Audi A1

Audi A1

  The Audi A1 is premium compact city car based on the metroproject quattro concept from the German automaker that will debt in 2010 as both a three hatchback and a five door sport back. The A1 offers styling in line with the rest of the luxury automaker's lineup and is powered by a variety of low displacement engine. The first being a 105 HP 1.2 Liter TFSI unit while a larger 1.4 Liter unit making 170 HP will be offered as well. Diesel enthusiasts will be happy to find that Audi will also sell the A1 with a 1.6 Liter TDI making around 100 HP.

The first episode of the highly-anticipated short film featuring the Audi A1 and Justin Timberlake has finally been released by the Ingolstadt-based company.

Truth be told, we were expecting a little bit more from Audi and JT with this film. It’s not that we don’t like it - it’s too early to make any judgments given that there’s only been one episode - it’s just we’ve seen that set-up before from, ironically, BMW and Clive Owen.

In any case, here’s the first episode of the movie, "The next big thing". Give it a look-see and judge for yourself whether the subequent episodes are worth waiting for.

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The beauty of programs like Photoshop is that – at least for those who have the skill to do so – you can just about alter whatever photos you like and tweak into something different that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the original version and the edited creation.

In this video, you’re going to see a Photoshop expert doing what he does best. And for his latest piece of handiwork, he’s taking an Audi A1 and gives it a speeded-up facelift with the result being an Audi S1 -looking A1.

It’s a speeded-up seven-minute video so you can imagine the painstaking lengths the artist went through to finish his project. Give him a pat on the back though for a job well done.

Nobody’s the wiser, unless of course they catch a piece of this video.

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The newly-released Audi A1 is a small city car that looks much better running around city streets than it does being in the middle of a competitive environment. It’s like one of those domesticated show dogs that everybody loves, yet feels incredulously uncomfortable when it finds itself outside of his comfort zone. But as the time-honored adage would say, "there’s no such thing as a sure thing; otherwise, we’d all be living boring lives."

That being said, while the A1 looks pretty comfortable in its own city nice, all you need to do is come up with the right competition package to transform it from a cutesy compact car to a machine on wheels

As a tribute to the 1987 Audi S1 Sport quattro, Audi launched a competition package for the newly launched Audi A1. Both the interior and exterior of the car uses the same colors that Audi motorsport used to dress all theirs with a combination of white and orange.

The interior gets decorative trim on the air vents, the center console, the door handles and the interior mirror. The floor mats also received matching graphic print, while the sports leather steering wheel, gear lever and handbrake grip get colored highlights.

Updated 03/25/2010: Audi revealed today the first official video for the A1 Competition Kit. Check it out!

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Audi unveiled the S-Line package for the new A1 small hatchback at the Geneva Motor Show. And even if it adds no performance upgrades, the S-Line package adds a more dynamic appearance.

The package includes: 17- or 18-inch cast aluminum wheels, S line sport suspension with dynamic suspension tuning, leather-wrapped sport steering wheel and sport seats. At the exterior the A1 S-Line gets revised front bumper, a larger roof-mounted spoiler and a rear diffuser.

Also, if so desired, components such as the seat covers, the air nozzle housings and the inlays in the doors can be painted in fresh, expressive colors.

As promised, Justin Timberlake was on-hand for the launch of the 2011 Audi A1 . While the car was received pretty warmly by the gathered audience, it sure looked like Timberlake stole the show by just, well, showing up.

Audi head honcho Rupert Stadler welcomed Timberlake on-stage and proudly introduced the brand’s new global ambassador , much to the delight of the shrieking - did we say shrieking; we meant applauding – crowd.

We kind of thought that Timberlake would have a more hands-on involvement during the entire proceedings but apart from some trivial banter with Stadler and the cursory plug for the new A1 – “it’s cool, environmentally-friendly, and perfectly suited for my crazy urban lifestyle,” Timberlake said – the pop star was surprisingly toned down during the event.

Then again, that didn’t stop the crowd from bum rushing him as soon as he got off the stage.

The 2010 Geneva Motor Show will open its doors tomorrow and one car that we’ve been waiting for months to make its world debut is the new 2011 Audi A1 premium compact car. We’ve just about seen as many videos, promos, teasers, and spy shots of the car that the only thing left is to see it live and in the flesh.

What we don’t know, however – and what a French website is now reporting – is that the A1 may come in another version that aren’t of the gas and diesel engine variety.

According to this report, Audi is toying with the idea of using an A1 to be the basis of another E-Tron concept , following in the R8-based E-Tron concept that we saw in Frankfurt last September. While the R8-based E-Tron will only be built with a limited number, there’s a distinct possibility that an A1-based E-Tron could become Audi’s flagship volume plug-in vehicle, which, if you think about it, is a pretty smart move by Audi. Introducing a car that’s bound to get a lot of attention from customers would end up being more attractive if it came with a more fuel-efficient engine variant that the traditional petrol and diesel variety.

In any case, we’re going to have all these reports and rumors answered soon enough when the Geneva Motor Show officially opens tomorrow.

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If you’re in the market for a car and you’re seeking an opinion of which model to buy, there’s no better person to ask than someone who’s been in one too many racing scraps and thus, probably knows what he’s talking about.

So if you’re talking of getting an Audi A 1, today’s your lucky day because you’re going to get the opinion of one Markus Winkelhock, a veteran of the German Touring Car Championship, whom Audi invited to take the A1 out for a spin around the Neustadt race track.

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Audi is taking full advantage of the growing wave of interactive marketing by putting their new premium hatchback, the 2011 A1 , into the virtual world of Playstation Home.

Now, if you’re expecting a whole lot from this showroom, then you’re going to be disappointed to know that it doesn’t have any other feature other than being just a simple showroom. But the good news is that Audi is planning on releasing some sort of A1 game in the coming months to go along with more information regarding the E-Tron . That’s something that we can all look forward to.

This “A1 showroom” is Audi’s second attempt in integrating their brand to an interactive audience after the release of their E-Tron Vertical Run racing game, which has been played by over 700,000 players since it was released late last year.

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Just in time for the weekend, the four ringed German automaker has opened up their virtual showroom with an online configurator for the all new Audi A1 . So stop what you are doing, put your work aside, go online and be creative!

Just a quick reminder, the 2011 Audi A1 compact city car is being offered with a choice of four four cylinder engines, made up of two TDI units and two more, small displacement, TFSI gasoline burning power plants that produce 86 HP and 122 HP respectively. Every mill is mated to a fuel saving seven speed S tronic gearbox and offers fuel economy between 43 MPG and 62 MPG depending on the engine and can sprint from 0 to 60 MPH ranging from 9 to 12 seconds with a top speed going from 111 MPH to 124 MPH depending on your fuel of choice.

So enjoy!

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After teasing us for a very long time, the four ring German automaker has finally revealed the official details about the new Audi A1 compact city car. A vehicle that was designed for young customers, featuring a compact footprint making for an agile design and a sporty interior. The A1 is easily distinguished as an Audi by touches like the tornado side and distinctive roof arch that ends in a pair of forward leaning coupe like C-pillars as well as Audi’s signature single frame grill. Meanwhile the large wheel wells are filled with optional 18 inch alloys.

Audi claims that the interior is inspired by airplanes with the four round air conditioning vents being reminiscent of a jet’s turbines with an open airy feeling thanks to the large greenhouse effect. The rest of the A1’s interior is highlighted by a set of LED interior lights and two tone upholstery covered in expressive colors.

The compact Audi A1 is being offered with a choice of four four cylinder engines, made up of two TDI units and two more small displacement TFSI gasoline burning power plants that produce 86 HP and 122 HP respectively. Every engine option is mated to a fuel saving seven speed S tronic gearbox and offers fuel economy between 43 MPG and 62 MPG depending on the engine and can sprint from 0 to 60 MPH ranging from 9 to 12 seconds with a top speed going from 111 MPH to 124 MPH depending on your fuel of choice.

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