2013 Aston Martin Vantage "Project Kro" by SR Auto Group

The return of SR Auto Group’s Project Kro for the Aston Martin Vantage was long overdue. But now that it’s back, it’s back with a vengeance. The combination of the British supercar’s sporty elegance and the expert tuning exploits of the Canadian aftermarket company has turned this Aston Martin Vantage into a piece of black-and-green awesomeness.

We know SR Auto Group has made programs like this a thing of habit, but there’s something about Project Kro that really draws a lot of attention to it. Maybe it’s the polished black body, or maybe it’s the subtle lime green linings on the hood and the brake calipers. Maybe it’s even the set of 21-inch Modern Black PUR 8IGHT wheels that SR Auto Group was able to acquire from PUR Wheels’ 2012 collection.

Whatever the case may be, SR Auto Group’s Project Kro program for the Vantage is really one for our books, despite its lack of performance updates.


i think this exterior packege for the aston martin underlines its sportiness. i think it is great, for someone who likes a sporty car.

i wonder what have they done under the hood of this car. at least an ECU remap, i hope!

i wonder if they preserved that great exhaust sound! i mean, that is the heart of an aston martin, beating!

who would have thought canadians can do such a great car! i love it, good job!!

a great over-make of a great car! i guess this is what makes a great car even greater!

this looks like a black beauty with a drop of pure poison! i love it!

i love the looks of this car. and i bet that the performance is just as great!

hmm...not italian. no black windows. and they have the maserati’s for their hit men!

the bond cars are gray, and have a more sophisticated air to them. this one looks like it belongs to an italian hit man!

i associate the aston martin with bond! they are both two great british icons! and this one does not disappoint!

that lime green is...GREEN!!! but hey, it matches the car perfectly!

i love the polished black look of this car. it. is. awesome!!!

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