Alfa-Romeo Spider

Alfa-Romeo Spider

  The Alfa Romeo Spider is a stylish compact sports car from the Italian automaker that began life as an Italdesign Giugiaro concept in 2002 and became a Pininfarina penned production car in 2006. The Alfa Romeo Spider is based on the Alfa Romeo Brera and is available with four, five and six cylinder engine configurations as well as Alfa Romeo’s Q4 all wheel drive. The Brera is also offered as a diesel. The top of the line V6 powered Brera makes 255 HP and 237 lb-ft of torque and can go from 0 to 60 MPH in 7.0 seconds.

If you ever find yourself wondering who the brains are behind the new Alfa Romeo Spider , you might want to try and remember these three names: Alberto Gaiani, Massimo Paparella and Michela Zedda. These three are students from the Politecnico di Milano University in Italy and they’re responsible for this stylishly sexy study of the Alfa Spider.

The study, which was done in conjunction with the Italian automaker, focuses on a completely re-tooled version of the Spider that infuses both the car’s old-school inspiration in the iconic Duetto and combines it with the previous generation Spider of the 90’s and the wedge-shaped profile it came in.

According to Samuel Codegoni, a professor at PMU who assisted the three students in their design study, "One of the main ideas that drove this project was to express a sense of tension in action"

The study looks drop-dead gorgeous, if you ask us. It’s clean, aggressive, and decidedly more cutting edge in terms of its styling cues when compared to the prior models of the same line. We don’t know if Alfa Romeo will use this design for the next Spider, but we do know that these students should be given an ’A’ for their handiwork.

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Who knew that when a certain italdesign giugiaro concept car from Alfa Romeo appeared at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show that it would turn out to be so widely accepted in the marketplace? Designed to replace the GTV, the Alfa Romeo Brera started production in 2005 and was then followed by a cabrio version, the Alfa Romeo Spider , in 2006. Both of these models have had continued success in the marketplace and, now, they will continue to do so with a couple of new engines.

The British market has just received the 1750 TBi engine and the 2.0 JTDM powerplant for the Brera and Spider models. The first engine, a 1750 TBi engine develops a total of 200 HP and 320 NM of torque. Powered by the new engine, the two models make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 7.7 and 7.8 seconds respectively and can hit a top speed of 146 mph. The second engine, a 2.0 JTDM powerplant develops 170 HP at 4,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 360 Nm between just 1750 rpm and 2500 rpm. Powered by the new 2.0 JTDM engine the Alfa Brera and Alfa Spider make the 0 to 62 mph sprint in just 8.8 and 9.0 seconds respectively, and possess a top speed of 135 mph.

Both models will also get a new Italia Independent trim that includes a matte black titanium exterior finish, 18" black opaque turbine design alloy wheels, carbon fiber effect trim inserts, and a radio/sat-nav system. Consumers may recognize this trim as the previous special edition package provided by Alfa Romeo last year. This package was limited to 900 units then, but will be a free-for-all in their newest models.

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First Alfa Romeo Spider was unveiled in 1966. Since then six generation were produced and delivered all over the world. Today the current version of the Italian vehicle received a new body kit from Novitec, a well-known tuning company specialized in customizing high performance vehicles.

Alfa Romeo Spider by Novitec

The new body kit contains a re-designed front spoiler, new side skirts, rear spoiler with integrated exhaust system featuring four 115x85 millimeters large oval pipes which ensure an optimal sound of the engine. In order to make the car more comfortable on any type of roads, the tuner installed an adaptive suspension kit which can lower the car up to 75 millimeters. Also 20 inch alloy wheels are available with 255 tyres providing better handling. Price of the kit: 5,762 euro.

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The Mille Miglia represents a well-known endurance race which took place between 1928 and 1957 and was revived recently as a road rally event. Alfa Romeo took 11 victories in the Mille Miglia race and decided that these victories need some special celebrating: presenting Alfa Romeo Mille Miglia Special Edition.

Alfa Romeo Mille Miglia Special Edition

Limited to just 11 units, the Alfa Romeo Mille Miglia Special Edition features a special plate between the two seats each containing the name of one of the vehicles which won the well-known endurance race. Each vehicle is painted in special red colour called „rosso 8” and comes with a “Quadrifoglio” logo. The power of the car comes from a 3.2 liter V6 engine, currently the most powerful engine available from the manufacturer. No words about the price yet!

The Limited Edition package includes Italian Frau® leather upholstery, electrically adjustable heated seats and Alfa Romeo’s unique Blue&MeTM multimedia package – in addition to the already generous standard equipment.

Alfa Romeo Spider Limited Edition

At the heart of the Spider lies the Alfa 2.2 JTS petrol engine; for flexibility and power - using the latest variable valve timing technology to deliver a crisp, responsive and yet fuel-efficient 185bhp, with 0 to 62mph in just 8.8 seconds.

Alfa Romeo Spider Limited Edition

The Spider Limited edition is offered in four stylish interior and exterior colour combinations to choose from: Ghiaccio White with natural, or black leather interior, Alfa Red exterior with black leather interior, Carbonio Black exterior natural leather interior.

The price of the Alfa Spider Limited Edition 2.2 JTS is just £25,500 on the road, which represents a substantial saving of more than £3,000 compared to the list price of the individual options.

Alfa Romeo unveiled the all-new Spider at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show. Two years after, Novitec decided is time for the roadster to become a little more sportier.

Alfa Romeo Spider by Novitec

Even if the tuner did not worked under the hood, the Novitec Spider looks a lot more fun to drive than the standard version. With a new front bumper and rear diffuser, Spider’s aerodynamics are much more underlined. In the rear Novitec also added a new stainless steel rear silencer accentuating the sound and four tailpipes (115x85 mm ovals) that make the back-end looking more aggressive.

The suspension was adjusted from 35 mm to 75 mm; and this next to 20 inch N9 multi-piece rims ensure the best drive ever.

Autodelta has a long and proud tradition for creating cars that are individually hand crafted to the customers’ unique tastes and requirements. Each car is wrought to the owner’s specifications, from the maximum dynamic and performance capability to the exterior and interior finish. The Autodelta experience involves realising the customer’s deepest dream – and then exceeding it.

Autodelta unveiled the Autodelta Spider J6 3.2 C, at the MPH07 Motor Show. The Spider J6 3.2 C will be unveiled at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London (1-4 November) and then displayed at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham (8-11 November).

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One of the most famous automotive names of all time, the Alfa Romeo Spider, is re-born at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show (28 February to 12 March 2006) with the launch of the all-new Alfa Romeo Spider.

Alfa Romeo Spider was voted 2007’s gay car of the year. With 87 points it edged out models like: Mini Cooper Mini Cooper , Bentley Continental Bentley Continental GTC, BMW BMW Z4 Coupe or Volkswagen Eos Volkswagen Eos . The Spider is available in two versions, there is the choice of either sparkling 185 hp 2.2 JTS engine or the powerful 260 hp 3.2 JTS. Top ten Gay car of the year 2007 Alfa Romeo Spider Bentley Bentley Continental GTC Mini Mini BMW Z4 BMW Z4 Coupe Audi TT Volvo Volvo V70 Jaguar Jaguar XK Volkswagen Volkswagen EOS (...)
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