Audi A1

Audi A1

  The Audi A1 is premium compact city car based on the metroproject quattro concept from the German automaker that will debt in 2010 as both a three hatchback and a five door sport back. The A1 offers styling in line with the rest of the luxury automaker's lineup and is powered by a variety of low displacement engine. The first being a 105 HP 1.2 Liter TFSI unit while a larger 1.4 Liter unit making 170 HP will be offered as well. Diesel enthusiasts will be happy to find that Audi will also sell the A1 with a 1.6 Liter TDI making around 100 HP.

Audi has spared no expense in thinking up ways of promoting their new premium hatch, the A1 . First, they tabbed Justin Timberlake to be on-hand for the car’s official debut. Then, they used the pop icon to star in an oddly unsettling mini-series starring, well, the A1.

This time around, Audi opted to take an even more perplexing route in their A1 promotion by bringing in 22 low-riding classic cars, a slew of cameras, two customized A1s, and two members of the band Tokio Hotel – Tom and Bill Kaulitz - for a nice warehouse photo shoot.

Quite frankly, we don’t really see the point of the whole video other than its supposed to be another marketing promotion for the A1. Whether Audi is banking on the celebrity appeal of Tokio Hotel as much as they did with one Mr. Timberlake is a mystery to us, although we’re pretty certain that, in all fairness to the band, their name doesn’t exactly scream worldwide superstar as much as the former *NSync star.

Then again,Audi’s not really marketing the band as much as they are the car, and in that scenario, they did a pretty good, albeit weird, job doing so.

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We know Audi announced that there will no no RS1 in the line-up, but people can hope, no? And after the A1, and the future S1 ,wehope that the company will also unveil an RS1 version for its smallest hatchback in the line-up. And how the S1 will be unveiled in 2011, lets say the RS1 will be revealed in 2012 as a competitor for the MINI Cooper S JCW.

The future S1 will get a 1.4TFSI with 186 HP and S tronic, the future RS1 will be powered by a new 1.6 TFSI engine that will deliver no less than 245 HP. Now that’s a true city car! And if to this crazy amount of power you add a sportier body and lets say 19" alloy wheels you will definitely get a car you’ll want to drive.

Everything we can do now is fingers crossed and lets just hope Audi will consider a model like this!

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The first tuner to offer a tuning package for the Audi A1 small hatchback was ABT Sportsline , and they set the bar pretty high with their three colorful versions. Now, the guys from Senner Tuning are attacking that bar by revealing a new kit that improves both the car’s performance and exterior look.

Thanks to a software optimization kit, the 1.6 TDI engine’s output can be increased from 105 HP to 140 HP. The tuner is also offering a KW-thread suspension with ascertained adjustment possibilities as well as breathtaking Barracuda Voltec T6 light alloy wheels (Real-Chrome and Black-Chrome) of 8x18 inch in diameter with 225/35-18 Hankook S1 Evo

The whole package is completed by a right/left stainless steel sport exhaust system with 1x 90 mm exhaust pipes, an individual leather interior finish, and exclusive accessories made of carbon and leather. And, as an added bonus, Senner will also customize the A1 to the customer’s very specifications.

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By now, American fans of the Audi A1 have given up all hope in seeing the premium hatchback in the US after Audi global sales head Peter Schwarzenbauer – try spelling that name – ruled out the A1’s chances of making it to America.

Now, it turns out that there may be a glimmer of hope, albeit a pretty small one. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Schwarzenbauer mentioned that the A1 will eventually be shipped out of Europe into the Chinese market soon with the US market being considered so long as small - and expensive - cars have a chance in the country. Translated, Americans will have to prove to these guys that they’re willing to spend the bucks for a premium hatchback, something that, as history suggests, Americans aren’t prone to doing.

But still, there’s hope, fellas. However long that will take will be entirely up to how the “pricey” compact car segment does in the US. We don’t even know if that’s going to happen in the next few years, but at least the door – no matter how small the crack is – has now been opened.

Source: Bloomberg

In their latest episode, the guys from Fifth Gear got behind the wheel of a smaller car; the new Audi A1 . Now, being since these guys love their sports cars, how do you think the Audi stood up against its rivals? Well, Audi claims that the small and sporty A1, out to attack the reign of the Mini Cooper , is "the sportiest, most luxurious car in its class." With that type of claim, anyone would be hard-pressed to find someone who would not want to test it. Take a look and see what Johnny Smith has to say about Audi’s city car.

The compact Audi A1 is being offered with a choice of four four cylinder engines, made up of two TDI units and two more small displacement TFSI gasoline burning power plants that produce 86 HP and 122 HP respectively. Every engine option is mated to a fuel saving seven speed S tronic gearbox and offers fuel economy between 43 MPG and 62 MPG depending on the engine. This setup allows the Audi to sprint from 0 to 60 MPH ranging from 9 to 12 seconds with a top speed going from 111 MPH to 124 MPH depending on your fuel of choice.

Everyone expects the new Q1 comact crossover SUV from Audi considering it’s been talked about for a couple of years now. What we didn’t expect was that the future model would, in fact, be the allroad version of the current A1 hatchback . The new A1 will drop the suffix "allroad" and simply adopt the Q1 name. The future Audi Q1 will be available with a 5-door body and in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive versions. The debut is expected to be made in the first quarter of 2015.

The Audi Q1 will be defined by a sober, similar look to the one of the Q3, Q5, and Q7. It will be available with engines from a 160 hp 1.4 TSI to a 2.0 TDI 140 bhp. Diesel will also play a strong role in the Q1’s future with a 1.2 Liter TDI cranking out 80 HP and a 1.6 Liter motor with outputs ranging from 100 to 120 HP. Prices will be higher than 22,000 euros for the two-wheel drive and 27,000 euros for the AWD version.

Updated 12/02/2013: Audi officially confirmed today that the Q1 compact SUV will be put into production in 2016 at Audi’s assembly lines in Ingolstadt. “The Audi Q1 is part of our broad-based SUV strategy. It is designed on the basis of the modular transverse engine concept and will round off our Q series at the bottom end,” stated Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG.

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Earlier this month we reported that ABT was preparing three design packages for the Audi A1. Well, feast your eyes on the new styles of the A1 by ABT. The packages prepared by ABT feature some aesthetic modifications, engine upgrades, and, of course, some splashes of color.

Before we get into the three different designs, let’s discuss the engine upgrades for the Audi A1 by ABT. For starters, there’s the 1.2 TFSI that originally produced 86hp. ABT has boosted its performance to a vigorous 115hp. The 1.4 TFSI gets ahead with 150hp, up from the standard 122hp and the 1.6L diesel engine now commands attention with 125hp. Adding to the increase of power the Audi has received, ABT has also added performance springs and a lower center of gravity.

Now for the exquisite designs that are sure to please any and all consumers. ABT starts off with the red “KLECKS” which features splashes of color throughout the vehicle. It was created as a tribute to the urban lifestyle. The “ALOHA” models signifies the laidback “beach boy” attitude and the “HIGH VOLTAGE” gets an angrier, “more toxic” look that features skulls as part of the design. Each design gets fender inserts, rear apron insert, rear spoiler, mirror covers, and front lip and side skirts in the car’s featured design color (brushed aluminum for the KLECKS, lavender for the ALOHA, and green grass for the HIGH VOLTAGE). The interior also gets a splash of the design color in the form of the car’s foot mats.

As an option, ABT can also slap on a double-pipe sports rear muffler to complete the look. They can also -provide the consumer with a set of 17”-18” five spoke wheel Z in a dark “Titan” color. Match that up with the ABT alloy rings in the vehicle’s design color and the consumer is officially riding in style.

We have to admit, we don’t really like hatchbacks, but we’d rock this Audi A1.

Source: ABT

ABT Sports has announced that they have already started to prepare a tuning package for the new Audi A1 . The new ABT A1 will make its world debut on July 28th, 2010.

ABT announced that the new kit will include ABT POWER for the engines of the A1, new suspension components, dynamic aluminum wheels, and other sports accessories. Brochures, an online configurator, fact sheets with technical data, and much more will be revealed in August, the month of the ABT A1.

The tuner will offer three different designs for the fans to choose from. The fan’s choice will be the one that walks away with a victory and a plan of action.

It will be interesting to see the adjustments that ABT makes on the long awaited Audi A1 . The A1 already has a fresh design that was inspired by airplanes with a choice of four engines ranging from 111 MPH to 124 MPH. A sleek looking car, no doubt, but it looks like it is going to get a lot sleeker after ABT has their way with it. We look forward to seeing the final project and will keep you posted as soon as the three choices are revealed!

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Audi has a grudge against Mini . The German company isn’t going to let the BMW -run small car manufacturer hog the premium crossover segment with its new Countryman . Audi is fighting back with a vehicle of their own.

Audi is reportedly working on an Allroad version of the A1 . The A1 three-door hatchback goes on sale this year with the five-door coming in 2011. The crossover variant could be here as early as 2013 and it could even get Audi’s all-wheel drive system. Granted, this is all just speculation.

Volkswagen is reportedly working on an all-wheel drive system for the CrossPolo and, considering the two little vehicles share platforms, it would be easy to assume that the A1 will get that system as well. Not to mention Audi’s love for the all-wheel drive Quattro system.

We shouldn’t expect to see the A1 Allroad anytime soon, but we can expect that both two-wheel and all-wheel drive versions will be made. We look forward to testing the base A1 and should have a review some time this year.

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The legitimately chic and overwhelmingly pink Audi A1 Art Car was auctioned off at Elton John’s White Tie & Tiara Ball earlier this week for a staggering price of £350,000. That’s about $522,500, in case you need more time to compute the exchange rate.

The half-a-million price tag is significantly more expensive than the retail price of a standard A1, but seeing as this one was specially painted by renowned British artist Damien Hirst and that proceeds from the sale of the car would go to the Elton john AIDS Foundation, then the whopping bid price doesn’t sound as ridiculous as it could have been given other circumstances.

As one of the foremost supporters and one of the event’s longstanding partners, Audi personally donated the pink Audi A1 Art Car to the event as a special auction piece that both parties would hope could fetch somewhere in the bottom six digits. Turns out it sold far more than that.

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