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ATS first burst onto the scene in 2012 when it introduced the Sport 1000. The company then followed that up in early 2014 with a revised and renamed model called the ATS Sport . Now, ATS has a new model and, mercifully, it has a legitimate-sounding name. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the ATS Leggera.

The Leggera is another one of those retro-inspired sports roadsters that seem to be gaining even more popularity these days. But unlike the other retros, the Leggera doesn’t really offer a lot for the amount of money you’ll have to spend to buy one.

It looks completely mundane and the interior, while dressed in fancy Italian leather, really does bring you back to the days of bore..err, I mean yore.

The likely saving grace of the Leggera is its handling, something ATS consciously worked on to ensure that customers get a good ride, which leads me to believe that maybe a "good ride" is all this sports car really offers.

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In 2012, ATS introduced the Sport 1000 , and for 2014 ATS is back with a revised version of the model. The company dropped the "1000" from the name, but for the most part, the new ATS Sport is still what it was always meant to be.

ATS did make a handful of changes, highlighted by claims that the new model comes with 100 new upgrades that were added to improve the car’s aerodynamic and performance capabilities. That’s nice to hear for a model that exists specifically as an entry-level race car .

At the end of the day, the ATS Sport checks off a lot of the requirements needed in a race car. It’s not the most powerful race car that’s ever built but that’s not the ATS’ objective here.

The company built the ATS Sport for a specific purpose, and that is for racing. Give the ATS Sport a chance and you might be pleasantly surprised with it.

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