth-generation TL in 2008, and four years later, it decided to update its look. Unfortunately, Acura didn’t manage to obtain the sleek looks that the TL’s competitors have featured as of late, putting it slightly behind the eight ball in terms of buyers that want the latest and greatest looks. And despite Acura calling it a performance-oriented sport sedan, the TL is anything, but "sporty."

The TL has the advantage of offering a pretty big list of standard features on both the exterior and the interior. This is an absolute must, considering the TL essentiall falls on its face in every other category: it’s not too attractive, has too much plastic inside the cabin and front-wheel isn’t too sporty.

For the 2014 model year, the TL is offered in two versions — base and SH-AWD — with prices starting from $36,030 and $39,580, respectively. Acura is also offering two additional packages: Technology Package and Advance Package that add $3,730 and $5,930, respectively. A Special Edition package was also added for the 2014 model year.

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The 2014 Acura TSX has officially been unveiled and in the two years since it received a facelift, the model sure looks like it’s need of another one.

That’s not a knock on the TSX per se, just an observation based on the improvements its competitors have had since then. There are still some pretty interesting qualities to one of Acura’s sportier models, including the rather spacious interior cabin and the refined handling characteristics, but if the Japanese brand has any intention to keep up with the times, it’s pretty important that it starts with arguably the first thing customers will notice when in the market for a new car.

The TSX SE model is back, though, and that’s a huge plus, especially for those looking for a cheap yet performance-inclined midsize sedan . The return of the two powertrain options also gives the TSX a little performance variety, much needed considering that it’s segment has some pretty strong competitors that offer equal amounts of horses with more features catered to enticing buyers to splurge money for their respective models.

But Acura opted to keep still with the 2014 model. It should be enough to get the TSX its fair share of looks, but not enough to put it over the top as one of the most desired models of its class.

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Acura NSX Concept

The end of this week will bring to our attention one of the most awaited shows of the summer: the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance . If you happen to be in Monterey County, California on August 18th you will have the chance to see the concept version of the upcoming Acura NSX sports car. Though we’ve already seen the concept several times, this is a great opportunity for anyone considering purchasing the NSX to get an idea of what it will look like in person.

August has been a pretty busy month for the NSX , as just a few days ago the first NSX prototype lapped the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio. The NSX lapped the 2.4-mile winding road course with a member of the Ohio-based engineering development team behind the wheel.

The production version will be put on sale in 2015, and Acura will produce it in nearby Marysville, Ohio at the newly established, state-of-the-art Performance Manufacturing Center now under construction.

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After years of teasing and concept reveals, the Acura NSX is finally going to be a reality. This was confirmed by a press release from Honda informing us that it had selected a production facility: an all-new, 184,000-square-foot Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio. This production facility will be inside Honda’s former North American Logistics facility nearby Honda ’s R&D and engineering operations.

Little is known about the production version of the NSX except the fact that is will carry a mid-mounted, direct-injected V-6 engine and Acura ’s Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system. The Sport Hybrid SH-AWD uses a trio of electric motors – one mated to the engine and two driving the front wheels – to help boost the V-6 engine’s performance and overall vehicle stability. The latest concept’s engine hooked up to a dual-clutch transmission and we expect the same from the production model. Unfortunately, Honda released no information on the total output and performance of the NSX, so we are in the dark here. We do figure to see at least 400 horsepower from the 2016 NSX and a 0-to-60 mph time around 4 seconds.

The 2013 NSX Concept is likely the one that is most similar to what the NSX will actually look like, minus the crazy headlights and wheels. The red and black leather interior is very realistic for production and the body isn’t too over the top to be considered for production.

Production will begin in Ohio in 2015, making this a 2016 model year not the 2015 model year that anticipated earlier. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Updated 07/25/2013: Today, Acura unveiled a prototype of the upcoming NSX that will lap the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course just before the Honda Indy 200 on August 4th. You can see the blue-liveried NSX above. We’re sure there will be many more images and videos after it makes its trip around the track, stay tuned for more in August.

Updated 08/05/2013: Acura finally put the NSX prototype on the track just before the Honda Indy 200. So far, the Japanese automaker has unveiled only a few image of the car lapping the 2.4-mile-long Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, but we dig up a few videos on YouTube of the prototype lapping the course. You can read more about this prototype after the jump and you can see more images in our Gallery.

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*Image Note: All Images are of the various NSX concepts, not the production model

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Two days ago, Acura unveiled the first video showing the NSX prototype in action on the race track on a rainy day. Today, the NSX is back on the track for a short testing session before the Indy 200 Mid-Ohio race and Acura dropped a new teaser video for us.

We don’t know about you, but we cannot wait for Sunday to come so we can finally see the NSX in all its glory on the race track. Not too long after its race-track debut, the production version should be ready for the 2015 model year.

The production NSX will combine a mid-mounted V-6 engine with Acura’s new three-motor Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive) system. Rumors suggest that this combination will deliver a total output of about 400 horsepower - quite an improvement over the 1991 NSX , which delivered 270 horsepower.

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A few days ago, Acura unveiled an image of the NSX prototype that will lap the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course just before the Honda Indy 200 on August 4th. When that image hit the Interwebz, we promised you that a video would follow, but we had no clue just how quickly Acura would release this video.

Apparently, Acura just couldn’t wait, as it revealed a sweet teaser video of the NSX in action on a wet track. Not only does this video let us see the NSX using the rain-soaked course for some sweet drifting, but we also get an earful of the sweet sound of its mid-mounted V-6 engine.

In case you forgot, the NSX will combine a mid-mounted V-6 engine with Acura’s new three-motor Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive) system for a total output of about 400 horsepower.

From just this short video, we can tell that this new sports car is certainly worthy of its placement as the successor to one of Ayrton Senna’s favorites.

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The Acura TSX Sport Wagon is a niche model aimed at driving enthusiasts who don’t want to sacrifice handling and style to accommodate small families or dogs. Despite sales running far below the more mainstream RDX crossover, the TSX wagon is a unique offering in a segment where most competitors are ditching wagons in favor of compact SUVs.

There are a few caveats with the TSX wagon versus the sedan: the wagon is only offered with the base four-cylinder paired with a five-speed automatic. The 2013 TSX sedan is offered in a manual for the four-cylinder as well as a V-6 automatic in top trims.

Sport Wagons are firmly back in style, as the new Audi RS4 and RS6 are offered in Avant form only. The new Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake takes the hot wagon style to a new level with ultra-chic dimensions.

Wagons make sense by maintaining a low center of gravity for better handling while also packing more versatile cargo areas. Additionally, Audi claims that wagons are more stable at ultra-high-speeds versus sedans and coupes by offering a long, flat roof and a chopped rear end.

The TSX wagon emphasizes handling above both acceleration and interior room. Acura owns this segment since all mainstream sedans have ditched their wagon variants. The new Mazda6 may come to the U.S. in a wagon body in mid-2014, but it is not likely due to the Mazda CX-5 crossover’s success with buyers. The only other non-crossover wagon on the sub $40,000 radar is the Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen that looks dreadful but undercuts the TSX in price.

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The TSX is one of Acura’s sportiest models with European suspension tunes keeping the front-drive sedan interesting to drive. It competes with low-spec Lexus IS models, base Audi A4 s, the new Mercedes-Benz CLA250 , as well as numerous mid-size cars, like the Hyundai Sonata Turbo .

The big news for the model is that last year’s Special Edition model continues into 2013 packing a deeper front bumper, some tasteful side skirts and a new rear bumper that emphasizes the TSX’s dual exhaust pipes. The SE is one of the cheapest trims and is offered on the four-cylinder models only. Coming with either a six-speed manual or no-cost automatic transmission, the Special Edition also dresses up the interior with unique lighting, red stitching and some great-looking aluminum pedals.

The TSX has been Acura’s cheapest model since its 2003 introduction, but the bottom rung is now occupied by the Civic-based ILX sedan. The TSX is not much larger inside than the ILX but packs more refined driving manners, better handling, and an optional V-6 that dramatically improves performance, but it comes with some drawbacks versus the high-revving four that powers most TSX’s.

Refreshed in 2011, the TSX is looking very familiar and tired in standard trims, making the Special Edition more desirable than ever. The TSX’s primarily German competitors have all moved up a size and price class in the 10 years since the TSX debuted, soon to be replaced by future compact sedans from Audi and BMW .

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