Alfa Romeo 147

Alfa Romeo 147

  The compact Euro only Alfa Romeo 147 first went on sale in 2000 as either a three or five door hatchback instantaneously became a classic. The Italian economy car combined superb performance with a particular brand of styling that gave the car its unmistakable muscular design. The front end conveys a sense of sport combined with an element of aggression thanks to the Alfa’s signature grill, tapered bonnet and elongated headlights. The units are made of glass and incorporate three circular chromed elements highlighting their black background. The air intake is divided by one central and two lateral, vertical elements that combine to accentuate the compact Alfa Romeo’s strong personality. The 147 was powered by everything from turbo diesel engines to twin spark four cylinder gas burning units that made as much as 150 HP. The car will be replaced shortly by the Alfa Romeo Milano.

Alfa Romeo UK revealed the limited edition Alfa 147 Collezione, a model featuring lowered suspension, new paint combinations, leather interior and
exclusive 17 inch alloy wheels.

It will be available in White special paint finish, along with the unique option of a black gloss roof. Sales will begin on 9 February starting at £13,950.

Alfa Romeo 147 Collezione

The 147 Collezione is powered by either a 1.6TS petrol or 1.9JTDM diesel engine, both producing 120 bhp. It makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 10.6 and 9.6 seconds respectively and on to top speeds of 120 and 121 mph.

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Two versions of the brand-new Alfa 147 Ducati Corse will be on show at Bologna: a Special Series developed from the successful partnership between two great Italian names who have written memorable pages of the history of international racing. Only a limited number of the special series will be produced.

Frankfurt sees the debut of the new 147 C’N’C CoSTUME NATIONAL, the fruit of collaboration between Alfa Romeo and stylist Ennio Capasa. It was inspired by the music world – Pop, Indie, and Garage – by ‘street culture’ and by the multimedia world. This special series will have a production run of 1000, and will be characterised not only by the exclusive Eldorado White paintwork with its exclusive mother-of-pearl effect (Polar White for the normal output), and by special refined details like the chrome-plated exhaust terminal, glossy black wing mirror cases, darkened rear lights and exclusive painted, sparkle-effect 17” wheels with their aeronautical design. And the ‘147 C’N’C’ logos on the pillars and tailgate add an extra touch of refinement.

Alfa Romeo and the company famous for its brand of nautical clothing and sportswear designed for the racing world are launching a special edition of the Alfa 147. Called Alfa 147 Murphy&Nye, the new model will be out for examining and testing on June 9 and 10.

Autodelta will unveil this week-end (2-3 June) at SpaItalia a comprehensive line up of its high-performance bespoke Alfa Romeo models. Also this year Autodelta is celebrating its 20th anniversary as the leading engineering centre for developing the ultimate road-going Alfa Romeo high-performance cars.

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Available with 3 or 5 doors, the Alfa 147 makes its presence felt on the road, with its streamlined styling, gutsy profile, low grille and elongated headlights with emphatic lines that slope towards the shield. We could say that the model brings out all the brands creative vitality.

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Elegant and sophisticated, metropolitan and sporty. The new Alfa 147 epitomizes the best in Alfa Romeo’s tradition and a new way of living on the move. Fully refurbished and enriched with new accoutrements, the new Alfa 147 stands out for its compact, slender lines. Its bold profile, with a low grille and new elongated headlamps, defined by lines steeply slanted towards the shield, unveils the muscle and the dynamic quality of this model, whose design expresses a firmer grip on the road (...)
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Features On this exclusive Alfa 147 model, sportivity and distinguished styling are closely united, most visibly by the eye-catching new two-tone paintwork called “Livrea Bicolore”. Several of the details (including the side mirrors and rear roof lip-spoiler) and the entire roof section are painted in a shining black (Nero) colour finish, making up a perfect combination with the available colours for the rest of the car (Rosso Alfa, Grigio Navona, Grigio Stromboli, and Blu Digione). The (...)

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