2010 Aston Martin DBS UB-2010 Limited Edition

Aston Martin unveiled the special edition DBS UB-2010 at the Geneva Motor Show. This limited edition was built to commemorate Dr. Ulrich Bez’s 10th year as Chief Executive of the company. The DBS UB-2010 will be limited to only 40 units, 20 Coupes and 20 Volantes.

Each DBS UB-2010 has been specified personally by Dr. Bez and features a unique ‘Azurite Black’ paint finish, a metallic bronze leather with woven leather seat inserts and a ‘Cryptic Titan’ facia finish. Each car will bare ‘UB-2010’ sill plaques signed by Dr. Bez together with a final inspection plate after Dr. Bez has signed-off each of the 40 cars personally.

Image courtesy of Automoblog.


Is it possible that all this emphasis on its sportiness (started to reassure us all that "it’s still a proper Aston Martin") is to cover up the fact that it’s not the best luxury car? I suppose if you want more emphasis on luxury "Waft ability" in your British car you could have a 5.0 Jaguar New XJ.

The things The best English Car. Its the only good English car, it`s fast and James Bonds drove one of it

Not much that looks better than this car right here.

Beautiful but when are they dropping that ugly steering wheel? Its getting old and outdated.

What else I cans say but looks glamorous.

UB-2010 edition includes a run of 20 Coupes and 20 Volantes, each personally specified by Bez with a new Azurite Black paint finish with metallic bronze leather with woven seat inserts and Cryptic Titan facia finish.

The fact that it’s limited basiclly means "in your dreams mate." you know that if there limited your never gonna get one, by the time you go to get it it will be gone.

unless your rich...

and you do it now...

Now the bell rings with the word limited. Why are those cars with good quality always limit their number of stocks? I guess that adds to its value

dang sure this thing is very limited, i like the coupe version its very aggressive and menacing. so will this be the next car of james bond?

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