Aston-Martin Rapide

Aston-Martin Rapide

  The Aston Martin Rapide is the English super car maker's entrant into the four door high luxury segment market. The Rapide features a unique passenger arrangement and a pair of rear doors. Originally introduced as a concept at the 2006 NAIS in Detroit, a further refined Rapide production concept debuted at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show with road going versions released in early 2010. The Rapide is powered by Aston's 6.0 Liter V12 lifted directly from the DB9, and makes 470 HP and 443 lb-ft of torque just like the coupe, not to mention that it will take the $200,000 super sedan from 0 to 60 MPH in just 5.1 seconds and reach a top speed estimated to be around 188 MPH.

Let’s face it, when you say Aston Martin Rapide , you think of a high-end luxury sedan. However, it seems not everyone thinks of it that way. Wait, what? That’s right, Aston Martin themselves have designed an even more luxurious sedan than the Rapide. It’s called the Rapide Luxe and it was just unveiled by Aston Martin UK.

The Rapide Luxe provides a combination of highly desirable functional features, a greater choice of paint and leather finishes as standard, and unique features including bespoke accessories.

This new edition will be offered with 20” 20-spoke alloy road wheels with a polished finish, full grain leather interior with a choice of colors from the Fast Track or Contemporary ranges, and a luxury entertainment set for rear passengers. This entertainment set includes a 6-disc DVD player, auxiliary input, wireless headphones, and a remote control. Oh, and, of course, unique Rapide Luxe sill plaques.

However, what is so special about the Aston Martin Rapide Luxe is that it comes with a bespoke 6 Piece luggage set (in any of the Fast Track or Contemporary leather colors) that can be ordered in the same leather as the entire interior.

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The Aston Martin Rapide was debuted back in 2006 at the North America International Show (NAIS) with many people oohing and aahing over the clean and sleek design of the supercar. You would think that after such a remarkable reception, Aston Martin would jump at the chance to produce this vehicle and give everyone just what they were drooling over. That was not the case. It took Aston Martin four years to come out with a production model and now we get to see what transpired over those four years in a video that is only three minutes long.

To be honest, the video is not that great. The stages of development that are showed are not exhilarating or telling in any fashion. What the video is good for is a few shots of the beautiful Rapide as it coasts down the road. If you are looking for a Mulsanne type documentary, this video simply isn’t for you. If you are looking to see the gorgeous Rapide travel along some roads, then watch on.

The Aston Martin Rapide comes with a 6.0 Liter V12 engine lifted directly from the Aston Martin DB9 . It will make the exact same 470 HP and 443 lb-ft of torque as the coupe. The fat four door will be able to go from 0 to 60 MPH in just 5.1 seconds and reach a top speed to be estimated at 188 MPH.

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It seems there has been a wave of sickness that has swept over Europe. It’s not the disease-ridden kind of sickness, but it’s still rather interesting. Where as the United States has been working on making their supercars faster, the Europeans have been hard at work making their high performance cars more practical.

There is nothing wrong with practicality, but it’s certainly not the new speed. Power, beauty, and performance are three things that matter more to us than practicality. Sure the Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni doesn’t have rear seats or all-wheel drive, but it’s still bloody fun to drive and that makes us happier than any backseat could.

Yet, for some that isn’t enough. Porsche was the first to catch the disease and it has really affected them quite badly. Worse than others in fact. Their first go at a practical vehicle was a bit too tall, long, and very out of place. Imagine Land Rover creating a sports car and you’ll get the idea here. It was called the Cayenne and it must have been a ’real’ illness that made them think it looked remotely good.

Now we have the Panamera and, sadly, the same thing has occurred, just in a smaller and easier to swallow dose. It doesn’t look great, but it does offer insane performance with room in the back for two full sized people.

Aston Martin decided to follow the German lead with the Rapide . This is their first practicality attempt in quite some time and initial impressions are very good indeed. This car looks the part, but does it drive as well as the Panamera. We’re about to find out.

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The force of Mother Nature is both unpredictable and devastating. And when you’re caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, well, things like this could happen.

The devastating hailstorm that wreaked havoc in the Midwest damaged a lot of property and injured a lot of people, but what really caught our attention is this Aston Martin Rapide that was sitting in the parking of the Midwestern Automobile Media Association. Unfortunately for the owner of the Rapide, he parked his super car directly in front of a tree, which, as a result of the hailstorm, snapped and fell on its hood. The only redeeming factor in this is that it wasn’t that big of a tree that fell, but either way, the damage is still significant enough to cost a ton of money in repairs.

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Aston Martin celebrated an important milestone in the company’s history when the very first Rapide sports car was rolled out of the brand’s very own Rapide Plant in Graz, Austria.

According to Aston Martin, the new Rapide, which made its debut as a concept car back in 2006 at the Detroit Motor Show, will be available in a number of the company’s 125 showrooms covering over 34 countries all over the world. Prices for the four-door sports car are $199,950 in the US and around £139,950 in the UK.

Despite the three-and-something-year-wait for the road version of the Rapide to become more than just a pipe dream, fans of Aston Martin have already voiced their excitement with the release of the company’s latest toy. So, while the price tag may be steeper than most, expect the Rapide to post strong sales numbers in the months after the car hits dealerships all over the world. The wait sure has been worth it.

Source: Aston Martin
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After three years of waiting for the Aston Martin Rapide ’s arrival, most of us were pretty impressed with the car’s sleek, proportioned look. The English coach builder put a lot of thought into the lines and dimensions of the car that would make everyone forget about the 4-door Lagonda that was the saloon for Aston Martin during the mid-seventies to late-eighties. Of course, not everyone could appreciate the new 4 door just as it was and that is why Cargraphic has merely whispered a few changes into the Rapide to tweak its near-perfect status.

Cargraphic began the Rapide’s minimalistic transformation with a tail diffuser, wing mirror caps, and a spoiler at the front apron. Then they added a remote-controlled, high-grade, steel flap exhaust with a polished shield. Exhaust counterpressure is lowered by adding a 200 cell catalyst. This system enables the Rapide to produce a few more horsepower, although we assume, since the number is not mentioned, that it is by an insignificant amount.

Finally, Cargraphic replaced the current tire setup with their very own 21 inch light alloy rims surrounded by 255/35R21 tires in the front and 295/30R21 tires in the back. Additional rim designs are available in 20 and 22 inch options with the GT, I-10, and SPORT.

The modest changes in the 2010 Aston Martin Rapide aren’t something to go crazy about, but if one was looking for a Rapide that promotes a tad more style and function then this would be the way to go.

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We were able to receive shots of the Aston Martin Rapide Nurburgring Edition ’s first tests in preparation for the high endurance race that is the ADAC 24H Nurburgring. The Rapide has undergone some changes to make the car race-ready, but, true to Aston Martin form, the modifications have been minimal. The only modifications made were to make the car race-ready and to reduce body weight. Body weight reduction was achieved by eliminating the interior trims and features. The Rapide seen here features some nice sleek black livery that we could safely assume will be ripped off closer to race time to reveal the car’s original blue color scheme. The Aston Martin Rapide’s engine is a 6.0 Liter V12 mated with a six speed Touchtronic 2 automatic transmission producing 470 HP and 443 lb-ft of torque. The original four door sedan has had the back doors sealed off, leaving it with more of a racing feel.

Aston Martin has had success on this track before so we would expect a magnificent showing at this year’s ADAC 24H race on May 13th-16th, 2010.

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Aston Martin Rapide

The 11th Annual East Side House Settlement Gala Preview of theNew York International Auto Show is scheduled for April 1, 2010 at the Jacob K. Javits Center. The gala will include food, cocktails, entertainment, and handsomely dressed car lovers, but by far the most exciting portion of the evening will be seeing the new Aston Martin Rapide and having the opportunity to win an exclusive Aston Martin Rapide driving package. Okay, we’ll admit that we have seen the Rapide up close and personal, but we are very jealous of whomever wins this driving package. The package includes an excursion for two at the Aston Martin driving school in Detroit, Michigan, for a full-day, one-on-one driving lesson, as well as a one-week loan of the Aston Martin Rapide; a first opportunity to get behind the wheel of the car before sales begin late in the summer 2010. The package will be auctioned off in a Silent Auction occurring during dinner. Unfortunately, in order to bid on this extraordinary package, you must have a dinner ticket in hand. These tickets are reserved for benefactors.

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On the surface, the Porsche Panamera and the Aston Martin Rapide looks to be set on an even playing field. But if you dig deeper behind the differences between the two, you’ll realize that the Panamera is just about a notch out of reach for the Rapide in some pretty critical performance elements - speed, power, and torque to name a few.

Autocar knows that a heads-up race between the two cars wouldn’t even be competitive so they decided to set a handicap. Whereas only one person will be on-board the Rapide, the Panamera will have four people inside of it, with the hopes that the added weight on the Panamera would be a fair compromise for the Rapide.

So they set out to do two separate time tests for both cars – one person on board the Rapide and four people riding the Panamera. Sounds like a fair fight, right?

Turns out, the added bulk in the Panamera didn’t make a difference.

The Porsche luxury sports car easily beat the Rapide’s time in the 0-60mph time, the 0-100mph time, and the 0-100-0mph time. And it did so pretty convincingly.

The Panamera scored times of 4.6 seconds (0-60), 10.6 seconds (0-100), and 15.8 seconds (0-100-0), besting the Rapide across the board, whose times of 5.6 seconds (0-60), 12.2 (0-100), and 17.6 (0-100-0) was far less competitive than we initially thought, especially the pretty significant handicap the Panamera was given.

Source: Autocar UK

A new six-minute video of the Aston Martin Rapide was recently released during a recent media presentation of Aston Martin’s supposed ‘Porsche Panamer a-repellant’ in Valencia, Spain.

Though it doesn’t have the high-octane thrills of other videos we’ve seen in the past – for one, it starts off aimlessly driving at a parking lot – the length and detail behind the video is enough to convince us that this video is a must-watch.

In it you’ll see the car being run around different locations - from the traditional city driving to a more picturesque country-side joyride –and it even has a number of interior shots to give us a close-up look at what’s inside the new Rapide. Don’t be fooled by the relative tameness of the video because the Rapide, with its 6.0-liter V12 engine that produces as much as 477 horsepower and 443 lb/ft of torque, is a certified beast on wheels.

Source: Carscoop

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