Aston-Martin DBS

Aston-Martin DBS

  Ever since the classic DBS's introduction in 1967, it has been a star on the screen starting with its role in the 1969 James Bond film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service. It then showed up in modern 007 flicks like Casino Royale. The DBS started out life as a 4.0 Liter 325 HP grand tourer and was reborn in 2007 as an upgraded DBR9 powered by a 6.0 Liter V12 and a front end filled with more vents than the race car. With its unique design and pure performance potential, the coach built super car was designed to fill the gap between road and track offering the ultimate expression of Aston Martin’s engineering and technical ability. The DBS offers pure performance without compromise. At $265,000 the rear wheel drive 510 HP hand built super car is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 MPH in four seconds flat and will reach a top speed of 196 MPH. The DBS can be distinguished from the DB9 by its deeper front spoiler, extra-wide intake, large rear spoiler, 20" wheels, and wider rear track.

The Aston Martin DBS has had a pretty long lifespan after first being introduced in 1967. The current generation, though, didn’t hit the market until 2008, which in itself is already long for the industry.

But despite its age, the DBS remains one of Aston Martin’s meal tickets, a car that has come to define the British automaker’s quest to build the ultimate expression of its engineering and technical know-how.

It’s not a coincidence that the DBS has lasted this long and even though, it’s ripe for a facelift, it’s still got the combination of style and power that even newer models like the Audi R8 V10 and the Bentley Continental GT have to take serious note of.

The 2012 Aston Martin DBS is personifies everything that’s right with Aston Martin, carrying with it the history and technology that has come to define this model in all the years that it’s been around.

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Just in time for the holiday season, Turn 10 Studios is dropping the first ever expansion pack for Forza: Horizon. Judging by the list of seven new vehicles that are part of the December IGN Car Pack, you’d be a fool to let this pack go by without snagging it up.

The pack includes: the McLaren F1, the 2012 Ferrari F12berlinetta , the 2012 Aston Martin DBS , a Ford F-150 SCT Raptor, the Hummer H1 Alpha Open Top, and most intriguingly, the 2006 Ford GTX1 .

That’s the kind of list usually reserved only for fantasy garages. Now, for less money than a new pair of Air Jordans, you can own all of those exotics and have them at your complete disposable. Of course, you can only drive in the virtual world of Forza: Horizon. But, hey, that’s where the fantasy kicks in.

The December IGN Pack for Forza: Horizon will go live on December 4. Be on the lookout for it. In the meantime, check out this trailer of the pack from Turn 10 Studios. If that doesn’t get you excited, we don’t know why you even have an XBox 360 to begin with.

German tuning firm Wheelsandmore is back with another program only a week removed from presenting its newest project for the Lamborghini Aventador .

This time around, Wheelsandmore is going for a decidedly British flavor: the Aston Martin DBS . Mind you, it’s not your typical DBS, although "typical" and "DBS" should never be used in the same sentence anyway. The project at hand is for the DBS Carbon Edition .

Wheelsandmore built up a program for this exclusive supercar and managed to smack another one out of the park. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much attention paid to dressing up the DBS Carbon Edition, sans the addition of 21-inch 6Sporz² wheels in one of two different finishes — carbon-fiber effect or carbon-fiber effect with a red a trim — wrapped in Continental Sport Contact 5P tires.

Wheelsandmore added in a new suspension module that dropped the DBS Carbon Edition by 25 mm (0.98 inches), which further enhanced the handling and appearance of the supercar. Finally, and most importantly, Wheelsandmore pumped up the DBS Carbon Edition’s output with the addition of its new CRP kit. This kit added an extra 40 horsepower to the British exotic’s 517-horsepower output, netting a total of 557 horsepower.

If you are both a car fan and a James Bond fan, and saw the “Quantum of Solace” movie, you likely salivated over the Quantum Silver 2008 Aston Martin DBS that Bond drove. You are not alone in this drooling effect, we did it too. Well, now you can own a piece of history – well, a one-of-seven piece of history – by buying this famous 2008 DBS at auction.

Christies auction house is auctioning off one of the seven 2008 Aston Martin DBSs used in the “Quantum of Solace” film. This model is draped in deep silver paint and boasts black leather interior. From the looks of it in the auction catalog, the car looks to be in fantastic shape, but there is no information on what scenes this particular chassis was used in.

This beast is not only famous, but it’s fast too. With its 5.9-liter V-12 engine that pumps out 510 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque, this beast sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in only 4.3 seconds. The 6-speed manual gearbox allows you to rip through the gears at will – no fancy-pants automatic transmission in this sports car.

This 2008 DBS is anticipated to fetch between $160,000 and $230,000, which is about $3,000 to $73,000 more than your everyday 2008 DS is valued at, per Kelly Blue Book. If you can get in it for close to the bottom, you’ve got yourself a great deal. Unfortunately, Christies does not list the actual mileage of the vehicle, but we anticipate that it is extremely low for the year.

The auction kicks off on Friday, October 5th at 8:30 p.m.

You know we love hot cars because we write about them all day every day. Well, when we catch hot women driving hot cars, that just makes our trek toward the weekend all the more fun. Mr. Smee150 has blessed both our eyes and ears with a plethora of rather well-built women whipping some just as well put together cars.

This all takes place in Monaco, AKA the land where even a janitor drives a new Audi, in July. The array of cars include a Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster , Ferrari 599 GTO , Ferrari California , Bentley Continental GT , Gemballa Porsche 911 , Maserati Grancabrio , Bentley Azure , Mansory Stallone Ferrari 599 GTB (my personal favorite), and an Aston Martin DBS Volante .

What a list that is. I just wish we could find out who each woman driving each car is and how exactly she got her hands on it. We’d also like to find out which ones are single and would like a strapping young American lad... For, umm, my friend...Yeah! My friend wants to know.


The James Bond movie franchise has featured some of the most iconic British cars in the world, none more so than the Aston Martin DB5 . We all remember the classic speedster that not only appeared in five Bond movies, but also became a hot toy collectible for a generation of young Bond fans back in the day.

It appears that people are nostalgic for the fabled DBS because the car, in true Bond fashion, is making a comeback in the latest installment of the franchise, Skyfall.

This video provided to us by the movie’s dedicated page explains just how important a role the DB5 has played in the Bond movies. The classic British look, combined with all those gizmos and gadgetry that could give the Batmobile a run for its money, really holds a special place in the hearts of Bond fans.

To see that it’s coming back in Skyfall only adds to our anticipation of seeing the movie, which incidentally opens in theaters later this year. There aren’t that many things in this world that can render James Bond into the background, but the Aston Martin DB5 is one of them.

After all, there’s a reason why 007, and all of us for that matter, can’t seem to get enough of it.

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With all the recent hype surrounding the brand new Aston Martin Vanquish , one could be excused for completely forgetting about its predecessor, the DBS, which is still going strong. This fact is exemplified in the latest EVO magazine track test conducted by television presenter, Tiff Needell.

Despite the fact that the DBS Volante will be superseded by a convertible version of the new Vanquish in a couple of years, pitting the present day DBS Volante against the much-newer Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster is still a prevalent test.

Not only do both of these cars slot into similar price brackets and appeal to similar buyers, but both produce similar outputs with the DBS Volante cranking out 510HP and 420 lb-ft of torque from its impressive, yet rather-out-dated, 5.9-liter V12 engine.

Featuring a vastly different 6.2-liter V8 engine, the SLS AMG Roadster produces a little more than the DBS, with peak horsepower reaching 563HP while an impressive torque figure of 479 lb-ft is also achieved.

With both cars’ tackling the Bedford Autodrome in similarly horrible conditions, it certainly makes for an enjoyable video, so check it out!

While the world is preparing to say good bye to the Aston Martin DBS , more and more tuners have turned their attention to the car that became famous thanks to its part in the James Bond movie Casino Royale. The latest package comes from British tuner Kahn Design who has tried to offer the DBS an alluring combination of style, sophistication, majesty, convention, comfort, and practicality.

Kahn’s package doesn’t include any power upgrades, but it does include a smoky exterior finish befitting of a spy. It has matte black front splitters, privacy tinted glass, a matte black rear diffuser, and a matte grey twin exhaust system. Adding to the look is a lowered sports suspension, which displays the new set of diamond cut smoked black Kahn 21" RSX-F wheels (available in 9 x 20) highlighted by the red brake calipers. Not much was done to the interior except for exquisite black Alcantara sports seats and a steering wheel complete with white stitching, but with Kahn’s tuning packages, customers can always ask for any array material and color combinations.

Power remains with the hand-built V12 engine producing a total of 510 hp at 6500 rpm.

German tuner DMC has a new project on their hands. No, it’s not a Lamborghini , but it’s something that looks about as stunning as anything they’ve ever built.

The Aston Martin DBX Concept is the kind of car you would fall head over heels for at the mere sight of it. Give credit to the Dusseldorf-based tuner because they did a heck of a job on the car.

The dramatic bodykit features a plethora of new components, including a new front bumper, side skirts, a new bonnet, a roof scoop, a rear spoiler, a rear bumper, and a rear diffuser. When taken all together and fitted into an Aston Martin DBS , the result is nothing short of breathtaking.

And by the way, there are also added splashes of flair, particularly the gold mesh inserts on the grille and the window edging, as well as what appears to be an optional dual central exhaust system.

About the only thing lacking is a performance mod, but since DMC is still testing the waters to see how the concept will be received - if there’s enough want, they could produce it as a limited edition - we’re still holding out hope that they work their magic under the hood of the DBX Concept.

Aston Martin used the Vanquish name for the first back in 2001 when it unveiled the grand tourer designed by Ian Callum. After a successful run on the market and a role in Die Another Day, the Vanquish went out of production in 2007, but now it seems as though the company is considering bringing it back. British magazine, CAR, has caught the new DBS successor fully uncovered with the rear sporting a "Vanquish" badge.

This is the first and only uncovered photo of the new DBS, so the only details available are for the rear of the car. In the image, there’s an elegant integrated rear spoiler, a very elegant rear deck and a pair of blunderbuss exhausts straddling a large diffuser panel designed for maximum aero efficiency and air-cleaving. As you can see, these elements were inspired by the One-77 supercar as was originally promised.

Previewed by the AM 310 concept car , the new DBS - aka Vanquish Mk2 - will be making its world debut later this summer at the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

Hit the jump to see our rendering of the future Vanquish.

Source: CAR

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