Like an exotic bird that can only be spotted in a number of places in the world, the Pagani Zonda supercar isn’t the type of car that you can just spot in everyday traffic.

This particular Zonda, a bright orange one at that, was videotaped in – of all places – Argentina. A long commute from its headquarters in Italy, don’t you think?

In any case, the raging Italian machine was videotaped as it was running roughshod over the Autopista Panamericana, a highway so long that it goes all the way up to Alaska. In any event, we’re still trying to figure out how this Zonda found its way to Argentina. Maybe some rich Argentinean decided to splurge on one? Who knows?

What we do know is that wherever part of the world the Pagani Zonda is in, it’s going to attract its fair share of attention from anybody who lays eyes on it. You don’t see Honda Civics being videotaped in this manner, do you?

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Everyone is getting in on the sports car action! The most recent out-of-the-blue sports car to come out of a random country was the GTA Spano that came out of Spain. Now, Donto Motor Company has announced the debut of the P1 - a sports car that will take on models like the b>KTM X-BOW and the Ariel Atom .

The P1 is a lightweight two-seater with a removable roof that will not only be race-ready, but will also be able to cruise out on the street. Made to be imported to Europe, the P1 weighs less than 700 kilos and was built using a split body with a floating exosjeleton like an invertebrae, according to Donto designer Lucas López. The P1 will utilize an engine borrowed from a German model such as the Volkswagen sourced 1.8T that produces 180 HP.

The chassis for the P1 was designed by renowned chassis builder, Hector "Tito" Perez, and is already approved by the FIA. Perez has about 400 vehicles under his belt spanning from Formula Renault, road rally cars, and touring cars.

Donto P1 will be priced at around $55,000 and will be built in limited numbers. The P1’s main target will be Europe, but Donto wants to make it available in all markets.

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I just had the pleasure to meet Gabriel Storchi, a Soft developer that is making an incredible journey, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Alaska on a Chevy Opus coupe 78.

The name of the expedition is "Alaska a Caballo" (Alaska to Horse), because the final destination is "Dead Horse". "The name comes from there, is going to Horse, no in horse", Gabriel says.

From Buenos Aires to Alaska in a Chevy

The idea of making this trip is a dream that Gabriel had for years, "When i was a kid, y always planed to go to Alaska. I’m making this as a tribute for my father, who passed away this year, and another series of complications i had on my life this year. There is only one life, and you have to live it at full". Said Gabriel.

The goal is to get to a town called Dead Horse, on Alaska, United States. If the first stage goes ok, the plan is to send the car to Sweden, and make a trip from there t India.

The car was conditioned specially for this trip, reinforced floor, frontal protector, a roof carrier to take the extra wheels, a bed inside, and a solar panel on the back to charge the batteries for the notebook, an IP phone and the wireless connection.

If u want to see more images of the car, go to the original article in the Spanish site of TopSpeed in here


Following the success of the C4, which has sold 530,000 units sold worldwide since launch at end-2004, Citroën is further extending its range with the launch of the C4 notchback in several Latin American countries. This modern and original saloon features all the characteristics and innovations that have made the C4 a success.

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