Antas V8

Antas V8

  The Antas V8 GT is the first Berlinetta or touring car created in the Italian F&M workshop. The design studio of Faralli and Mazzanti are responsible for this hand built shapely Italian beauty. This vehicle was named after the Tuscan word for eagle, a very appropriate name for such a gracious and powerful machine. The Antas philosophy of “Aluminium, Craftsmanship and Art” is apparent in every aspect of the coach built sports cars. F&M claim that the Antas is the most exclusive result of the concept of Haute Couture as applied to the automotive world. The Antas was built along the same lines as a tailor made suit and can be built to the most demanding of owners' specifications.

Posted on by Anthony Kodack

ANTAS V8 GT is the first “Berlinetta” (touring car) created in the F & M workshop. It is completely inspired by the philosophy and material used in the “special series” of the past: the body, for example, is made of aluminium and completely built by hand.

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