Aston-Martin Vanquish

Aston-Martin Vanquish

  The Aston Martin Vanquish was the English coach builder's GT offering during the hay day of the Ford era and made an on screen cameo in the James Bond film Die Another Day. The original 2001 V12 Vanquish was powered by the venerable 6.0 Liter double Duratec built by Cosworth and was offered in both standard and S trims. The regular twelve cylinder made 453 HP and 400 lb.-ft. of torque going from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.4 seconds and reaching a top speed of 196 MPH. The Vanquish S made 514 HP and took four seconds flat to get to 60 MPH and was good for 204 MPH. When the full sized super car met the end of the road, Aston Martin filled its slot with the top of the line DBS.

What is it with auto mechanics that makes them think that they can toy around with other people’s cars, especially one as high-end and expensive as an Aston Martin Vanquish ?

For the life of us, we can’t tell you, other than maybe they’ve lost their minds and can’t seem to scratch that itch for the thrill so they take the next sports car they see and go balls out on it. Unfortunately, their driving skills aren’t as good as their mechanical skills, otherwise they wouldn’t have crashed this beautiful Aston Martin Vanquish in Rose Hill, Australia.

Now, we don’t mind mechanics test driving our cars after they’ve worked on it. It’s the only way they can test the car to make sure that everything’s where it’s supposed to be and that it’s running in good condition, but when these mechanics go overboard with their test driving, then that’s where it becomes a problem.

We don’t know what the owner did when he found out that his precious Vanquish had been crashed, but we’re venturing a guess that he wasn’t all too pleased about it.

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Occasionally the last few generations of Aston Martins have been criticized for borrowing too much from the Ford parts bin. Possibly to defend British honor, Mr. Afzal Kahn, the owner of the exclusivist British tuner Project Kahn, revealed some photos with a custom interior for the Aston Martin Vanquish S . Project Kahn can add Alcantara leather in the dashboard, center piece, seats, door panels, steering wheel and the roof lining creating a nice custom finish to an already exclusive car.

Aston Martin ended Vanquish’s production in 2007. But rumors about a successor for the supercar started to circulate even before the car ended its life. And today TopSpeed brings you a rendering of how the successor may look like.

With design clearly inspired by the2008 DBS , the future Vanquish will be even more aggressive and sportier than its predecessor.

Under the hood Aston Martin will place an even more powerful engine, probably the same used in the DBS, with output going up to 500 hp (currently model has an output of 460 hp) and maybe at 550 hp for the Vanquish S version (up from the current 520 hp).

The body will be made of carbon fiber to reduce weight and increase performances, so that the 0 to 60 mph sprint to be made in around 4 seconds and the top speed to go up to 190 mph for the standard version and at more than 200 mph for the S version.

If you are a soccer lover, Wayne Rooney needs no presentation. For those who don’t know him, he plays for English Premier League club Manchester United and the England national team. Rooney was given the Aston Martin Vanquish S 2+2 by fiancée Coleen McLoughlin as a good luck gift before the 2006 World Cup. He is the only owner of the car and he only covered 5,900 miles.

Wayne Rooney's Aston Martin Vanquish S for sale

His ride is now for sale for £150,000, and in the price you will also get the £10,000+ registration plate WAZ8 – after Rooney’s nickname Wazza.

The Scouse superstar is famed for his love of sexy cars, owning the best collection in the Premiership and having previously counted a Lamborghini Gallardo, Bentley Continental GT and Range Rover Sport among his motors.

The Vanquish S is powered by a 6.0 litre V12 engine developing 520 hp. It can hit a top speed of 200 mph.

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Tradition and high end combine into a breathtaking symbiosis, without a doubt we are talking about the Aston Martin Vanquish S. The front spoiler is carbon fiber has a 4 line adaptive grille element, similar to the 6 line light weight main radiator grill. The MANSORY Aston Martin Vanquish S has Brembo brakes with 405/32 brake discs and 6 piston calipers in the front and 405/28 brake discs with 4 piston calipers in the rear and an integrated handbrake system. MANSORY equipped the Aston (...)

The fastest production model ever to be built by Aston Martin made its world debut at the Paris Motor Show on September 23, 2004.

Aston Martin is offering the six-speed unit as an retro fit option on all Vanquish cars. And it’s not just new ones that will benefit - customers with examples going back to 2001 can also take up the offer. Models will be built on the firm’s production line as usual, before being modified by the Works service. Capable of 200mph, the manual gear-box car loses none of the performance offered by the semi-automatic (...)
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Aston Martin has announced two exciting developments for both new and existing customers of the company’s flagship Vanquish S. Just 40 examples of a new Vanquish S Ultimate Edition will be handcrafted at the company’s Newport Pagnell production facility in Buckinghamshire. The model represents a luxurious and unique limited edition befitting the Vanquish S status as the ultimate Aston Martin and also celebrates the skilled craftsmanship of the team working at Newport Pagnell.

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