2012 Aston Martin DBS Casino Royale by Anderson Germany

While Aston Martin is preparing to say good bye to the current DBS with the recently announced DBS Ultimate Edition , German tuner Anderson Germany has created one more tuning package based on the sports car. The final product is called "Casino Royale," as a tribute to the James Bond movie where it was featured, and includes a pretty cool exterior package, as well as the addition of 55 HP.

The new Aston Martin DBS Casino Royale comes painted in a very cool Platinum Grey that is contrasted by shiny gray on the window borders, tailgates block, and radiator case. The car sits on a new set of 21" wheels painted in gray and combined with brake calipers painted in bronze.

The tuner has also installed a carbon exterior packet that includes a front spoiler lip, a rear diffuser, and a mirror besides full tinted glass. There is also a new exhaust system with catalyst, replacement pipes, manifold, and software optimization. As a result, the total output has gone from 517 HP to 572 HP, while total weight has been reduced by 46 lbs.

The interior gets new ventilation, cup holders, door handles, ashtrays, door sills, steering wheel, handbrake handles, and a new center console all done up in carbon fiber.


They should make it polished. It actually gives impact to the car.

I don’t really like this new version, it’s kinda old look. And the edges are very rough that makes it distracting.

I really like it if it has red version. Because red id fierce and I think this car really symbolizes fierce.

What a bad-ass car, but it looks kinda boring, no other color just black? Who wants to drive this car, Batman?

Anderson Germany didn’t create much improvement on its power and speed, but they have compensated by adding more helpful features.

Anderson Germany’s point was to highlight its features; it seems.

This tuning wasn’t all about the power, but it’s more on the feature accentuation instead.

Can you really tell a difference in a 55 horsepower increase with the car being 46 lbs lighter?

The efficient tuning is definitely praise-worthy. Although the power increase wasn’t drastic, the features are promising anyway.

I’d say that the new look isn’t really appealing, and the new specs didn’t even have a massive addition, but overall, it has become more powerful.

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