The German tuner, ART, has unveiled a new tuning package based on the Mercedes G400 CDI . The package is called the G Streetline Edition Sterling and includes both styling and engine updates.

The body kit includes a redesigned front bumper, a modified aero hood with four times four air inlets, shape-optimizing running board trim, fender extensions including LED running board lighting, a rear bumper with integrated LED rear and fog lights, a roof spoiler with additional LED brake light, and illuminated entry ledges on all five doors with the A.R.T. logo. The exterior package is continued with a two-tone carbody paintwork that combines Magno blue-black and Designo Alanit-gray, and 22" rim monoART1 wheels.

The interior gets nappa leather with classic British Racing Green used in the diamond quilting and Designo Anthracite Gray and graphite-fiber fittings used in abundance in the area around the instrument board, central console, and doors. The engine has been tuned to deliver 292 HP and 624 Nm of torque thanks to a modified sport exhaust system with six stainless steel tailpipes.

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The Mercedes GL is a big family hauler, but that image can be improved with the help of the Japanese tuner ART .

ART GL Mammut based on the Mercedes GL

Dubbed the Mammut, the vehicle becomes a real beast featuring a new front bumper with 6 fog lights, a new aggressive front grill without the Mercedes logo, new side sills, a new roof spoiler with integrated LED brake light strip and a redesigned rear bumper with integrated 4-pipe exhaust system and rear air diffuser. The kit is completed by the widened front and rear fenders and the 22-inch monoART1 light-alloy painted in white. Also, a new suspension kit was installed lowering the vehicle with up to 60 millimetrers.

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Although the X64 Programm for the Mercedes GL was launched more than one year ago, the German tuner unveiled a little update for the SUV, a new set of LSD doors.

Mercedes GL by ART Tuning

The rest of the kit consists in modified bixenon headlamps system featuring Nero Design, re-designed front spoiler with integrated triple beam lamp set, new side sills, rear spoiler featuring two rear mufflers which ensure that the sound is right. New 18,19,20 or 22 inch alloy wheels are available featuring a special titanium coating.

At the interior we see the A.R.T. stamp when we open the door due to the light-blue illuminated entry ledges. Also alcantara/leather accessories are now available at customer’s choice.

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For all the Mercedes-Benz fans: here’s something you can be proud of! ART unveiled a new tuning kit for the curent S-Class also known as the flagship of the German manufacturer. Although the tuning company modifies also the power plants of the vehicles, this time the Mercedes S-Class received most of the attention on the exterior. As you can see the model features two-tone paint scheme together with new front spoiler, unique front grill and four integrated foglamps as well as two double exhaust pipes and an integrated air diffusor in the rear spoiler.

At the interior, ART Tuning keeped the Alcantara leather but also added a second colour in conformity with the exterior colours. The tuner also added custom-build curtains, aluminium door sills an not at last, the badged velour carpets.

ART Tuning unveild two-tone Mercedes S-Class

The engine of the car features now a new supercharger kit developed specially for this new model. Unfortunately for the fans, the car’s engine doesn’t develop 580hp like the old model 221 AVANTGARDE but the manufacturer assured us that the power available on the vehicle is more than enough. Last thing that was added to the car was the adustable suspension kit together with the 21” rims in the ART style.

ART Tuning released the performance kit “A55K” for the G 55 K. After optimizing the supercharger ratio and the engine management system, the engine’s output goes up from 476 bhp to an impressive 580 bhp. The torque increases from 700 to 790 Nm.

Mercedes G-Class by ART

At the same time, A.R.T. also overrides the Vmax limit. As regards the gasoline engines, A.R.T. also takes account of the G 55 (performance boost by means of a supercharger to 440 bhp and 597 Nm) and G 500 (also with a supercharger: 402 bhp; 683 Nm). In terms of the diesels, thanks to A.R.T. DieselPower, the power classes 293 bhp (G 400 CDI, 624 Nm), 261 bhp (G 320 CDI, 600 Nm) and 192 bhp (G 270 CDI, 468 Nm) are possible.

Mercedes G-Class by ART

The G-Model owes its new look to a large extent to the A.R.T. “monoART1” wheel rim in a 10x22 inch design, which is usually fitted as part of complete sets of wheels. This 10-spoke wheel rim is available in a stylish TITANIUM finish. A.R.T. also, however, offers its customers a range of different finishes. The wheel rim is fitted with size 285/35-22 tires.

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After the special edition of Program 164 - hot red Ferrari Ferrari for the ML-Class, ART unveiled the X64 Programm for the Mercedes GL-Class. ART updates the engine of the GL-Class so the power grows up with 20%. The GL320 CDI grows up from 224 hp and 376 lbs-ft to 269 hp and 451 lbs-ft. The GL420 CDI from 306 hp and 516 lbs-ft to 367 hp and 619 lbs-ft. The top-model, the GL500 is powered by a 6.1 liter V8 engine with an output of 462 hp (standard 388 hp) and 453 lbs-ft. The 0 to 60 mph (...)
ART Tuning unveiled a special edition of Program 164 - hot red Ferrari. The aerodynamics set for the front, sides and rear upgrades the contours of this robust vehicle and refines the lines of the series. A xenon headlamp / halogen foglamp lighting set as a secondary headlamp unit in the front spoiler and the Cornerlight function increase the lighting power of the vehicle. The effect of the elegant door sills is further boosted by the illuminated door sill strips with light-blue lighted ART (...)
ART’s Program 216 is aimed at the new CL in the exclusivity of the Mercedes Benz luxury class with an abundance of top-quality tuning components. The ART aerodynamics set for the front and rear optimizes the contours of the vehicle with an individual touch. In perfect harmony with the series design of the front spoiler, fine parallel grooved lines enhance the vehicle’s front silhouette. The eye-catching elegant lines of the ART rear skirt give the series rear an entirely new appearance. A (...)

The new super sports car from ART for theEuropean market on the basis CLS 350 is ready for take off. It covers all wishes concerning a hotblooded sports car of formidable performance and subtle, elegant design in coupe manner. Unique star that leaves nothing to be desired.

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