Aptera Typ-1

Aptera Typ-1

  The Aptera Type 1 is an efficient hybrid/electric three wheeled vehicle from the green car builders at Aptera Motors. The Type 1 is a two passenger vehicle that was designed with aeronautic principles in mind to reduce drag and increase efficiency. Despite its lightweight nature, the Aptera is also a very safe vehicle and has an EV range of 120 Miles, while the hybrid drive train gets an equally environmentally friendly 300 MPG.

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Aptera made the announcement that is ready to move its vehicle into production. The manufacturer began to hire workers in order to support the building process. The company’s goal for this year is to deliver the first Typ-1h and looking at how things work this goal may be easily achieved.

The car must also pass the crash tests but if we think at the fact that the car is designed by Jason Hill who designed cars like Smart and Porsche Carrera GT we assume that passing the safety tests will not be a problem for the Aptera Typ-1h.

Aptera Typ-1 will go into production in late 2008 and will be an all-electric and plug-in hybrid models. Aptera’s body materials and aerodynamics are borrowed from light aircraft and features 2.5 seats and three wheels. Can’t wait to see production version in October 2008!

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