Lamborghini is celebrating its 10 years of presence on the Singapore market with the unveiling of a new special edition Gallardo Singapore Limited Edition. There will only be 10 units produced, offered in either black or white. For each unit sold, Lamborghini will donate $20,000 to the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF) to help the less fortunate students in Singapore.

The Gallardo Singapore Edition will be the first special edition Gallardo commissioned by Lamborghini for the Sin Sin gapore market and will be distinguished by the red stripes on the sides of the vehicle and a Merlion logo on the exterior of each car. Under the hood there will be a V10 engine with an output of 550 HP that will sprint the car from 0 to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds, while top speed is 198 mph.

"Mr Melvin Goh, Managing Director of Lamborghini Singapore, began discussions with the Lamborghini factory as early as July last year just to ensure that the cars can be specially made for Singapore. It took close to three months before the concept was finalized."

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The upcoming Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 is still a few months away from being revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, but the early returns from the company’s private viewings have indicated that Lamborghini may just have hit a home run.

One of the markets that’s already in-line for the successor to the Murcielago is Singapore, where a pre-production unit was flown in for a private preview for Lamborghini customers. According to Melvin Goh, chief of Lamborghini Singapore, the interest in the Aventador comes as a result of the brand’s growing appeal and improved image and visibility in the Asian market.

“In the last five years since the arrival of the Murcielago and Gallardo, people now understand the cars better and realize the products are good,” he said. “On that note, they are willing to book one even when it’s new and before it is here.”

While no exact figures have been released, it is widely believed that Lamborghini Singapore alone is poised to receive around 50 units of the new supercar, making it one of the very first countries to reserve the Aventador LP700-4 months in advance of its official release.

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We know that Proton seems to have a fascination with building cars directly resembling those that Mitsubishi makes, but we didn’t think that even their concepts would have their own Mitsubishi flavor to them.

As it turns out, the Malaysian automaker isn’t afraid of channeling their inner love for Mitsubishi as they revealed the Jebat Concept as part of their “Pahlawan” series of concept vehicles at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show.

At first glance, it’s easy to spot the references directed towards the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution . Despite the uncanny resemblances, the Jebat Concept actually has a powertrain all its own with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that produces 237 horsepower.

As far as design goes, the Jebat has unique qualities, including a matte black coat on both the front and rear of the car with a matching strip just around the lower section of the doors. The car also has daytime LED running lights, as well as three bonnet vents, and a rear spoiler that’s unmistakably taken from the Mitsubishi’s Evo performance package. There are also the wide-body style front and rear fenders that you’ll notice once you take a good long look at the car. Finally, Proton decided to add 18-inch wheels to complete the whole sporty and aggressive look.

Speaking of sporty and aggressive, the car’s interior also has some touches of sportiness to it, including Recaro seats with red stitching and a Clarion touch screen ICE system.

There’s no telling if the Jebat Concept will ever see the light of the production line in Malaysia, but if we had a hand on it, we’d like to see it made someday. And when we go to Malaysia sometime whenever, we wouldn’t mind sitting behind the wheel of one.

Unheralded as the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show is to people from this part of the world, there are still a number of vehicles over there that are worth keeping tabs on. This year, what looked to be a facelifted Lotus Europa made its way to the KLIMS, but upon closer inspection, we discovered that this car was no Lotus.

Well, actually, it was, except that it has been rebadged by Malaysian automaker Proton and given the designation the Lekir Concept. Given the partnership between the two companies, it figures that with the expected end of the Europa’s production run in Europe, Lotus was looking for a new market for their sports car, a market that will welcome it with open arms, even if it has been rebadged under a local brand.

That’s where Proton and Malaysia enter the picture. Unlike the European spec Europa, which came with a Vauxhall Vauxhall -sourced 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that produced over 200 horsepower, the Lekir Concept is scheduled to be powered by a 1.6-liter Campro engine with performance numbers that should be right on par with a naturally-aspirated 2.0-liter engine.

Since it’s a concept, details are being kept at a minimum for now. We’re pretty confident though that the car will eventually see the production line sometime soon. The Lotus Europa may have had a premature life span in Europe, but who’s to say that it won’t be successful in Malaysia – and other parts of Asia for that matter – disguised under a different brand and different name?

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In it’s attempt to introduce new models to both the Indian and Thai market, Honda has gone ahead and introduced its new city car prototype at the Thailand International Motor Show. The car, which is being tagged as the Brio, is scheduled to hit the two aforementioned markets beginning in 2011.

With the Asian market becoming a hot spot for fuel-efficient city cars, Honda is looking to get a piece of the pie with the Brio. Reports on the Brio’s performance numbers indicate that it will come with a very frugal 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine.

The Brio will also come in two variants for both the Indian and Thai market, with the latter being given a more performance-oriented variant whereas the latter will be a little more on the fuel-efficient side. Despite the increasing demand for small city cars, the Brio won’t be lacking competitors from a number of brands and their models, including the Hyundai i10 , the Toyota iQ , and the Suzuki Swift

Pricing for the Brio is slated at 400,000 baht in Thailand, which is about $13,200 based on current exchange rates.

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Our friends over at Honda Malaysia understand the market’s inclination and preference for dressed up white vehicles. So instead of letting these customers worry about how to dress up their Hondas, Honda Malaysia decided to do the dressing up for them.

Honda Malaysia President and COO Rohime Shafie explained that through a survey conducted by the company, they discovered that a number of their customers preferred the addition of extra accessories to further establish sportiness and exclusivity to the cars.

“With this finding, and in view of the increasing trend of preference for white shaded vehicles in Malaysia market, we have created a fleet of white-coloured Concept M special edition models to fulfill customers’ demand,” he said.

With the introduction of the Concept M models, Honda Malaysia has given three of its models – the Accord , the Civic , and the Jazz – kitted-out, special edition variants. Named in honor of Honda’s two official accessories partners Mugen and Modulo , the Concept M models are taken to a whole new dressed up variant, all while sporting the increasingly popular white finish. The results are three dressed up Honda vehicles that will have customers tripping over each other in an effort to get one of these limited edition models for themselves.

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We all know about the Sultan of Brunei’s obsession with cars. He’s got thousands of them, literally, with most being of the exotic variety. While we don’t know what the Sultan does with all these cars, he apparently has no problem selling them without even driving them. While it’s not totally confirmed that the seller is actually Sultan Bolkiah himself, reports are indicating that his cars, whoever is selling them, are now on the market.

The most amazing part is that all the cars that are being sold have never clocked more than the original factory delivery mileage. Yep, they’re pretty much brand new, sitting idly in some garage in New Zealand itching to be unleashed out on the open roads.
The cars that the Sultan of Brunei is apparently selling aren’t your regular run-of-the-mill variety, either. There’s a Ferrari Enzo ($1.9M approx.) in there, an F50 ($1.1M approx.), an F40 ($776K approx.), a 512 TR Spyder ($971K approx.), a Lamborghini Diablo SE30 ($175K approx.), a Countach 25th Anniversary Edition ($185K approx.), an Italdesign V12 Nazca ($971K approx.), a Porsche 964 911 Turbo S Leichtbaus ($221K approx.), and a Cizeta V16 ($466K approx.).

Be warned though, if you don’t have at least six digits of moolah to spend, you might as well just pay a visit to the site and check out the photos. That’s probably the best you can do. It’s not all bad, though. We did the same thing.

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Gerhard Berger has just accused Mark Webber of attempting to take out his championship rivals at the Korean Grand Prix during his wreck in the early part of the race .

At the time, Webber was leading the championship by 14 points, but he managed to clip the curb and spin his car into the wall. That’s not the end of the story, as his Red Bull skated back across the track, collecting Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes.

Berger believes that Webber could have stomped on the brakes to avoid coming back across the track. A few laps earlier, Rosberg had passed Lewis Hamilton and had that not taken place, Webber would have hit the McLaren, a serious championship rival.

When asked if he thought the move was deliberate, Berger, who owned Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso, said yes, it was very deliberate.

"It’s very obvious, you can see his wheels are not locked up. Perhaps he had a brake problem, but I don’t think so,” he said.

Red Bull team boss Horner responded: "As with every incident in Formula One , opinions will always be made without all the facts.

"Just to be absolutely clear - Mark’s intention was not to take out another driver after his crash and it’s ridiculous to suggest otherwise," he told the Telegraph.

Mark Webber has not commented on the story and we don’t think he will, but this wouldn’t have been the first time that a driver has attempted to take out a rival. Still, by the look of the accident, it didn’t seem like he was going after any of his fellow drivers.

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The controversial Korean Grand Prix is already getting a makeover. The FIA is planning on making changes to Yeongam’s Turn 16 before Saturday. Talk about efficiency.

The reason for this modification is due to a bump that unsettles the cars. The replacement curb will cover the bump, but it will also slow lap times.

In addition to the bump, the wall on the right on the exit of the corner will be moved back, although engineers have yet to determine how far they can move it. The wall currently shoots out and doesn’t have a tire barrier for protection, so if a driver happens to lose control and hit the wall, the resulting accident could be catastrophic.

The FIA is also debating on whether to tell drivers that they don’t have to respect the white line at the pit entry. The reason for this change would be to allow drivers to take a faster approach and not block the cars behind.

Be sure to tune into the first ever Korean Grand Prix on BBC1 or the Speed Channel.

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Korea sure knows how to show a journalist a good time. Fly them all the way to Asia and put them up in a “love hotel”. Sadly, it’s not a love story after all, as some are complaining about used condoms under their beds and dildo vending machines.

The reason for this strange turn of events is a simple room shortage for the Korean Grand Prix, so in order to get traveling media and even some teams a good night sleep, they had to be put up in these brothels, sometimes referred to as “love hotels”.

"After a ten-hour flight to Seoul, a first class train journey to Mokpo and a quick taxi ride to our ’Love Hotel’, we’ve arrived. The accommodation is a bit bizarre and there are easily 30 of these ’Love Hotels’ in the area - the one down the road is called the Hotel Feel, but we steered clear of that. Ours, The Washington, is actually very nice. It’s still a ’Love Hotel’ but it’s clean, has a 42" TV and free Internet access,” said a photographer for Sutton Images.

The first ever Korean Grand Prix was already dicey, but this is sure to be an event that nobody will ever forget. Just don’t take home any souvenirs from the room.

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