2011 Aston Martin DBS Superior Black Edition by Anderson Germany

Okay, we thought the Audi R8 V10 Hyper-Black Edition created by Anderson Germany looked tough, but this next tuning project has blown the Audi out the water. The Aston Martin DBS Superior Black Edition is the type of car James Bond would drive if he was more badass and less proper. Just looking at the car makes us feel like we’ve grown bigger cojones, and the boost in power isn’t too shabby either.

Getting the hardcore exterior look only took a matte black paint job with bright red calipers for that shock of color and a new set of 21" wheels. The interior is spruced up with carbon fiber elements, black leather, and Alcantara mixed in with some red trim and cross stitching on the seats. The red is also outlining many of the black components found in the interior which adds to the overall look and feel of the car.

The power upgrade for the DBS Superior Black Edition isn’t astronomical, but it gets the job done. A standard DBS is good for 510 HP at 6500 rpm out of it hand-built V12 engine, but the addition of a new exhaust system gets that power up to 560 HP. Nothing was said on how that increase translated the DBS’ performance numbers, but when you look this cool, sometimes even that doesn’t matter.

Nicely done, Anderson Germany.


It looks so weird with the total appearance and the overall looks that the car we’ve grown to its bigger guts.

I think Anderson Germany makes it identical to the Ferrari when it comes to the look though I have to say that this car would has a good performance.

Same here, i like the matte color of the Aston Martin. However, I find the engine performance kind of less powerful. I think for a v10 technology 560 hp output is not reasonable!

I have to contradict on you opinion. I think the Anderson Germany have made an amazing job for the modification on the DBS!

A lot of people might not have noticed, but the front grill actually looks cool. That all black work really gave the impression that there is a huge opening for the engine.

Well, I don’t think that a V12 would be a good add on here. The engine is actually well done, and you would be probably have a hard time fitting the engine anyway.

Oh no! I think I’m falling in love on this car. BTW, I was a bit disappointed in the engine power of the DBS, v12 technology could be more powerful compare to its current output.

I do believe that every car that was painted in matte color really looks awesome! But in the case of DBS, the exterior modification adds on the aggressiveness of this car!

OK, that boost isn’t that much, but I would agree with you that it is more than adequate. After all, the standard DBS is already fast on its own.

Yeah, Bond will absolutely love this kind of car. It certainly suits his personality well. Now, if they would only add armor plating on this, it would be ready to go.

I do agree on you dalemale, matte black paint job for the DBS is extremely gorgeous. However, i find this car far away to be the next batman car, it looks too luxurious to be lineup on those cheap cars.

Whoa, Anderson Germany is really obsessed with these black edition cars. I saw their work on the Italia and I am impressed. This one is truly amazing also.

I definitely am loving it. You’re right, black is really cool, especially when you put it on a DBS. Batman won’t be the only one happy with this, James Bond will be very pleased.

Yummyy.. Black is so gorgeous on that Aston Martin DBS... Just like another Batman gadget.

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