2010 Aston Martin V8 Vantage by D2Forged

Now this is how you tune an Aston Martin . By itself, an Aston Martin V8 Vantage is already one of the most beautiful cars in the world. But if you put one of the most noted supercar tuners in the country to work, they can turn an already eye-catching ride into a jaw-dropping piece of machinery.

D2Forged put in some work on this V8 Vantage and the results are nothing short of spectacular. From the carbon fiber front lip to the RSC Tuning-provided rear diffuser to the lowered suspensions and those 20-inch VS1 wheels, this V8 Vantage has all the makings of a car that’s not just loaded with power, but is sure to attract the attention of anybody lucky enough to see it. And yes, that custom black paint finish adds a pretty resounding exclamation point to an already stunning tuned-up supercar.

We’ll be honest; we haven’t seen a tuned-up Aston Martin as gorgeous as this in a long time. Quite a move for a tuning company that specializes in wheels, huh?

Source: D2Forged


I love the decency and the glamorous appearance of this Vantage. I just wonder if it also has an impressive and awesome interior feature even a stunning speed performance?

The design of its wheels really looks so cool. Well, it is truly a complete package for a luxury sports sedan, but I think it is more impressive and fun to drive with if they use a V12 engine rather than with V8.

Oh great! The car has my favorite sporty look on a car named for its luxury class.

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