2011 Aston Martin DBS by Graf Weckerle

We’ll say one thing for Graf Weckerle, boy do these guys know how to add some punch and pizazz to elegant and expensive vehicles. We started our trip through the German tuning firm with the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Blanc de Blancs and then found ourselves entrenched in the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Comte Noir . Now the duo of Alexander C. Graf and Tim Weckerle have announced another tuning package, and this time, they’ve gone back to Britain to tune up an Aston Martin DBS .

The Aston Martin DBS Imperialwagen is most definitely eye-catching with its matte metallic beige paint job with a two-tone orange and white Graf Weckerle Coachline, as well as the Graf Weckerle logo situated nicely towards the side rear of the car. That same logo was also brought into the interior with the use of white Graf Weckerle high-tech Puroyale velvet with two-tone orange and brown Graf Weckerle Millefleurs-embroidery. We had to try very hard to turn our eyes away from those inserts to notice that they sit in the middle of brown leather seats with orange piping and orange Graf Weckerle-embossed leather ribbons. The two-tone Graf Weckerle Millefleurs-embroidery also extends to the inserts in the brown and orange door panels. This design is certainly not for the conservative and mild-mannered.

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And now it’s time to go into those "interesting" wheels again. The Aston Martin DBS’ extravagant design is completed with Graf Weckerle’s signature 21" titanium aluminum forged wheels. What sets these wheels apart - in a good or bad way is completely up to personal taste - is the Fleur-de-Lis design. We’ve seen this design before in the package for the Ferrai 599 GTB Fiorano Comte Noir, but this time around, the design isn’t as aggressive. We don’t know if we are just getting used to them, but the wheels aren’t the most distracting element to this tuning project - cough, interior, cough.

In addition to the one of a kind design elements for the Aston Martin DBS, Graf Weckerle is also offering a new sport exhaust system and ECU remap that increases the engine’s output to a total of 560 HP (up from a standard of 510 HP).

We’re thinking that if the wheels and the interior were downplayed a bit, this would have to be the most impressive tuning package for the Aston Martin DBS so far. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


I can connect to the flower element, but I cannot understand why they have chosen this strange wired color smiley

This is another royalty wannabe!

If you paint this in pink I know a couple of girls that would pay for it... Paris Hilton for sure. (don’t forget to attach a compartment for small poop from the chiwawa) smiley

Of course even the standard model is worthy to have, I really love those interior design, I also thought that this design was Luis Vuitton.

great looking DBS, it looks more elegant and classy. I bet every dollar and penny you spent here is worthy in your pocket.

Graf Weckerle Has ZERO taste when it comes to modding cars..Please stop ruining beautiful cars!

That car is ugly

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