Aston-Martin Vanquish

Aston-Martin Vanquish

  The Aston Martin Vanquish was the English coach builder's GT offering during the hay day of the Ford era and made an on screen cameo in the James Bond film Die Another Day. The original 2001 V12 Vanquish was powered by the venerable 6.0 Liter double Duratec built by Cosworth and was offered in both standard and S trims. The regular twelve cylinder made 453 HP and 400 lb.-ft. of torque going from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.4 seconds and reaching a top speed of 196 MPH. The Vanquish S made 514 HP and took four seconds flat to get to 60 MPH and was good for 204 MPH. When the full sized super car met the end of the road, Aston Martin filled its slot with the top of the line DBS.

The 2005 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish is a 2-door, up to 4-passenger luxury sports car, available in one trim only, the Coupe. Upon introduction, the V12 Vanquish is equipped with a standard 6.0-liter, V12, 460-horsepower engine that achieves 12-mpg in the city and 19-mpg on the highway. A 6-speed manual transmission with overdrive is standard.

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The V12 Vanquish was unveiled to the press in October 2000, although the public had to wait until the Geneva Salon in March 2001 to see the final production car in the flesh. Designed by Ian Callum, who also was responsible for the DB7, the V12 Vanquish is extremely faithful to the Project Vantage. The six speed manual transmission is linked to the electronic drive-by-wire throttle and controlled through F1 style twin paddles mounted on the steering column. Developed in conjunction with (...)

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