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With only a teaser image to go on days before the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, everyone was thrilled to see Alfa Romeo unveil the 4C GTA Concept. According to Alfa Romeo, the 4C GTA is "a compact supercar" which represents the true essence of a sports car and is in line with the brand’s values: performance, Italian style, and technical excellence aimed at maximum driving pleasure in total safety."

The 4C GTA concept is inspired by models like the 8C Competizione and 8C Spider models, but takes their design a step forward. While the two models were focusing on obtaining more power, the 4C GTA Concept’s focus is on weight reduction thanks to the extensive use of carbon.

The concept is powered by a "4 cylinder" 1750 Turbo Petrol engine that delivers an impressive 200 HP that sprints the car to an impressive 155 mph.

UPDATE 08/30/2011: A few months ago, it was rumored that Alfa Romeo would bring an updated version of the 4C GTA Concept to the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Unfortunately, the first details revealed suggest that the only "update" the concept will receive is a new "Fluid Metal" livery that dynamically enhances the smooth, curvy, and original lines of the car. The company has also confirmed that a production version will follow in in 2013. The car will weight around 1873 lbs and will deliver up to 200 HP and a weight to power ratio less than 4 kg/HP.

UPDATE 09/16/2011: During the Alfa Romeo 4C GTA official debut in Frankfurt, the company officials have confirmed that the production version will follow in 2013 and will most likely be the first model to be sold by Alfa Romeo in the USA. Alfa plans to build 15,000 to 20,000 units of the 4C coupe over five years and another 5,000 to 10,000 roadsters will be built by Abarth. In Europe, prices will start from about about 45,000 euros, around $61,000 at the current exchange rates. (AutomotiveNews)

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The whole Novitec group of tuners - it includes Novitec, Novitec Rosso , and Novitec Tridente - produce a wide variety of tuning programs for Italian brands with the first of the three - Novitec - handles all the work for brands like Alfa Romeo , Abarth , and Fiat .

Recently, the German tuner went to work on a new styling and performance package for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback.

All the changes and additions made on the Giulietta’s exterior were made to improve the car’s already attractive aesthetic appearance. As part of the package, Novitec added a ground effects kit, a new rear diffuser, a new sports suspension kit that drops ride height, new quad exhaust pipes, and a set of alloy wheels that range from 18" to 20" in either a black or gray finish.

Not one to leave the powertrain alone, Novitec also gave the Giulietta a slew of power booster kits for the different variants of the car. The 1.4-liter TB version takes the output from 120 horsepower to 195 horsepower while the top-of-the-line 1.8-liter TBi nets an impressive new output of 261 horsepower, up from the 235 horsepower output the standard model comes in.

Could it be that Alfa Romeo is preparing to introduce a concept sequel to a previously-introduced concept car?

Well, if you’ve seen their first Frankfurt-related teaser, it’s looking like that’s exactly the case. Released on their Facebook page, the teaser pretty much shows the Alfa Romeo 4C GTA , or at least something that looks virtually identical to the concept that Alfa showed at the Geneva Motor Show last March.

The only thing that we can take out of the silhouetted image is the car’s front end with its headlights on and what appears to be a different gray finish. If you recall, the 4C GTA from Geneva had a matte red finish to it.

For all we know, this car could be the Spider version of the 4C GTA as has been rumored in the past. But there’s also a growing sentiment that this could be an improved version of the original concept, which should only attract more positive feedback for the British brand since the first concept was such a hit back in Geneva.

Alfa Romeo has not given any indication on what it has in store for us, but it certainly looks like they’ve got a few surprises up their sleeves for Frankfurt . And since they’re in the process of coming back to the US market, these kind of surprises are exactly the things that’s making American consumers, us included, stand up and take notice.

Alfa Romeo has delayed a few times plans to return to the US market after 20 years of absence and when you finally expect to have a final date, the company announced another delay. Now it appears that Alfa Romeo will be coming back to the US market in 2013 and the first model to be offered with be a SUV model. It will be followed by a sedan version of the new Giulia .

The upcoming Alfa Romeo SUV will be based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee and will target models like Audi Q5 and BMW X3 . The new SUV will be the fourth model in Alfa Romeo’s line-up next to the current Mito , Giulietta and the 159 .

The SUV will be offered in both front-drive and all-wheel drive variants, while engine line-up will include a 1750 TC GDI that delivers 200 HP, a 2.0-liter JTDm diesel unit with 140 HP and a 3.3 liter variant of Chrysler’s Pentastar V6 engine that deliver a total of 275 HP.

The new model is expected to be revealed sometime in 2013.

UPDATE 10/24/2012: Today we have a new rendering for the upcoming Alfa Romeo SUV. We hope you like it!

Alfa Romeo fans in the US have a lot to be excited about because the long-awaited return of the Italian brand in American soil is drawing closer and closer.

Now, according to Autobild, the stage for Alfa’s return to America could take place at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Autobild is also reporting that Alfa Romeo is intent on bringing at least five models to the 2013 NAIAS, highlighted by the drop-dead gorgeous 4C GTA Concept.

Together with the 4C GTA, other Alfa Romeo models expected to join in the US invasion include the Giulia , the Giulietta , the five-door MiTo , and a still unidentified Jeep -based crossover.

We’ve all anxiously waited a long time for Alfa Romeo to return to our neck of the woods and it certainly hasn’t come with some impatience. But now that it’s beginning to look like the Italian brand is in fact US-bound after years and years of absence, that impatience and anxiety is slowly becoming excitement and eager anticipation.

Source: Autobild
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Alfa Romeo was returning to motor sports when it built the 1962 Giulietta Sprint Zagato. Zagato was a prominent designer and past collaboration with Alfa Romeo had proven fruitful in the Le Mans and Formula 1 circuits. In 1957, Alfa had formed a relationship with Bertone , another famous shop, to develop the Giulietta Sprint Speciale which was a high performance version. That car would become the basis for the new venture with Zagato.

The companies decided to concern themselves with form over function while developing the new GT racer. The plan was to offer the car to customers for their own GT teams and thus it needed to be a strong and reliable performer on the track. Zagato was a master and developing aerodynamically efficient and lightweight machines and the Giulietta Sprint Speciale chassis provided the perfect jumping off point.

Perhaps the reason these cars remain so special today is their overall beauty. The design was focused around performance, but in turn the body became very well recognized and an instant classic for Alfa. Combining the low roofline with the elongated and round body made the car desirable to collectors. The rarity of the “Coda Tronca” version lends to the high selling price at the recent auction that saw chassis 0184 sell for $420,800.

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While everyone is waiting for the Alfa Romeo 4C GTA to debut in production form and find its way over to the US, other variations may currently be in the pipeline as well. New reports suggest that the 4C concept will not only preview a two-seater model for Abarth and Alfa , but will also come in some other derivatives, including a Maserati model.

The 4C GTA concept is powered by a "4 cylinder" 1750 Turbo Petrol engine located centrally in the rear of the vehicle and mated to a new automatic "Alfa TCT" twin dry clutch transmission. With a total output of 200 HP, the engine will sprint the concept from 0 to 60 mph in just 5 seconds, while top speed goes up to 155 mph. However, we anticipate that the Maserati variant will be both more powerful and sportier, but we’ll have to wait until about 2013 or 2014 to see it in action.

Source: Autoblog ES

A lot of us have tuning companies that we like to call our favorites, or at least one of our favorites. Some of you might share different opinions, but in our case, one that stands on top is Novitec Rosso . The German tuning company has not been shy in building fabulous works in the past, and to their credit, they never rest on their laurels. Their latest piece of work is proof of that fact.

Using anAlfa Romeo 8C Spider, Novitec Rosso gave the fastest and most powerful Alfa Romeo even more reason to be feared, thanks to a new supercharger system and a stainless-steel exhaust system that takes the output of the Italian supercar from its stock 450 horsepower all the way up to 600 horsepower. The power upgrade translates to new performance numbers for the 8C Spider, particularly a new 0-62 mph time of just 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 189 mph.

On top of the supercharger and the exhaust system, Novitec Rosso also gave the 8C Spider a new water-to-air intercooler, a custom injector, and a set of 21” and 22” alloy wheels. All told, the whole package for the 8C Spider comes out at 19,900 Euros, which is about $29,400 based on current exchange rates.

Not bad for an upgrade of an Alfa Romeo 8C Spider.

Volkswagen has been trying to get Alfa Romeo away from Fiat for a little while now, but it seems that their tactics have been less than persuasive and more than aggressive. A Fiat spokesman has even said, "We shut the door in their [VW’s] faces and now they’re trying to get in the window." One would think that would dissuade VW from pushing any further, but that person would be wrong.

Now, in Volkswagen’s attempt to become the world’s largest car manufacturing group by 2018, the German automaker is still pushing the sale and planning on what it would do if successful. Turns out, VW will be utilizing their close relationship with Porsche so that Alfa Romeo projects could benefit from the same flat-four engine that will be used in the Baby Boxster set to debut in just a few years.

If this component sharing is accomplished, this engine could make way for a revival of the Alfa Romeo Alfasud, or its successor the 33. The Alfasud was a compact car produced by Alfa from 1971-1989 and was one of Alfa Romeo’s most successful models. However, before that is even attempted, VW could decide to plop that flat four into Alfa’s newest concept: the Alfa Romeo 4C GTA .

So, apparently Volkswagen is not taking no for an answer even though Fiat has repeatedly stated that the brand is not for sale. Fiat even denied rumors that VW representatives met with local government representatives at Alfa’s Arese plant, calling them "complete and utter fantasy." All we can say is that Volkswagen Volkswagen should take their time with this deal if they ever want it to go through. Remember, relationships are like farts; push too hard and things may just get messy.

Source: Autocar

The Alfa Romeo 4C GTA Concept certainly proved to be one heck of a model after its debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, and the fact that Alfa Romeo already confirmed its production in 2012 was just music to our ears. What’s makes this bit of news even more entertaining is that Alfa is also planning a Spyder version of the 4C GTA, which is set to be revealed in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. If feedback is as positive for the Spyder as it was for the original concept, then the rendering provided may just be what it will look like.

As a reminder, the 4C GTA concept is powered by a 4-cylinder 1750 Turbo Petrol engine that delivers an impressive 200 HP and is mated to an automatic twin dry clutch transmission. With this type of power sitting under the hood, the concept will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in under 5 seconds, while top speed is electronically limited to 155mph. The coupe version weighs only 1,800 pounds, but the Spyder version will be a tad heavier due to the addition of the roof.

Source: GMotors

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