2011 Aston Martin Cygnet Launch Editions

We are sure that until now you already know how difficult is to get an Aston Martin Cygnet. In fact it is impossible unless you already own another Aston Martin model, something like Rapide or One-77. But if you are one of the lucky owners of a Rapide, you can start getting your Cygnet. And the first customers will be able to choose from a special Launch edition, offered in either white or black.

The two editions will be offered with either standard manual or optional CVT automated transmission and each will be produced for a strictly limited time. For the interior they will get a choice of unique materials and colors. Also both of them will be offered with a bespoke Bill Amberg five-piece luggage set that includes glove box bag, removable door pocket bag, holdall, garment bag and a collapsible tote bag.

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The exterior and the interior

Aston Martin Cygnet Launch Editions

Cygnet Launch Edition White edition is finished in Snow White paint with a mix of silver mesh, chrome bright-work and White Diamond turned alloy wheels. On the interior the seats are covered in Pearl white leather with perforated Alcantara inserts, complemented by satin chrome.

The Black edition is finished in Magic Black metallic paint with a specially developed deep sea green effect, offset by matte black louvers and chrome bright-work. For the interior, the seats and dash are finished in pure black full grain leather, perforated in a specially-developed diamond pattern.

The engine

The Aston Martin Cygnet is powered by a 1.3 liter engine delivering a total of 97-hp with a top speed of 105 mph. Aston Martin announced an electric-only version with a 60-mile range will arrive in 2013.

The competition

Aston Martin Cygnet Launch Editions

For those of us, in fact lots of us, who do not own a Rapide, but still want to drive a small city car, Toyota iQ is the alternative. It is much, much cheaper than the Cygnet and will be offered with a choice of two engines: 1.3- and 1.0-liter gasoline engines. European customers will also get a 1.4-liter diesel powerplant.


For the British market the two special editions are priced from £30,995 (or almost $50k at the current exchange rates).

Aston Martin Cygnet Launch Editions
  • Lots of luxury for such a small car
  • Best looking in its class
  • Cool color combination
  • Impossible to buy
  • Much to expensive for a small city car
  • It doesn’t look like an Aston Martin model


For that price you can build it yourself from a Toyota IQ ($14.000)! In the end they both are extremely similar!

It is hideous, the first one I saw was just before Christmas. It was in a dealer on Park Lane, London, painted Gold and hopefully it will be the last one I see.

If it weren’t for Fiat, Ferrari would be forced down this road too. Aston’s not doing it because they think it enhances the brand, they’re doing it because it lets them avoid watering down the other cars.

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