Aston-Martin V8

Aston-Martin V8

  The first of the Aston Martin eight cylinder cars was the DBS V8 in 1973 which is now simply referred to as the Aston Martin V8. This vehicle became the company's mainstream car for two decades before Aston Martin decided to change things up with the new Vantage and Virage models of the 1990s where the V8 grew into a 550 HP 5.3 Liter twin supercharged monster. Both the Vantage name and V8 moniker were brought back in 2005 with a 4.3 Liter motor making 380 HP and 302 lb-ft of torque before being revamped in 2008 with a larger 4.7 Liter V8 that makes 420 HP and 347 lb-ft of torque mated to a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed automatic transmission. This new engine brought the car's 0 to 60 MPH time down to 4.7 seconds while raising the Aston's top speed to 180 MPH.

The blokes over at the English automotive journal appropriately named CAR, have managed to come up with this still of the 2010 Aston Martin V8 Vantage as it will appear in dealer’s showrooms starting at the beginning of next year. As part of the 2010 update is concerned, the entry level Aston will get four fresh double five spoke forged alloys measuring 19 inches in diameter with a new diamond turned and silver finish. On the inside the hand built super car maker is offering a pair of lightweight carbon kevlar racing buckets that shed over 35 pounds from the sports car as well as the optional 1000 Watt Bang & Olufsen in car entertainment system. The rear of the new Aston receives a set of cleared out tail lamps while up front next year’s Vantage benefits from a Magnum silver bonnet to complete the Nurburgring special edition N400 . So it looks like the high end sports car builder will be making their new cars with a bit more sport.

Check out the link below to see spy shots of the 2010 Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

Source: CAR

The Aston Martin remains the ultimate Bond car and it many 007 movies it was the lead car. For example the latest series - Quantum of Solace - the Aston Martin DBS is the main character. But in none of this series we have ever seen an Aston Martin V8 Vantage. But this pictures prove that the owner of this car is a real 007 fan.

The car is covered in special wrap and there are several bullet holes scattered throughout the car. To complete the image the car is not washed, but even dirty it looks so nice!

Source: Autogespot

One of the downsides of owning a high performance vehicle is that as soon as winter approaches and the mercury drops, those sticky summer tires become hard and brittle and don’t work nearly as well as they did just a few months ago. Another issue with wearing your Sunday best while out playing in the snow is that every bit of salt and debris will do a number on your finely finished wheels. However the aftermarket manufacturer Cargraphic has come up with a combination to ensure that not only will your Aston Martin look as good as it can all year round, but owners won’t have to compromise their car’s level of grip either thanks to the combination of winter spec Cargraphic IS-ONE wheels and Dunlop Wintersport rubber for the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and DB9 super sports cars.

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If you have an extra $147,780 burning a hole in your pocket and an over the top Aston Martin is what you crave, then this might just be the perfect car for you. The Boss Edition V8 Vantage takes the classic hand built English sports car and upgrades the Aston’s appearance with a wild body kit and an even more out there finish. Available in either chrome or matte white with a carbon fiber roof and bonnet. The exterior treatment is then finished off with a set of 3 piece forged alloys measuring 20 inches in diameter and finished in glossy black with chrome accents to highlight the Boss’s reflective finish.

Boss Edition Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Although almost all of Boss’ work takes place on the outside of the V8 Vantage , they did manage to sneak a high performance Quicksilver exhaust underneath the rear end to turn the screaming V8 into a real banshee. On the inside, the high end luxury theme continues with a full Nappa leather wrapped interior. However if that just isn’t enough to satisfy your modified Aston Martin fantasies, you can let the world know that you are a bona fide lose nut, just like the $24600 number plate says you are.

The English coach built Aston Martin V8 Vantage is already a car that needs no upgrades as it is pretty much perfect straight from the factory. However there are a few individuals that might disagree, for instance the tuners at MWDesign are a good start. They have just revealed an upgrade package for the Prodrive owned super car that improves both the Aston’s aerodynamics and performance.

MWDesign Aston Martin V8 Vantage

On the outside, the sculptors at MWDesign have added a few new bold body pieces that only act to accentuate what the guys from Gaydon already created. MWDesign adds new front and rear fascias as well as plenty of other body panels made from lightweight carbon fiber as well a set of 20 inch mesh wheels and a set of massive Brembo brake calipers painted in Frost White to match the car’s matte white finish.

The power upgrades come in the form of the RSC Vantage-C Powerkit that consists of a brand new beautifully polished sport tuned exhaust that is fed by a pair of high flowing catalytic converters and a reprogrammed ECU to take advantage of the Vantage’s potent power plant that is increased to a maximum output of 445 HP.

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There are certain car companies that absolutely understand what it means to be a driver. Aston Martin is one of them. When Aston decided that it needed to branch out into SUVs for customers who live where the roads are not paved, it reintroduced the Lagonda brand rather than pollute the Aston name.

Aston Martin only builds sports cars, and it builds them by hand.

The V8 Vantage Roadster that arrived on our doorstep came with a $154,035 price tag (base for a is $134K). For that price we instantly become a member of an exclusive club that mixes rich racing history with modern graceful styling.

Like any good group of enthusiasts, we all had trouble containing our excitement for this car. But one we got the fleet rotation down, it was time to figure out how the smallest Aston stacked up against the competition.

- Photography by Thomas Carter

We’re opening our 2009 list with "how not to do" things with a failed delivery of an Aston Martin V8 Vantage . We were originally going to blame this $120,000 mistake on a delivery driver trying to pull a Knight Rider and by making a flying dash out of the back of an tractor-trailer, but it may not be that simple.

The pic also show a crucial piece of the truck’s elevator on the ground, suggesting a ramp failure. Morals of the story: always check your equipment and drive your new car home yourself.

Source: G35 Driver

Owners of performance cars are always worried that improvements to the next model year will make their cars obsolete. For example, Aston Martin increased the displacement in the V8 engine for its 2009 Vantage , making a faster, more powerful car. But Aston being a company of gentlemen did not want to leave owners of the 4.3-liter models behind (literally). So it did some in-house tuning and is now offering a package to give the older 4.3-liter V8 cars 20 more hp to be in line with the 4.7-liter’s 420 hp.

Aston is also offering its new Sport Pack for the older 4.3-liter cars. This consists of upgraded springs, Bilstein dampers, and lightweight forged aluminum five-spoke wheels, all in the name of reduced weight and better handling.

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Aston Martin revealed today the 2009 specification Vantage GT4 based on Aston Martin’s new 4.7 liter V8 Vantage. The Vantage GT4 is built to FIA GT4 regulations, and is a replacement for the V8 Vantage N24 racer. It is priced at $143,000 and will be available starting January 2009.

Aston Martin Vantage GT4

The Vantage GT4 is powered by the latest 4.7 liter V8, with the engine management system recalibrated for race use. It also has a free flow exhaust system and air filters, and the standard V8 dry sump lubrication system is retained, helping to prevent oil surge during cornering. Aston didn’t release any new horsepower figures, but with the software and airflow upgrades, expect there to be a few more ponies than than the Vantage road car’s 420 hp that are also on tap quicker. The engine is mated to either a six speed manual, or a Sportshift transmission with paddle controls.

Aston Martin Vantage GT4

Aston Martin racing cars are known more for eliminating weight from road cars than adding performance. The Vantage GT4’s weight is down to 2932 lbs (661 less than the standard model). This has been possible due to use of a range of weight reduction measures. The entire interior is removed except for some of the dash paneling. This is still an Aston, so any original interior bits are still trimmed in faux-suede Alcantara.

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Premier4509, the exclusivist Japanese tuner specialized in tuning high end cars unveiled another masterpiece: its customized Aston Martin V8 Vantage . The new body kit made of high grade fiber reinforced plastic consists in a re-designed front bumper, new front fenders, side sills, a rear bumper with air diffuser and integrated exhaust system and a rear spoiler.

Aston Martin Vantage by Premier4509

The Japanese tuner will only sell 300 Vantage body kits, each kit coming with a uniquely numbered serial plate which will confirm its authenticity. Also, together with the kit you can achieve the limited edition forged 3 piece aluminum-alloy wheels which are shown in the photos. “Aston Martin is a classic brand and my focus for the creation of this new design was to capture the classic lines and invigorate it with masculine shapes, said Premier4509 president, Hironoa Yokomaku.

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