Audi A1

Audi A1

  The Audi A1 is premium compact city car based on the metroproject quattro concept from the German automaker that will debt in 2010 as both a three hatchback and a five door sport back. The A1 offers styling in line with the rest of the luxury automaker's lineup and is powered by a variety of low displacement engine. The first being a 105 HP 1.2 Liter TFSI unit while a larger 1.4 Liter unit making 170 HP will be offered as well. Diesel enthusiasts will be happy to find that Audi will also sell the A1 with a 1.6 Liter TDI making around 100 HP.

Audi S1

The Audi A1 is all set to get a much needed facelift for the 2014 model year, but that’s not all that will be happening with Audi at that time. According to a report from “sources within Audi,” the A1 facelift will also bring about the introduction of the S1 – a higher-performance variant of the compact hatch.

We expect this hot hatchback to come equipped with a 2.0-liter TSFI engine that is tuned to pump out 220 to 240 horsepower, but nothing is confirmed just yet. We also assume that the S1 will feature Audi’s famed quattro all-wheel-drive system. This would likely translate out to a 5-second run to 60 mph and a top speed nearing 155 mph.

Now it’s time for the bad news. Also reported by these supposed “insiders” is that the Audi RS1 is officially off the table. This 300-plus-horsepower hatchback is said to be a no go because officials think it would be too expensive to market in the compact hatchback realm. We can certainly see where this could be an issue with the Focus ST dominating the class at just over $20K, but there is definitely a market for a $30K-plus high-performance hatchback in our opinion. We’re willing to bet that the S1 will test the market and if it performs well, the RS1 will launch.

We’ll see what happens.

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Though it looks like a 3-D representation of the sold-out A1 Quattro , rumor has it that this hot-looking hatchback will be called the Audi RS1 .

With an aggressive looking body kit and a powerful turbocharged engine, this car definitely ticks the boxes for slapping an RS badge. We think…

The Audi A1 Quattro was powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that developed 256 horsepower. This engine is in the cards for this RS1, but rumor has it that engineers are also considering a de-tuned version of the 2.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine from the TT-RS . Rest assured, both engines will bring plenty of driving pleasure, so we don’t mind which engine powers this mini beast.

If produced, the Audi RS1 will enter the competitive segment of mini hot hatches that include the likes of Fiat 500 Abarth , MINI Cooper JCW and the newly announced Fiesta ST .

That all the speculation we have in store for now, but we’ll get you more information ASAP.

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General production Audi models aren’t the only cars that ABT Sportsline loves to tune. Turns out, they’ve set their eyes on limited edition models too, including the A1 Quattro.

As stunning as the car is to look at it, ABT Sportsline left any kind of improvements on the A1 Quattro’s looks alone. What they did was take the car’s 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and tweak it to give the sports hatchback an increased output without having to compromise on the car’s fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

After going under the ABT Sportsline knife, the A1 Quattro’s output has been spiked from the standard 256 horsepower and 258 lb/ft of torque figures all the way up to 307 horsepower and 295 lb/ft of torque. The improved output nets a faster 0-62 mph time of 5.4 seconds, as opposed to the standard model’s 0-62 mph time of 5.7 seconds.

Talk about giving more reason to fall in love with the A1 Quattro, ABT Sportsline has one for us.

The 2012 London Olympics is now in full swing and German automaker is lending its support to the German National Team by providing a special edition, one-off A1 E-Tron model to serve as the company’s exhibition model.

We all know that the A1 E-Tron carries an internal combustion engine that charges the car’s batteries and can produce a total of 102 horsepower with a 0-60 mph time of 10 seconds and a top speed of just over 80 mph. Clearly, the A1 E-Tron isn’t exactly a rubber smoker, but nevertheless, it does make for a good celebratory piece for the German National Team at the Olympics. As an official partner of Germany’s Olympic Sports Confederation and the National Paralympic Committee Germany, Audi has even sent 60 A1 E-Tron models to London where they are being used as a shuttle service running between the MS Deutschland cruise ship and the German House.

As for the A1 E-Tron Germany Olympic Team Edition, the car carries the colors of Germany loud and proud in its support of its athletes. The one-off model also sports black bezel headlamps, ’2012’ in scripted on the side mirrors and roof, a new set of white multi-spoke wheels with touches of Germany’s national colors, and an exclusive interior trim with the same patriotic highlights reserved only for this particular model.

When Audi expanded its A1 line-up to include the five-door Sportback version, it was only a matter of time before ABT Sportsline took the bait and built a program for the new variant. It turns out that the German tuning company has already done so, much to our "non-surprise."

According to ABT CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt, the AS1 Sportback will come in three different design wraps that are all available upon request. "There is the chilly ALOHA in its Hawaii look, the charming and funny KLECKS or the waspish HIGH-VOLTAGE with its martial Skulls," he said.

The photos don’t say a whole lot about these wraps, but the tuner also says that the program comes with an aerodynamic kit that includes a tone-in-tone front lips, side skirts, wing inserts, rear skirt inserts and a spoiler – in brushed aluminum...or grass-green...or lavender. Interesting choice of colors, huh?

Other modifications on the A1 Sportback include a two-pipe-exhaust system, 18" DR wheels, or a choice of either 17" or 18" Z Titan alloy wheels.

From there, it’s all about the engine modifications, something ABT Sportsline has proven to be really adept at. Since the car comes with a number of engine variants, the German tuner decided to give different modifications. For the base 1.2-liter engine that develops 86 horsepower, ABT managed to increase the output to a tidy 110 horsepower. Meanwhile, the 1.4 TFSI model, which produces either 112 horsepower or 185 horsepower, output has been increased to 160 and 210 ponies, respectively. Then there are the two diesel variants - the 1.6 TDI and the 2.0 TDI - who now sport outputs of 125 horsepower and 170 horsepower, an increase from their standard 105 and 143 horsepower outputs.

At the end of last year, Audi unveiled the special edition A1 Quattro - a model limited to only 333 units and powered by a 256 HP 2.0-liter TFSI powertrain. Now, new spy shots suggest that the company is working on a new model that will be placed just under this sporty Quattro model.

The spy shots reveal a prototype wearing the quad exhaust pipes usually found on the S-Models, making us think that we are actually looking at a new Audi S1 . On the other hand, the requests for the A1 Quattro were beyond expectation, so it is very possible that this car will match the A1 Quattro in performance, have a milder and less extreme body kit to fulfill the demands of the customers.

Whichever name this car is bestowed, this prototype is powered by a 2.0 liter TFSI delivering somewhere around 220-250 HP. The power is sent to all four wheels via an Audi Quattro system.

Any ideas on whether this is the Audi A1 Quattro or the Audi S1? Hit us up in the comments section below.

Even if the Audi A1 isn’t being sold in the US - we’re still not happy about that, by the way - the German automaker has taken the steps to ensure that customers enjoy the car even further.

Recently, Audi announced that the A1 will get a facelift of sorts, one that is designed to give the German hatchback a sportier touch. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Audi A1 Amplified.

The upgrades will be offered in three different levels and are set to be available for both the A1 three-door and A1 Sportback five-door.

The first level, called Amplified, will include a matte, transparent film for the engine hood, roof, and rear hatch, a high-gloss black roof line, an S line roof spoiler, exterior mirror housings, a single-frame grille, and a new set of 17" alloy wheels in five-arm design with black inserts. Meanwhile, the upgrades on the interior feature special black-trimmed sport seats with contrast stitching and air vents that share the same colors as the car’s body.

From there, the second level is called amplified plus. This program includes a number of new aerodynamic kit components, LED taillights, and a comprehensive interior program. These new interior digs feature a black headliner, an LED interior light package and a color coordinated ignition key, which we’re not too sure what that’s all about. Stainless steel caps for the pedals and foot rest are also part of the program, as is a center console and rearview mirror housing that have been painted with the same color scheme of the exterior.

The highest level of the program is called Amplified Advanced, which is only reserved for top-of-the-line A1 models. In this program, you’ll get a full boat of interior modifications for Audi’s S-line. S sports seats with black upholstery in Silk Nappa leather with matching contrast stitching in Parade Red or Dark Silver highlight this program. Outside, the Audi A1 is treated to a large rear wing, xenon headlights, and a new set of 18" wheels.

If you’re interested, you’re going to need to shell out a minimum of €1,990, which is around $2,500. Not that it matters because America isn’t getting their hands on this car, let alone its program, anytime soon.

Audi A1 e-tron Concept

Audi has been experimenting with the electric-car market for a few years and officially unveiled plans for the A1 e-tron and an electric-powered A2 recently. It does not look like either one is going to happen any time soon, according to a report from Car.

The A2 electric was slated to be released in Europe, where high-efficiency diesel and gasoline engines that get upwards of 60 mpg reign supreme. These markets are tough enough to crowbar in an electric model, but add in the fact that the A2 was expected to carry a €40,000 ($50,000) price tag, and you get a model that was bound to fail in the European marketplace. Combine that price point with the fact that the Nissan Leaf , with its far lower €25,990 ($32,500) price tag, only saw 3,000 units leave showroom floors in 2011, and Audi wisely saw this as a fruitless journey.

The entire A2 line will likely continue as expected, sans the electric model. This leaves a gasoline and diesel model as the only drivetrain options.

The A1 e-tron reportedly is meeting a similar fate, but for different reasons. The A1 e-tron is being axed due to extravagantly high production costs. This car was planned to be similar to the Chevy Volt , as it was going to have a gasoline engine to extend the range of its electric motor by charging the batteries via a Wankel (rotary) engine.

Though this is a tragic way to abruptly cease the development phase for an electric lineup, we cannot blame Audi for its choice. Electric cars just are not selling well in the European markets and having one priced nearly double its closest competitor and another one with climbing production costs just isn’t smart business.

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Rumors about a possible Audi A1 Convertible were circulating even before Audi dropped the standard A1 hatchback on the market, but now British magazine Autocar is offering the first real details on the future model. According to Audi boss, Rupert Stadler, a full-blown cabriolet version of the A1 won’t be offered because it will be too expensive. However, Audi sources have confirmed that a semi-open-air version of the compact hatchback will indeed be offered.

Audi has already provided an early design study of the three-door A1, with a retractable cloth roof panel. Of course, this step has sparked many speculations. It is believed that the new A1 Cabrio will feature a "large, electric-powered cloth panel, covering an area described as being up to 80% of the total roof area." The roof will be opened at the push of a button and it will automatically retract back and be gathered in above the rear hatch.

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It didn’t take long for the Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro to be transitioned into an actual production vehicle, did it?

Give some thanks to Audi because they’re about to release the Audi A1 Quattro, a special edition model that takes the A1 ’s already impressive looks and turns them into a design masterpiece.

Not only does the A1 Quattro look stunning - special props to the red handlebar ’wing’ lights - but it’s also got some serious ponies under its hood. It’s not in the level of what the 500-horsepower A1 Clubsport was capable of, but it certainly packs a meaner punch than a lot of factory-built A1 models out on the market these days.

Creative and evocative design matched to an impressive 2.0-liter TFSI powertrain and the use of Audi’s very own quattro all-wheel drive has turned the Audi A1 Audi A1 Quattro into a serious must-have. The only downside is that Audi will be limiting the release of the car to just 333 units with prices still to be announced. But we like it so much that even if we don’t know how much it’s going to cost, we’ll be saving up for a chance to get a piece of this super duper hot hatch.

UPDATE 02/20/12: Audi has released a pretty interesting video of the A1 Quattro doing some sick drift the snow! The video is a little over eight minutes, which means that you’re going to get your money’s worth for watching it. Check out the vid after the jump!

UPDATE 01/29/13: A new video of the Audi A1 Quattro has been released by Audi featuring DTM pilot Filipe Albuquerque showing us what the car is capable of. Check out the video by clicking on the photo above.

Find out more about the Audi A1 Quattro after the jump

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