2012 Aston Martin DBS Carbon Edition

Aston Martin is presenting two new special editions at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show that pick up where the DBS Carbon Black Edition left off back in 2009. These new special editions will get "Black" dropped from their titles and will receive two new exterior colors: Flame Orange and Ceramic Grey. The end result is the new DBS Carbon Edition, available in both coupe and cabrio models.

The new DBS Carbon edition will be distinguished by a new set of 10-spoke gloss black diamond turned wheels and standard black brake calipers, with yellow, orange, red, or grey calipers available as an option. Other features include a black grille, carbon fiber mirror heads, carbon rear lamp in-fills, and smoked rear lights.

The interior offers the "familiar swathes of obsidian black or maranello orange semi-aniline leather" which take about 70 man hours to hand stitch and finish. There are also magnesium alloy paddles tipped with carbon fiber and a unique carbon fiber special edition sill plaque with a laser etched metal inlay.

Prices start at $287,576 for the coupe and $302,576 for the Volante, with deliveries beginning in the first quarter of 2012.


In spite of the fact that Aston Martin vehicles are all have the same platform and style, just like this DBS carbon of them. I can say that I’m still interested and impressed with this!

Its center console is really so awesome and even its interior dressed up is truly perfect on this sports sedan. Anyway, I think it is more attractive and decent with a black body paint.

Even though it only had a simple design, I still noticed that it looks a bit aggressive because of its mileage on its front bumper. Anyway, the interior is truly looking so awesome either.

I’m glad that it still had an impressive and very comfortable interior feature. I admit also that it is already looking great on its body paint, and it truly looks so hot on that! smiley

It is so striking in its aggressive appearance, well it seems that it is in a matte color, but in spite that I can say that it is absolutely looking great for a special edition like this. I also hope that it had an impressive engine as well.

I’m so impressed with this one, and I can say that it is already striking and very appealing on that design and body paint. Even the interior of it was looking very cozy and comfortable which I really love on a car. smiley

I like the new ambiance and special editions given for this new offer. Look so modernized and sporty, nice with its over all red ambiance.

I want to see this first in person before I could give some further comment about this DBS Carbon because I’m also wondering if why it had a too expensive price, for the fact that it doesn’t look like a luxury car.

This Aston Martin DBS Carbon Edition is too pricey! I just wonder why? Well, the interior and exterior are impressive but how about the figure performance of this, is it quite impressive as well?

Color black is more elegant to red in this kind of Aston Martin. I like the design of the bumper. But take a look the inside of the car. The design of the internal is more classic than the outside appearance.

The mileages of this car are so perfect even the side rimp of this car, and I can say that it is already looking good on its color. I also noticed that this car is so expensive. smiley

I’m impressed with the sporty exterior of this DBS, and I’d love the fact that its body was made by carbon fiber even the angst on the front headlights of it is so cool!

Aston Martin has a nice bumper, and it looks like a very fast car. All angles are perfect even in inside. It seems so very expensive car.

For me the design of this car is simple. But the design inside the car looks great. Aston martin DBS carbon edition price is crazy. Price start $287,576 to $302,576.

I love its front headlights of this DBS, and it is already looks good on its color. I also noticed its interior seems so cozy and relaxing.

Nice colors for the Aston Martini DBS, how sleek the bumpers and hood and not too much expensive for this elegant car.

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