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For us, Alfa Romeo 4C is one of the best sports car launched this year and we can’t wait for the moment when Alfa Romeo will finally decided to bring it to the North American market. Until then however, we need to stick with all the news we get from others, like this cool video coming from the famous Marchettino.

He managed to shot a very cool video during a trackday event held by Top Gear Magazine Italy when the Alfa Romeo 4C started and revved its tiny 1,75 liter turbo engine. There also see a series of accelerations and fly bys on track, making us even more jealous than before.

As a reminder, the 4C is powered by 1,75 liter four-cylinder engine that delivers a total of 240 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 258 pound-feet of torque between 2,100 and 4,000 rpm. It goes from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds and up to a top speed of 160 mph.

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Alfa Romeo Spider

It looks like the 4C is not the only surprise Alfa Romeo had in store, as the company also plans to unveil a new, rear-wheel- and all-wheel-drive architecture that will be used for a series of models, including sedans and coupes.

The new platform will be unveiled next April and Alfa hopes it will be a step forward in the company’s new plan to boost its global presence. As of now, Alfa Romeo competes in just five percent of the global market, but by 2016, it wants to raise that number to 32 percent.

To achieve this hike, a series of new models will be launched, starting with the new Giulia , which will be unveiled in 2015, at the earliest. This will be the first model built on the new rwd/awd platform, and it will be followed by a large sedan and a midsized coupe that will take on the BMW 4 Series and 6 Series , respectively.

A large coupe is also in the works, and it will share platform with the upcoming Maserati GranTurismo coupe that is due in 2016. In the same year, we expect to see Alfa’s new two-seat roadster .

These are not the only models that Alfa Romeo has planned though. At the 2014 Geneva Motor Show , we will see the 4C Spider, and later on a compact crossover built on the same platform as Jeep’s new model that replaces the Compass and Patriot . A midsized and a large SUV are also in the works, but you shouldn’t expect them until the end of the decade.

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Back in May, we told you about Alfa Romeo building six special-edition 2013 Giulietta sedans to commemorate Alfa’s staring role in the Hollywood blockbuster, Fast & Furious 6. Well, Alfa Romeo, in collaboration with MTV, has given the first one away.

Lucky contestant Lisa Clyma of Hampshire correctly identified the movie scene that featured the Alfa Giulietta. Now she’s taking the Competizione Red sedan home.

The six special-edition cars feature Alfa’s 1.4-liter, 170-horsepower, MultiAir engine; sport suspension; 18-inch dark-titanium alloy wheels; a commemorative FF6 plaque; and most importantly, a dashboard featuring signatures from the star-studded cast, including Vin Diesel and Paul Walker.

Other modifications include red Brembo brake calipers, side skirts, a rear spoiler, full-leather sport seats, aluminum sports pedals and Alfa’s signature D.N.A driving mode selector. The Giulietta is capable of hitting 62 mph in 7.7 seconds on its way to a top speed of 135 mph.

We’re sure the other five Giuliettas are spoken for with an asking price of only £25,675 ($41,249 at current exchange rates), with a normal Giulietta starting around £19,000 (about $30,500). That sort of markup doesn’t seem too bad considering the extremely limited numbers produced, the special equipment included, and the signed dashboard.

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Mazda MX-5

Mazda and Alfa Romeo announced some time ago that they plan to join forces for the development of a small sports car that will replace the current MX-5 for Mazda and will revive the Spider for Alfa Romeo.

Today, we present to you the first mule of this upcoming project that we caught testing at the Nurburgring .

Both models will be built on a totally new chassis that features weight-saving technology to help reduce the total weight by about 220 pounds when compared to the current MX-5. Also, shared between the models is a new rear-wheel-drive system. Though they will be mechanically similar, the Mazda and Alfa models will look completely different from one another.

When it comes to the engine lineup, rumors suggest that the Alfa Romeo version will feature a four-cylinder, turbocharged gasoline engine with an output of about 150 horsepower. The Mazda roadster will get a 1.3-liter, turbocharged powerplant featuring SkyActiv technology and the same 150 horsepower.

It is unclear as to when the two models will hit the market, but rumors point toward the Mazda version will hit the market first with the Alfa Romeo version coming 6 to 12 months later.

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A while ago it was reported that the new Alfa Romeo 4C lapped the famous Nurbugring track in 8:04 - a time that made it one of the fastest cars with engines under 250 HP and in line with times set by sports cars with much higher prices and more powerful engines, like the Audi R8 V8 and the Porsche Cayman S.

Now Alfa Romeo officially confirmed that time and released a video to prove us all what a great car the 4C is.

The car was driven by journalist and expert on the German track Horst von Saurma and was equipped with special Pirelli P Zero Trofeo tyres, the most sporty version in the Pirelli P Zero line.

This is one of the countless tests that the Alfa Romeo supercar had to face in every part of the world, from the -35° in Sweden to the +40° of Abu Dhabi, from the Arizona (USA) deserts to the slopes of Mt. Etna in Sicily, and from the Balocco (VC), Italy track to the one at the Nürburgring. During all of these tests the 4C did a great job, so all we can say is: please Alfa bring the 4C to the U.S. right now!

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Alfa Romeo’s never-ending soap opera continues with Fiat’s poorly-considered plan to fight with Chrysler’s labor union. If the 4C ever does arrive in the U.S. in 2014, its launch editions will be some of the only cars on the roads without the updates planned for 2015.

New headlights, a targa version and a more-hardcore performance model are all in the cards for 2015.

While on the U.S. market the Alfa Romeo 4C arrival depends on the Chrysler’s buyout, for the European market Alfa Romeo is already considering a few more alternatives.

According to a report coming from AutoEdizione, the next few years will bring some more interesting features for the new 4C: "There will be something to everybody’s liking, for example headlights which will resemble the ones we saw on the concept car in 2011."

The launch of the new 4C will be celebrated with one special edition called Launch Edition that will be focused on saving weight and getting the maximum performance out of the car. Next to this however, Alfa Romeo will also offer an even more sportier version built specifically for racing. There will also be an open Targa version, plus a few more interior updates and new headlights.

All we can say is that we’re really hopping that at least the standard 4C will arrive in the North American market. But with Fiat’s poor management and desire to empty Chrysler’s bank accounts, nothing is a sure thing yet.

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Source: Autoedizione
Alfa Romeo 4C

We are all super excited over the Alfa Romeo 4C , with its sexy looks, stunning curves, lightning quick four-pot engine and a price point under anything that nears its performance credentials. We thought it was basically a slam dunk that it was coming to America, but there is now a little doubt in the air.

Recent reports claim that Chrysler and Fiat CEO, Sergio Marchionne, claims that Fiat S.p.A. produce the new sports car for the U.S. market without complete control of Chrysler — Fiat S.p.A. owns Alfa Romeo , and needs Chrysler’s cash flow and production capabilities to produce the 4C en mass. Currently, Fiat owns about 62 percent of the Chrysler and the remaining 38 percent is wrapped up in a union trust, and the union wants $6 billion to buy out the remaining 38 percent — Marchionne doesn’t want to pay more than $4 billion.

The only alternative to this buyout is to release an IPO that will allow the public to buy into Chrysler, but that would cause a huge conflict of interest for Marchionne and Fiat — Marchionne would want the share prices to go high to keep shareholders happy, but also remain low enough to allow Fiat to purchase maximum shares.

Most experts believe that the union and Fiat will come to an agreement somewhere between $4 and $6 billion for the remaining ownership of Chrysler, and that the IPO is very unlikely.

We couldn’t care less about the finances, folks. We just want to get the chance to buy the 4C, and soon!!!

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Source: Bloomberg
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The new Alfa Romeo 4C is set to go on sale on the North American market in the second quarter of 2014 at a rumored price of $54,000. However, if you don’t have that kind of coin floating around, the Italian company is offering you a healthier alternative: the new 4C IFD bicycle inspired, of course, by the new sports car .

Breaking down the name, "IFD" stands for "Innovative Frame Design", "4" means it was inspired by the 4C sports car and "C" because it features a C-shaped cross-section of the frame. Just like the sports car, the new bike features a carbon-fiber, half-tube structure and is entirely crafted by hand in Italy .

The new 4C IFD bike will be priced from &euro3,500 ($4,700 at the current exchange rates) to &euro9,000 ($12,000). It will be put on sale in December 2013 in Europe, Asia and America.

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Every day, we are growing less and less fond of Chris Harris. No, he hasn’t started spouting off with half-thought reviews that are based more on payola rather than actual facts. Rather, we are simply jealous because he always gets his hands on the latest and greatest that the automotive industry has to offer. Then again, if an automaker wants to really prove its mettle as a performance car manufacturer, Harris is really the go-to guy.

This time around, Chris Harris got some track time with the new Alfa Romeo 4C .

As usual, Chris managed to dig up a few things that he didn’t like about the 4C, namely the bulky and over-padded steering wheel, and the uncomfortable seating, but in general he seemed thrilled by the new Alfa .

He definitely gave the 4C the thrashing that Alfa designed it to receive, taking is sideways every chance he got. He noted that it is agile and accurate, but not so accurate that it feels fake, like so many computer-controlled sports cars in today’s world. He also noted that on key point it that "it’s not a Porsche Cayman , and that’s just what the market needs."

Have a look at the above video to see Harris push the 4C to its limits. It’s definitely worth the 8 minutes.

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Alfa Romeo 4C

The 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C made its world debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show , and just the other day, Alfa dropped nearly all of the details on the model. Still, there was one important detail missing from the list: the lap time around the Nurburgring.

Alfa Romeo decided to keep us waiting a little bit longer, but Quattroruote — an Italian magazine — decided to revealed the 4C’s lap time of 8:04. With this time, the 4C positions itself in front of the BMW M3 E92’s 8:05 lap time and equaled the Audi R8 V8 and the Porsche Cayman S. Needless to say, the 4C put itself amongst some good company.

We are still awaiting official confirmation from Alfa, but we are willing to take this report at its face value. Don’t be too surprised to see Alfo Romeo wait a few weeks before officially announcing the time, however, as it is likely trying to shave precious seconds off of the lap time.

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