2012 Alfa Romeo C12 GTS Concept by Ugur Sahin Design

If you’re trying to rack your brains trying to figure out where you’ve heard the name ’Ugur Sahin’ before, we’ll save you the trouble and tell you that this dude is the same guy behind the design of the Soleil Anadi.

Recently, Sahin’s design house unveiled a new design project, this time based on the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione , called the C12 GTS Concept.

We don’t need to remind anyone about the design skills of Ugur Sahin Design because their works already do that for them. With the C12 GTS Concept, the objective was to build a project car that not only pays tribute to Alfa Romeo ’s famous design characteristics, but do so with a fresh perspective and a sharp eye towards building on the Italian automaker’s appeal.

In terms of its design, the C12 GTS Concept carries Alfa Romeo’s distinctive ’inverted triangle’ grille, a characteristic that underscores the design heritage of the car. The addition of swooping lines, tactically-placed curves, and balanced proportions further enhances the car’s aggressive and sporty appeal. All told, the C12 GTS Concept is being pegged as a bigger 8C Competizione that comes with the looks of a real, head-turning Italian masterpiece.

Similar to the Anadi, Ugur Sahin Design needs an investor to get the C12 GTS Concept off the ground. It took them a few years to do so with the Anadi, but knowing how these guys operate, we’d be very surprised if it takes them the same amount of time to get somebody to build a production model of this stunning concept vehicle.

Lord knows if we had that kind of money to make it happen, we’d be on this project like white on rice.


It made me laugh hard when I saw the Mags! They don’t look like a real car wheels for me.

As opposed to the two first comments, for me this car is so unique. Though I don’t think if many car enthusiasts will attract to this model.

This 2012 concept I think will not make a good sales in the market. The mags don’t look really good at all. But the body and color are good. I think they should only make another plan for the wheel.

The mags look like a bicycle wheel. I think they should make the design more thicker to make it look good.

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