Alfa-Romeo Giulietta

Alfa-Romeo Giulietta

  The Giulietta was a classic model from the 1950s and is Alfa Romeo's compact hatch successor to Alfa Romeo’s 147. The modern Giulietta is styled after the 8C Competizione super car with its trilobe shape and modern inverted triangle grill flanked on either side by a pair of oversized air intakes. Available in both gasoline and diesel configurations, the top of the line Giulietta will be the Quadrifoglio Verde 1750 TBi producing 235 HP.

With less than two months to go before Alfa Romeo ’s new Giulietta hatchback makes its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, Alfa Romeo is working round the clock to generate buzz for their new sports hatch.

As such, the Italian brand is wasting little time in beginning their marketing campaign for the Giulietta with the first of what you can expect to be a series of videos of the new Alfa Romeo hatchback.

It must be noted that while this current video doesn’t say a great deal about the car – it’s pretty much a teaser video of the Giulietta – you can be sure that Alfa Romeo has a few more videos being kept under wraps, which it will begin to release as the countdown to the 2010 Geneva Motor Show approaches.

Source: Vimeo

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