Aston-Martin DBX

Aston-Martin DBX

  Soon after David Richards and friends purchased Aston Martin from Ford Motor Company in 2007, they decided to give the classic English coach builder an injection of adrenaline with the DBX and you can expect nothing less than high performance perfection from the guys at Prodrive who made a name for themselves building countless flame spitting race prepped Ferraris and WRC spec Subarus. The Aston Martin DBX is rumored to feature blistered fenders and a ducktail spoiler as well as a 700 HP twin turbocharged V12 under the bonnet. The DBX was expected to be unveiled in 2010 as a $400,000 halo car for Aston Martin. What they actually gave us was the One-77 carbon fiber super car.

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Aston Martin CEO Ulrich Bez confirmed the Rapide as the new flagship. The Aston Martin Rapide should be very similar to the concept car unveiled in 2006 at the North American International Auto Show. Another much anticipated and almost official flagship should come shortly as well. It’s unofficial code name: DBX. It will be success to the Aston Martin Vanquish that just went out of production last month.

Source: AutoNews

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