Aston-Martin DB9

Aston-Martin DB9

  Aston Martin unveiled the current generation Aston Martin DB9 at the Geneva Motor Show in 2008 in both Coupe and Volante variants. The Coupe was originally designed to be able to transform into an open top version and the work allotted for this design was proven successful in the Volante. The DB9 is powered by a revised version of Aston Martin’s 6.0 Liter V12 engine to deliver a maximum output of 470 HP and 443 lb-ft of torque mated to a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission. This is good for a 0 to 60 MPH time of 4.6 seconds and a top speed of 190 MPH.

We swear this kind of thing only happens in movies. Falling two stories down and living to tell about it because you fell directly into an Aston Martin DB9 ? That’s straight out of James Bond, right?

For better or worse, the incident actually happened when 22-year old Jade Bates fell from a bedroom window on to the bonnet of the DB9 that was parked directly below it. Miraculously, Bates bounced off of the DB9’s bonnet - yeah, she bounced off of it! - and escaped with nothing more than a few bruises. Unbelievable!

According to reports, Bates was out partying with a couple of her friends at her boyfriend’s apartment in Aberdeen when she fell from a window ledge that she was sitting on. The friends who witnessed the accident all came to her aid while the boyfriend, a young chap named Jasvir Deo, immediately called 999 - that’s the UK’s version of 911 - requesting help. While Mr. Deo declined to comment on the accident, an associate painted a clearer picture of what exactly happened: “They were celebrating a friend’s birthday when it happened. The guys were all sitting in the kitchen and the girls were upstairs in the bedroom. All of a sudden there was a huge scream and Jazz looked out to see Jade lying on his car. He was frantic. It looked like she had been pushed for a start, but appears to have just been an accident. She’s very lucky to be alive.” She added: “The car saved her. If it wasn’t for the Aston Martin having such a long bonnet, she could have been paralyzed or dead.”

You don’t say, buddy. You don’t say.

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Sometimes celebrities do things that make us want to scream and sometimes they do things that make us want to point and laugh. In a web film released back in 2008, Kobe Bryant made us cover our mouths and say, “Oh shit!” This film portrayed Kobe Bryant jumping – no trampoline, no bouncy surface – over a speeding Aston Martin DB9 Volante . The fans went nuts!

Now, two years after this film was released, Kobe Bryant and Aston Martin have teamed up to introduce the Nike Kobe Bryant (Aston Martin Edition) footwear pack. This footwear pack includes the Nike Hyperdunk (Aston Martin DB9 Edition) and the Nike Zoom Kobe V (Aston Martin Edition). These limited edition trainers were inspired by the DB9 and the One-77 supercar , detailing the elegance of the Aston Martin with some good old-fashioned sneaker craftsmanship. And we thought automakers would just continue to make timepieces and apparel.

The limited edition Nike Kobe Bryant (Aston Martin Edition) footwear pack will be introduced at the Nike Basketball Signature Space at the Staples Center, Los Angeles on May 13, 2010. To be honest, we don’t really think the shoes look anything like the amazing supercar they were inspired by, unless, of course, the silver color is taken into account, but we still wouldn’t turn down a pair.

The great thing about this event is that all event proceeds will be donated to the LA84 Foundation. The LA84 Foundation’s mission is “to serve youth through sport and to increase knowledge of sport and its impact on people’s lives”. They have been providing this service since 1985 when they were blessed with a surplus from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

Hit the jump to see the film that inspired the Kobe Bryant/Aston Martin collaboration.

Despite being a neophyte compared to its more high-profile contemporaries, the Aston Martin DB9 has definitely made quite an impression among residents of Great Britain. At least that is what it seems after the six-year old car recently came out on top of a survey done among British drivers to determine their favorite car in the past 25 years.

While the achievement is glowing in its own right - and likewise a testament to Aston Martin’s standing as one of the world’s pre-eminent high-end car brands - what makes it even more impressive is the fact that, as we’ve mentioned, the DB9 only came around as late as 2004. Eating the DB9’s dust in second place is the ever-reliable Volkswagen Golf while taking up the third step of the podium is the Mini .

Given the fact that 25 years is an eternity for car manufacturers to make an indelible imprint in the hearts and minds of consumers makes the DB9’s achievement as the car-of-choice among British drivers all the more remarkable. This is especially impressive when you consider that the Aston Martin DB9 wasn’t even around when the new millennium began.

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To own a luxury sports car is everyone’s dream you have to admit that! But not many of us can afford them. So what can you do? Easy! Take your regular car and make it your dream car. Like an Opel Calibra transformed into an Aston Martin DB9 by a guy in Thailand.

Of course Thai is not the language for us, but while waiting for more details on this project (they have been promised to us), take a look at the final car. You have to appreciate the guy’s effort!

Mansory revealed a new image gallery of the Cyrus - their tuning package based on DB9 or DBS. With only 15 units to be produced, Cyrus is priced at $560,000 (car not included).

The exterior of the Mansory Cyrus is both powerful and aerodynamic incorporating flared fenders, side skirts as well as a lightweight hood with larger vents and a One-77 inspired front bumper while the rear skirt is upgraded with an integrated diffuser and four stainless steel tail pipes.

One of the downsides of owning a high performance vehicle is that as soon as winter approaches and the mercury drops, those sticky summer tires become hard and brittle and don’t work nearly as well as they did just a few months ago. Another issue with wearing your Sunday best while out playing in the snow is that every bit of salt and debris will do a number on your finely finished wheels. However the aftermarket manufacturer Cargraphic has come up with a combination to ensure that not only will your Aston Martin look as good as it can all year round, but owners won’t have to compromise their car’s level of grip either thanks to the combination of winter spec Cargraphic IS-ONE wheels and Dunlop Wintersport rubber for the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and DB9 super sports cars.

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At some point, our threshold for seeing exotic car crashes is going to be snapped. But until that time, we just have to stomach them and move on. The latest victim of the lethal mix of bad driving and bad weather is an Aston Martin DB9 . In this video shot in Warsaw, Poland, the DB9 was speeding along a wet road when it loses control before slamming into a tree, breaking it in half in the process.

The DB9 then spins a couple of times before resting to a stop with the fallen tree just a few feet away from the car. Imagine what would have happened if the impact of the crash forced the DB9 to stop and the tree falling on top of it. Despite the damage done to his ride, the driver was enormously lucky not to have been crushed under a tree trunk.

Even if the Aston Martin DB9 is a car that needs no improvements, the German tuner Wheelsandmore revealed a new tuning package for the sporty convertible. Their kit makes modifications to both the exterior and engine performance.

Aston Martin DB9 Convertible by Wheelsandmore

The exterior package includes: side skirts, front and rear aprons, a rear lid spoiler 9.0×20" Kahn RS-V wheels for the front and 11.0×20" Kahn RS-V wheels for the rear. Also the ride has been lowered by 25mm thanks to a H&R springset.

Thanks to a "small" ECU upgrade and the installation of a 200 cells sportcatalysts and a valve controlled, but also a new stainless steel exhaust system the engine’s output has been increased by 60hp and 50lb-ft of torque. The stock was 476hp.

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The tuning firm Mansory have just realeased a new creation based on the Aston Martin DB9 , when the all new carbon fiber clad Mansory Cyrus made its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The modified Aston Martin os the perfect solution for the sports car shopper who got in line a little too late to reserve a limited edition One-77 super car. For an additional $560,000 to spend in order to transform your $200,000 DB9 into a $1.4 Million dollar look alike, despite the rediculousness of spending almost three times as much money modifying a car as you do purchasing it the math does work out, that even leaves some money left over to pick up a Jaeger-LeCoultre .

Mansory Cyrus

Mansory has upgraded the DB9’s suspension with a set of adjustable coil overs and a rather large set of rims to house wider rubber. The exterior of the Mansory Cyrus is both powerful and aerodynamic incorporating flared fenders, side skirts as well as a lightweight hood with larger vents and a One-77 inspired front bumper while the rear skirt is upgraded with an integrated diffuser and four stainless steel tail pipes.

The exhaust system amongst a few other tricks has raised the DB9’s output by 28 HP, bringing it up to almost 500 while the interior gets extra helping of racy lightweight materials like aluminum and carbon fiber.

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The Gumball 3000 is a modern day version of the classic Cannonball cross country race that not only takes place here in the U.S. but also in countries around the world. The members of the more money than brains club start off in Los Angeles and then make their way through sin city and across the midwest before coming to an end at the tip of the Florida peninsula in Miami. At least that was the plan, unfortunately for this Aston Martin DB9 owner, the last leg of the trip included a stop at the freshly repaved Palm Beach International Raceway.

The DB9 driver’s fun at the track was short lived, after going into a turn a little too hot, James Bond’s ride of choice ended up in the tire wall doing a number on the front end and completely taking out the left front corner of the car. Despite the damage the wall of rubber did its job and the Aston’s driver was able to walk away unscathed.

However according to our friends at Wrecked Exotics the rumor is that the Aston Martin DB9 wasn’t really the driver’s at all, some have said that it was a rental. We just hope he took out the $5 insurance.

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