Alfa-Romeo MiTo

Alfa-Romeo MiTo

  The Alfa-Romeo MiTo is a new model from the Italian automaker, the design of the compact city car was created at the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo and is heavily influenced by the Alfa Romeo 8C. The car's name is a nod at the automaker's heritage combining the names of both Milan and Turin. The MiTo is certainly a city car measuring 4.06 meters long, 1.44 meters high and 1.72 meters wide making it the perfect vehicle to cope with congested urban environments in a stylish fun to drive manner. The MiTo is powered by a variety of four cylinder gas and diesel burning engines, the top of the line unit being the 1.4 Turbo Multiair that makes 165 HP and 184 lb-ft of torque. Alfa Romo has also come out with factory tuned GTA and Quadrifoglio editions as well.

The first "major" Alfa Romeo debut announced for the 2012 Paris Auto Show is the limited edition MiTo SBK. Only 200 units will be produced, all of which will go on sale by the end of the year.

The special edition MiTo will be offered in two exterior colors - Black and Alfa Red - which will then be combined with three roof shades - black, Alfa red and the new Cristallo white. The new SBK edition will be distinguished by special side skirts, a rear dam, and special 18" titanium alloy rims combined with Brembo brake calipers. The list of standard equipment includes a sporty aluminum pedal unit, Cruise Control, dual zone climate control system, and Blue&Me system.

The new Alfa Romeo MiTo SBK Limited Edition will be powered by the most powerful engine from the entire MiTo line-up: a 1.4 Turbo MultiAir that delivers an impressive 170 HP. This engine will not only sprint the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 7 seconds, but will also deliver an impressive fuel consumption of just 4.8 liter/100 kilometers. The model will also be fitted with the "Alfa Active Suspension" - a system that reduces oscillation of the car body in all driving conditions.

A balloon-popping world record isn’t exactly the type that draws amazed reactions from people, but that doesn’t mean it’s not any less impressive.

Italian automaker Alfa Romeo thought it would be a cool idea to take 2,500 balloons, a Red Epic camera with IMAX quality resolution, and an Alfa Romeo MiTo to make a pretty cool record-setting video wherein the MiTo was to pop as many balloons as it could.

Driven by professional stunt driver and 19-time world-record holder Terry Grant, the whole stunt was christened as the "Aquabatics Challenge" and it featured Grant completely laying waste to the balloons as if they had just stolen his lunch money. At the end of the stunt, Grant managed to pop an astounding 2,496 balloons, leaving only four surviving balloons. After the run, Alfa Romeo immediately sent the video over to the Guinness Book of World Records to be verified.

As far as the four surviving balloons are concerned, the Italian automaker is running a competition asking people to guess which of the balloons - based on the correct grid location - managed to escape the MiTo’s wrath. You can check that out at Alfa’s Facebook page, and if you manage to be one of the four to win, you get a chance to participate in an exclusive Alfa Romeo track day at the famous Goodwood Motor Circuit.

Check out the slow-mo video of the attempt after the jump!

A leaked internal document has revealed full details on Alfa Romeo’s future model line-up. Things will start off rather quiet for the next year or so, but in 2013 the company will come out guns blazing with a long list of models.

At the start of 2013, Alfa Romeo will be unveiling an updated MiTo , followed by a five-door version of the same car. These two models will be followed with the highly anticipated production version of the 4C GTA concept unveiled earlier this year. Model year 2013 will end with the debut of the long-rumored SUV - a model that promises to combine "typical SUV versatility with true Alfa Romeo performance."

The following year, 2014, will also keep the Italian company busy starting with the unveiling of the new Giulia in both sedan and station wagon versions. The second act in 2014 will be a new Spider model, followed by a luxury flagship and an updated version of the Giulietta .

With these new models, Alfa Romeo hopes to increase sales to about 400,000 units a year.

Source: Autoblog GR

Alfa Romeo fans in the US have a lot to be excited about because the long-awaited return of the Italian brand in American soil is drawing closer and closer.

Now, according to Autobild, the stage for Alfa’s return to America could take place at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Autobild is also reporting that Alfa Romeo is intent on bringing at least five models to the 2013 NAIAS, highlighted by the drop-dead gorgeous 4C GTA Concept.

Together with the 4C GTA, other Alfa Romeo models expected to join in the US invasion include the Giulia , the Giulietta , the five-door MiTo , and a still unidentified Jeep -based crossover.

We’ve all anxiously waited a long time for Alfa Romeo to return to our neck of the woods and it certainly hasn’t come with some impatience. But now that it’s beginning to look like the Italian brand is in fact US-bound after years and years of absence, that impatience and anxiety is slowly becoming excitement and eager anticipation.

Source: Autobild

As one of the biggest auto shows of the year, the Geneva Motor Show is one of those shows that is expected to attract a huge audience.

Understandably so, a lot of automakers are getting ready to put their best foot forward. For Italian automaker Alfa Romeo , the Geneva Motor Show is the perfect opportunity to introduce their new subcompact model, the 2011MY MiTo .

While it’s not exactly a completely different model, the 2011MY MiTo is nonetheless a refreshed version of the vehicle that promises to have a number of enhancements over its soon-to-be-predecessor, the current edition MiTo.

After its stop in Geneva, the new MiTo is expected to hit dealerships in Europe later this year where it promises to come with new options and technologies that will "enhance comfort and driving feel" for the new model.

Expect the Alfa Romeo MiTo to make its presence felt at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show with a couple of special ready to take center stage.

Details on the Alfa Romeo MiTo after the jump.

Have you noticed that the British market gets lot of cool cars? Especially when it comes about special edition. For example, Alfa Romeo has added a new Mito edition to their line-up. Called Mito Sprint, this new edition has been developed to support the UK Athletics (UKA) and it goes on sale at a price of £13,295.

The new Mito Sprint will be offered in three exterior colors: Biancospino White, Alfa Red, or metallic Tornado Blue and will be distinguished by a rear spoiler, 16” alloy wheels, fog lights, and unique Sprint badge. The list of standard equipments will include: cruise control, leather steering wheel and gear stick, remote audio controls on steering wheel, Blue&Me™ Bluetooth® hands-free system with voice recognition, and media player with a USB port.

Customers will have the possibility to choose from three different engines: 1.4 16V 95 HP, a 1.4 TB MultiAir 135 HP with ALFA TCT automatic transmission and a turbodiesel 1.3 JTDM-2 95 HP.

Alfa Romeo UK has unveiled the special edition MiTo Turismo Sport that will go on sale this month. This special edition is priced at £12,895 and will be offered in three exterior colors –Solid Black (as standard), Biancospino White, and the new Alfa Metallic Red.

The new Mito Turismo Sport will be offered with a choice of two engines: a 1.4 16V 95bhp petrol version and a 1.3 JTDM-2 95bhp MultiJet turbodiesel. Thanks to these two engines, the special edition will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 11.6 seconds.

Next to the list of impressive standard equipment found in the MiTo Turismo model (including air conditioning and state-of-the-art Alfa D.N.A technology), the new Alfa MiTo Turismo Sport special edition also gets 16" alloy wheels, a rear spoiler, cruise control, Blue & Me technology, fog lights, and a leather steering wheel incorporating audio and phone controls.

Press release after the jump.

The police officers in Sydney have just received a new member to their fleet: the Alfa Romeo Mito . Painted in white with blue check stripes, the new Mito police car has been chosen because it attracts a lot of attention and is a talking point; meaning the police use it to connect with communities and build stronger relationships.

"When it comes to visibility, the MiTo has proven to be an exceptional car, attracting attention and interest like no other car, with its primary role as providing a talking point from which we can discuss road safety." – Chief Superintendent Bradley Shepherd, said. "We see this as practical and highly cost effective way that we can play our role in a safer community for everyone. Our cars assist the Police in making contact with a wide range of people so they can discuss and offer help with road safety and crime prevention, as well as providing the practical assistance of transport. We believe that this is a very positive role that we can play in the community."

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Source: Car Advice

While everyone is waiting for the GTA version of the Alfa Romeo Mito , the Italian tuner, Romeo Ferraris, is coming at us with a tuning kit for the 1.6 JTDM that makes it as powerful as any GTA model.

Of course, the tuner started with the engine and they obtained an impressive 402 Nm (+126 Nm compared to the original engine) and an extra 38 HP. The result is a sprint from 0 to 62 mph in 8.9 seconds and a top speed of 132 mph.

The car also gets a set of sports springs and dampers adjustable in height, combined with a set spacing of 15 mm and 18-inch wheels with tires Romeo Ferraris S-Drive 215/40 R18 Yokohama.

The interior gets aluminum sills with factory logo, leather-wrapped sport steering wheel and Alcantara.

Source: Omniauto

You can’t say that Alfa Romeo isn’t pulling out all the stops to make sure that their 100th anniversary becomes as memorable as it can possibly be. Deservedly so, living to celebrate a full century is an achievement in its own right and Alfa is living it up by celebrating another one of their brand’s historic milestones: the 60th anniversary of the brand’s 1-2-3 finish at the first-ever F1 European Championship race. This race was held 60 years ago this coming May 13.

To commemorate the occasion, Alfa rolled out one of the cars that participated in the historic race - the Alfa Romeo 158 F1 Racer - to have a meet-and-greet with the brand’s latest pride and joy, the Mito Quadrifoglio Verde . It’s an unlikely pairing, but one that is steeped in history with both cars playing important roles in the brand’s continued success after being in the business for 100 years.

According to Alfa, the photo of these two vehicles - the MiTo and the 158 F1 racer - will be part of a bigger "visual celebration" that can be seen at the brand’s dedicated site,

Source: Alfa Romeo

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