Audi A1

Audi A1

  The Audi A1 is premium compact city car based on the metroproject quattro concept from the German automaker that will debt in 2010 as both a three hatchback and a five door sport back. The A1 offers styling in line with the rest of the luxury automaker's lineup and is powered by a variety of low displacement engine. The first being a 105 HP 1.2 Liter TFSI unit while a larger 1.4 Liter unit making 170 HP will be offered as well. Diesel enthusiasts will be happy to find that Audi will also sell the A1 with a 1.6 Liter TDI making around 100 HP.

ABT Sports has announced that they have already started to prepare a tuning package for the new Audi A1 . The new ABT A1 will make its world debut on July 28th, 2010.

ABT announced that the new kit will include ABT POWER for the engines of the A1, new suspension components, dynamic aluminum wheels, and other sports accessories. Brochures, an online configurator, fact sheets with technical data, and much more will be revealed in August, the month of the ABT A1.

The tuner will offer three different designs for the fans to choose from. The fan’s choice will be the one that walks away with a victory and a plan of action.

It will be interesting to see the adjustments that ABT makes on the long awaited Audi A1 . The A1 already has a fresh design that was inspired by airplanes with a choice of four engines ranging from 111 MPH to 124 MPH. A sleek looking car, no doubt, but it looks like it is going to get a lot sleeker after ABT has their way with it. We look forward to seeing the final project and will keep you posted as soon as the three choices are revealed!

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Audi has a grudge against Mini . The German company isn’t going to let the BMW -run small car manufacturer hog the premium crossover segment with its new Countryman . Audi is fighting back with a vehicle of their own.

Audi is reportedly working on an Allroad version of the A1 . The A1 three-door hatchback goes on sale this year with the five-door coming in 2011. The crossover variant could be here as early as 2013 and it could even get Audi’s all-wheel drive system. Granted, this is all just speculation.

Volkswagen is reportedly working on an all-wheel drive system for the CrossPolo and, considering the two little vehicles share platforms, it would be easy to assume that the A1 will get that system as well. Not to mention Audi’s love for the all-wheel drive Quattro system.

We shouldn’t expect to see the A1 Allroad anytime soon, but we can expect that both two-wheel and all-wheel drive versions will be made. We look forward to testing the base A1 and should have a review some time this year.

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The legitimately chic and overwhelmingly pink Audi A1 Art Car was auctioned off at Elton John’s White Tie & Tiara Ball earlier this week for a staggering price of £350,000. That’s about $522,500, in case you need more time to compute the exchange rate.

The half-a-million price tag is significantly more expensive than the retail price of a standard A1, but seeing as this one was specially painted by renowned British artist Damien Hirst and that proceeds from the sale of the car would go to the Elton john AIDS Foundation, then the whopping bid price doesn’t sound as ridiculous as it could have been given other circumstances.

As one of the foremost supporters and one of the event’s longstanding partners, Audi personally donated the pink Audi A1 Art Car to the event as a special auction piece that both parties would hope could fetch somewhere in the bottom six digits. Turns out it sold far more than that.

Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara charity ball, which is scheduled to take place on June 24, will have a special guest invited in the form of a special edition Audi A1 that was donated by no less than Audi, one of the event’s principal supporters.

The charity ball is a yearly event organized by the British singing icon himself in an effort to help raise awareness and money for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Together with his life partner, David Furnish, John has been one of the more proactive voices among all celebrities in the fight against AIDS.

For their part, Audi has been a long-standing partner of the charity ball and this year, they’re giving John a very unique Audi A1 Art Car - designed by British artist, Damien Hirst - that will be auctioned off during the event.

Naturally, both Elton John and David Furnish were elated by Audi’s generous gift. ""Audi has been a wonderful partner with us, and this year they have really produced something fantastic," Furnish said. "I am sure it will be a huge hit with our guests."

Audi UK Director Jeremy Hicks also had this to say: "We are enormously proud to support Sir Elton John’s remarkable fundraising ball for the eighth year in succession with the donation of a priceless and unrepeatable work of art for auction."

The Audi A1 e-tron unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show is just that; the proof that Audi can do it even though they won’t do it! Audi has announced there will be no electric version for the A1 hatchback.

Audi said the company will indeed focus on reducing fuel consumption and emission, but this will be done only by using a start & stop and braking energy recovery system. The announcement was made by Rupert Stadler himself.

The A1 range will be expanded in the future with three important additions. The first one will be the S1 set to be revealed in October at the Paris Motor Show. The second is the Sportback five-door and the third is a convertible.

The Audi A1 e-tron concept features an internal combustion engine that charges the batteries delivers a total of 102 hp in short bursts. This combination sprints the vehicle from 0 to 60 mph in just 10 seconds. Top speed is more than 80 mph. Continuous output is rated at 61 hp and 150 Nm of torque. The electric motor sends its power to the front wheels via a single-speed transmission that can be switched between "Drive," "Reverse," and "Neutral".

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Mercifully, Audi ’s "The Next Big Thing" mini-series has just released the final episode, much to our collective delight.

It’s not that we don’t like the whole campaign by Audi to promote the new A1 . It’s just that the whole mini-series has been one farcical scene after another and before seeing this last episode, we still didn’t know what the whole thing was about. All the things we picked up from the first five episodes can be summarized into a couple of things: mixed-gender wrestling, resurrected diner waiters, a car chase with a Ford Crown Victoria, mysterious billboard messages, and hot make-out sessions. As far as the storyline goes, well, yeah, we we’re still trying to figure that one out.

Fortunately, Audi spared us from all the mental brain-wracking and released the sixth and final installment of the mini-series. We’d love to divulge you with spoilers, but we figured that no amount of explaining will do justice to what you can watch for yourself.

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We’re on the penultimate episode of Audi ’s A1 mini-series, "The Next Big Thing", and things are getting stranger and stranger by the day. Now that we’ve moved past the bunny jackets, the underground cage fighting, and the random making out, we pick up where we left off as the unwilling tandem of Justin Timberlake and Dania Ramirez run away from the cops and receive a series of cryptic messages that led them to the docks.

When they get there, Justin is shocked to find out that the mystery man - his name, apparently, is Tollison - behind the messages turned out to be the same waiter that was shot in the first episode. What? Tollison then proceeds to congratulate Justin on his excellent time, kills Dania, and then gets punched senseless by an obviously perplexed leading man.

Don’t worry, Justin. You’re not the only one who’s confused by all of this.

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The third episode of Audi’s A1 mini-series, "The Next Big Thing" went even darker than any of the first two episodes. There was an under-ground human cockfighting, a man wearing a hypnotized bunny jacket, and Justin and Daria making out before fighting each other inside the make-shift cage. And all of that happened before the gun-toting, bunny jacket-wearing Asian dude tried to steal the A1 . This is getting weirder and weirder as we go along.

Now, Justin and Dania are back with episode four where they turn the tables on ’Mr. Bunny’ and drive away from the underground fight scene only to find themselves getting involved in a pretty exciting parking lot chase scene where we see - finally! - the A1 in full-blown action, showing off its versatility and losing the over-matched Ford Ford Crown Victoria and leaving it dangling from the edge. It took four episodes for Audi to highlight the A1, which is a little too late as far as we’re concerned, but there’s still two episodes left to this mini-series, which means that those last two should definitely be all about the A1.

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The Audi A1 was at the center of a pretty embarrassing incident in Belgium a week ago after a marketing stunt to promote the premium hatchback’s versatile maneuverability ended up with the A1 flipped over on its side.

How exactly did the A1 get in such a precarious position? Turns out, the car was doing a public demonstration at Cinqunanteaire Park in Brusells where it was giving free rides up-and-down a halfpipe to show the car’s versatility. Everything was going great for the first three days of the demonstration. On the fourth day, however, things went horribly wrong as the stunt driver nosed into the wall, causing the car to flip on its side.

Audi tried to suppress evidence of A1’s hilarious episode, but as is the case with the Internet these days, somehow it’s going to find itself online for the entire world to laugh at. In fairness to Audi, this incident isn’t anywhere close to being as embarrassing as the one Volvo endured when it was showing off the new S60 sedan in front of hundreds of auto journalists. That one literally had throngs of media snapping photos and recording the whole spectacle. Doesn’t mean we are not going to show off this spectacle any less though.

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Can you smell the irony here? After using an American A-list celebrity -raise your hand, Justin Timberlake - to promote their new premium hatchback, reports out of Ingolstadt are saying that the A1 , for one reason or another, will not be brought to the U.S. market.

Audi already mentioned this a few months ago when global sales head Peter Schwarzenbauer say that the brand isn’t that well established in the US to be selling small vehicles like the A1, given also the fact the U.S. customers are more inclined into buying larger vehicles. Recently, Audi reiterated their stance when Schwarzenbauer, in an interview with Automotive News, said "If you look at the real numbers [MINI and Smart Smart sales in the US], it’s not huge volumes. I’m not so sure yet we really see a trend to small cars in the United States."

With European sales of the Audi set to kick off later this year at a price of €15,800 ($19,382) for the 1.2-liter TFSI engine base model, Audi is skeptical that the A1 would generate significant sales - at least for Audi to make even a marginal profit - in the U.S. market.

So, for those Americans that have been waiting for the A1 to hit their local dealerships, we’re afraid to say that you’re all fresh out of luck. The Audi A1 is not coming to America, even at the strongest behest of Justin Timberlake.

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