Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin Lagonda

  The Aston Martin Lagonda was previewed by its concept unveiled in 2009. The production version has been approved by Aston Martin with a possible debut in 2013. Powering the Lagonda Concept was a 5.9-liter V-12 Aston engine, but the3 production model is said to have a wide choice of powertrains, ranging from frugal diesel to a thundering Aston V12, and, soon, a two-mode hybrid.

Part of Daimler AG’s new ownership stake in Aston Martin appears to be ajoint partnership between the two companies to develop a slate of sport-utility vehicles. Don’t look now, but the future of the long-awaited Lagonda SUV might just have gotten a lot clearer.

According to Bloomberg, the two brands are in the middle of talks on sharing the underpinnings of a new full-size SUV with Aston Martin, something the British marquee has planned for a long time but has yet to materialize.

But the recent alliance with Daimler opens up a whole slate of possibilities for Aston Martin , now that it has a technology partner that can provide it with the right blueprint to see to completion a project that has been in the works for a long time now.

Part of the discussion appears to be Daimler helping Aston Martin in shaping up the Lagonda SUV. The two have already announced another part of their deal that calls for Mercedes’ AMG division to help develop new V-8 engines that will be used on future Aston Martin models. So this latest news that the two companies are now working on the Lagonda can be construed as another significant step toward what’s shaping up to be a fruitful alliance between the two companies.

Daimler may not get anything out of it at the moment, but should Aston’s next wave of models, the Lagonda included, be sales hits, Daimler’s five percent stake in Aston Martin could very well prove to be very useful.

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Source: Bloomberg
Aston Martin Lagonda

It is no longer a mystery that Mercedes -AMG is in cahoots with Aston Martin , but the link will be subtle and we will not see Astons cruising the roads with AMG badges any time soon — or ever for that matter. Things become rather interesting when we start talking about the rumored production of the Aston Martin Lagonda SUV. The only real reason that Aston has put off the Lagonda, which the company showed off in 2009 at the Geneva Auto Show, is because the British sports car builder didn’t have a suitable platform for it.

With Mercedes now working with Aston Martin, the former has access to several SUV platforms to sit the Lagonda atop. In fact, Dieter Zetsche, the head of Mercedes-Benz, made it clear to Autocar that he is open to sharing the GL-Class platform with Aston Martin.

That really strikes us as odd, as the deal was initially only supposed to include electronics and a few bespoke V-8 engines. Now the deal is suddenly showing the potential to include an entire platform; so, how long until Mercedes backs off its AMG-badge stance and starts sharing that with Aston?

Hey, we can dream, right?

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Source: Autocar

Ever since Aston Martin re-introduced the Lagonda name in 2009, the super-lux SUV has been stuck in limbo with no production plans set in the near future.

Widespread revulsion at its styling froze the crossover in its tracks from day one.

But even with the Lagonda’s future not certain, Aston Martin boss Dr. Ulrich Bez isn’t closing the door on both the Lagonda brand and the Lagonda SUV. Or at least not yet.

Speaking to Drive, Dr. Bez intimated that he still believes that the Lagonda has a production future, although a specific timetable can’t be disclosed just yet.

So, in short, Aston Martin still has hopes for the Lagonda down the road. It’s just a matter of finding the right time to do it. Dr. Bez did say that when the Lagonda does get its production date, one of its biggest draws will be the way its built. Despite being billed as an SUV, the Lagonda will be less "utility" and more "luxury", a straight reference to the kind of image Aston Martin has come to be known for.

That’s good news for those waiting for the Lagonda to return, but not as good as the string Dr. Bez threw out in saying that the door isn’t closed on the SUV and the model for that matter.

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When Porsche created the Cayenne there was a massive uproar from the Porsche faithful. They found this new SUV to an abomination of what a proper Porsche, a 911 in their minds, should be. Yet, despite all the hate, the Cayenne was a huge success.

British supercar maker Aston Martin are looking to follow suit with their new Lagonda, which was just a concept a few days ago, but now seems as if it’s headed for the production line. Despite the fact that most Astons are gorgeous vehicles, the Lagonda just isn’t. We thought the first generation Cayenne was bad, but the concept version of Aston’s SUV was like looking at a pile of sick with an Aston Martin badge on top.

Not to mention the fact that Aston have recently announced the Cygnet , a small city car aimed at helping the company bring down its fuel economy numbers. So, on top of that, a new SUV might cause a riot among Aston’s largest following.

UPDATE 07/12/2012: Back in May, we reported that despite previous rumors, Aston Martin still wanted to offer a production version of the Lagonda SUV revealed as a concept back in 2009. Aston Martin reconsidered its decision because it’s trying to enter markets, like China, where large models are a must. That, and because of the market’s positive reaction to Bentley’s EXP 9 F concept .

Now, Aston Martin is offering new details on the upcoming SUV. The production version will be built on a Mercedes GL-Class platform and the top version will be offered with a 6.0 liter V12 engine. However, Aston Martin announced that it also plans to offer a hybrid and a diesel version for clients with a particular interest for the environment.

The company is still deciding if the new model will be sold as an Aston Martin or if they will revive the legendary Lagonda name. Either way, the SUV will have plenty of competitors on the market, including the two SUVs from Lamborghini and Bentley .

A final decision will be made in the upcoming months and a production version is set to be unveiled by 2016.

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Aston Martin Lagonda

When Aston Martin unveiled the Lagonda SUV back in 2009, it was thought to be the beginning of the Lagonda revival, previewing the company’s first SUV. That idea crumbled about a year later when Aston Martin announced that a production version would never be built . Instead, the company wanted to focus on a Lagonda version of the Rapide sedan.

To make it even more confusing, Aston Martin is now reconsidering its decision because it’s trying to enter markets like China where large models are a must. That, and because of the market’s positive reaction to Bentley’s EXP 9 F concept .

According to Autocar, Aston Martin boss Ulrich Bez already confirmed that an updated Lagonda concept is being developed and that it will be unveiled next year. The new Lagonda SUV has been confirmed as a super-luxury 4x4 and will target the future SUV from Lamborghini. Next to it, Aston Martin will also bring out a second Lagonda model, a saloon.

Source: AutoCar

Just when it seemed a brand new collaboration was on the verge of rising, talks between Aston Martin and Daimler have been slowed almost to a halt. The two brands had an interest in working with each other because it would be mutually beneficial: Aston Martin would have helped in developing Maybach models and they would, in turn, be able to take advantage of Mercedes Mercedes ’ latest technology. Now, German publications have reported that this agreement has collapsed and, as a result, Aston Martin’s future is in grave danger.

The first Aston Martin vehicle to feel the heat may be the DB9 supercar. This model is built on the VH platform that was developed when Aston was owned by Ford Motor Co, but since a redesign is expected for the 2014 model year, Aston Martin finds itself scrambling for a new platform; one they thought they would be able to get from Daimler. The redesigned Vantage scheduled to come out in 2015 is in the same precarious situation, leaving Aston working doubletime to re-engineer the current platform, powertrain, and sheet metal.

The highly anticipated Lagonda models aren’t any safer. This bump in the road leaves their production entirely uncertain because the SUV was going to be built on the Mercedes GL platform and the sedan was supposed to use the Mercedes S-Class platform.

Aston Martin is completely at a loss, though. They just secured a £304 million bond - about $440 million at the current rates - from global investors at a rather high 9.25% interest over the next seven years. This money will be going towards designing all new platforms for their full line of sports cars, including the DB9, Vantage, and Rapide.

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