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The Alpina -BMW love affair goes back all the way to 1965, when the small Bavarian company began tuning carburetors and cylinder heads in a typewriter factory. Yes, that’s right, Alpina Alpina started as an office machinery company. The small venture began making a name for itself in the early 1970s by building a few BMWs that went on to win prestigious racing events and series such as the European Touring Car Championship, the German Hillclimb Championship and the Spa 24 Hours race.

More than forty years have passed since its 2800CS wowed the crowds, and Alpina established itself as a semi-official tuner whose creations can be found in between the stock BMW and the more potent vehicles delivered by the M Performance division. Well, sort of, but we’ll get back on that later in this review.

Moving on, Alpina’s latest creation, which is set to make it first public appearance on American soil at the 2014 New York Auto Show , is the 2015 B6 xDrive Gran Coupe — a more powerful and exclusive version of the BMW 650i Gran Coupe .

The all-wheel-drive performance sedan will become the second Alpina model to go on sale in the United States, where it will be joining the larger, 7 Series-based B7.

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What happens when you pit a Dodge Challenger SRT8 against a big and heavy luxury limousine? Any rational person would bet heavily on the lighter Challenger, but there is on small exception about the nearly 4,700-pound competitor... it happens to be the Alpine B7 with a snarling V-8 under its hood. Now, that seems like a fair challenge, but that weight difference is a tough one to overcome.

So, here we have two V-8-powered cars; one is a coupe that is built to go fast and the other is a comfortable saloon that also has a little muscle behind it. The Challenger ’s 6.4-liter V-8 puts out a very respectable 470 horsepower, but the 4.4-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 under the BMW Alpina B7 ’s hood makes 540 German-engineered horsepower. Now things are looking a little better matched...

So, who wins: raw American muscle or the nearly 550-horsepower luxury rig that is at a 500-pound disadvantage? Watch the above video to find out.

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BMW tuner extraordinaire Alpina is at the Tokyo Motor Show and it’s displaying a new program with it for the auto world to see.

This one, called the B4 BiTurbo Coupe, is based on the BMW 4 Series , and true to Alpina’s reputation, the program comes chock-full with upgrades that have effectively turned the 4 Series into a real performance machine.

You expect something like this from Alpina, especially when you take into account its history of building some of the nastiest programs for BMW vehicles. With the new 4 Series, the German tuner’s capabilities now extends to another model.

That’s all well and good because you can’t have enough Alpina-tuned BMWs running around the streets this day. This one’s a real treat, too. It has some subtle yet effective aero updates, an awesome performance modification and added work done on the chassis and suspension of the sports coupe .

Everything’s here, really, and a good way for Alpina to start its 4 Series programs.

Updated 11/21/2013: Alpina has revealed all of the official details on its all-new B4 Coupe. See more after the jump.

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The luxury tuners Alpina have just unveiled the BMW ALPINA B7 BiTurbo Limousine at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show. The high end BMW specialists Alpina are responsible for taking care of the lack of an M inspired version of BMW’s larger limousine. Based on the BMW 7 Series , the Alpina B7 Biturbo combines exclusiveness, athleticism and comfort in perfect harmony to create a high performance luxury limousine. Committed to developing the best performing vehicles in the luxury market, BMW with ALPINA has created a special high performance version of BMW’s 7 Series luxury, the biturbo’s engine output has been raised to 507 HP thanks to the turbochargers. The suspension is electronically adjustable, ready for any situation and because it is an Alpina the vehicle rests on the signature 20 spoke 21 inch Alpina Classic wheel.

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Both the Alpina B7 and the Mercedes Benz CLK 63 AMG Black Series are high performance luxury vehicles that will run you well over $100,000; however they are both beasts of very different natures. The Alpina B7 Alpina B7 is an over the top replacement for BMW’s lack of a factory tuned 7 Series, and thanks to the high end tuners at Alpina Alpina the supercharged luxury limousine has as much grunt under the hood as there are luxuries on the inside. Although the B7 will light up the rear tires on command, the Black Series Benz is the true sports car of the two. Whereas the Alpina seats up to five occupants comfortably, the F1 Safety Car inspired CLK only has room for two, and thanks to one of the German automaker’s high performance 6.2 Liter V8 and razor sharp handling makes the Mercedes Mercedes the ride of choice for enthusiast drives, while the Alpina is more than suited to shuttle around royalty in a more than exclusive 7 Series BMW.

Last week we found out that the Alpina B7 will make its world debut in Geneva . It seems the BMW tuner will use the show to also reveal the B6 GT3 - its newest motorsports challenger.

Alpina has been away from motor racing for about twenty years, but now has decided its time to get back on the track. It looks like Alpina starts with its B6 S Coupe as the base for the B6 GT3. Alpina is supercharging 4.4-liter to deliver 530hp (390kW) and a peak torque of 535 lb-ft. The car then get a body kit and large rear wing to help with aerodynamics. We expect to know more about this track car when we see it in March at Geneva.

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20 years have passed since Alpina factory team used their cars in a race. Now the famous Bmw tuner is getting ready to debut in the 2009 FIA GT3 European Championship with a brand new specially equiped Bmw 6 Series. Called B6 GT3, the vehicle features the 4,4 l V8 ALPINA engine from the B6 S capable of delivering 530 hp and 725 Nm of torque and is ready to face rivals such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin.

For those who are interested in buying cars like the B6 GT3, they have to know that Alpina will also sell race cars to private parties, collectors and race teams.

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Finally some information surfaced for the new Alpina Alpina B3 twin-turbo. And it promises to be good! The car that will be unveiled next week at the Geneva Motor Show is based on the already very fast BMW twin-turbo 335i coupe. Its 3.0L straight-six engine will develop in Alpine’s variant close to 360hp and 500Nm of torque, 60hp more and 100 Nm over the standard E 92 335i. This model will be the hottest version derived from the BMW 3-series coupe until the M3 will arrive. The B3 twin-turbo will (...)

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