2010 Alfa Romeo GT Quadrifoglio d'Oro

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Alfa Romeo has had one heck of a year for 2010. They are right smack in the middle of celebrating their centennial anniversary and are taking advantage of that in a serious way. Part of their celebration was taking part in the Goodwood Festival of Speed in a “shine in the spotlight” kind of way. Not only did they bring their new Alfa Romeo 8C to the festival, but they also brought over 50 historic vehicles to showcase during the event and were given the honor of creating a statue to use as the ‘Central Feature’, a statue that’s prominently displayed every year in front of the Goodwood house. Another portion of their celebratory movement was bringing out their restyled and upgraded 159 sedan and station wagon models out to the market. Great things are happening at Alfa Romeo and they don’t want it to stop.

Now Alfa Romeo has decided to bring out a special edition model strictly for the Japanese market. It’s called the Alfa Romeo GT Quadrifoglio d’Oro (Golden Clover) and will feature custom gold badging. The exterior paint finish is a vibrant red that is mirrored in the red painted brake calipers. The exterior also features a chrome trim at the lower part of the front fascia.

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The red finds its way into the interior of the vehicle as well. Inside, the instrument cluster features a red background while the seats receive a leather finish and the pedals get an aluminum finish. Apparently, more features have been upgraded for the interior, but they were not detailed.

Under the hood, the GT based coupe will feature a 2.0L JTS petrol engine that produces 166hp and is mated to a five-speed automated Selespeed gearbox.

The special edition Alfa Romeo GT Quadrifoglio d’Oro will be limited to 60 units and will cost 3,850,000 yen or $44,300. And remember, this vehicle is only available in the Japanese market.


It looks so luscious on its body paint! smiley I also noticed that it looks very classy and sophisticated on that. However, I wonder if they have already used a boost engine for this vehicle?

The red body paint of this GT Quadrifoglio D’Oro is really so impressive and brings the sexy image of this car. Good thing as well that it has a striking interior and efficient engine which are only suited on it.

This GT is already looking great on its body paint, and it really looks so sexy on that in spite of still having the same platform and detailing on its previous model.

I wonder if it is already on the market? Anyway, I have to admit that this Alfa Romeo is absolutely so attractive in its aesthetic design and sleek body paint. I just only hope that it also had an impressive engine.

I must say that it is absolutely looks so striking and awesome on its sleek body paint, and I noticed that its car lines, only adds some appeal on it but how about its interior?

I wonder if it is already on the market? Anyway, I have to agree that it is absolutely looking so striking on sleek red body paint, but I wonder if what will be the interior of this one will look like.

It looks so impressive on its sleek body paint. It gives the classy and sophisticated on it. Is it already on market production? Anyway, what’s the figure performance of this? The article didn’t say anything about it.

The sexiest looking hatch I’ve ever seen from the models of Alfa.
I think its much prettier than a Golf, because of the extra horsepower. I want a two door for this one.

To think that GM paid $4B to get away from this technology.

wow! This is a fine looking car. I like the its shiny color smiley

This Mito looks good. If Fiat want to convert a few Chrylsers to Alfa’s the world would be a better place.

This Mito looks good. If Fiat want to convert a few Chrylsers to Alfa’s the world would be a better place.

Although I would have liked to see these models out in 09, I’m cool with the delay.

The grill is cleaner than the current GT-R, and is a minor but still appreciable improvement. I do hope there are side intakes being covered there—always thought the bumper needed side intakes to round out the look.

This Mito looks good. If Fiat want to convert a few Chrylsers to Alfa’s the world would be a better place.

Japan is a tag on this article because this special edition is strictly for the Japanese market.

I want to know why Japan is in the tags of this post??? ALFA ROMEO IS ITALIAN AND OWNED BY FIAT.... how much more do you want?

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