Audi A5

Audi A5

  The Audi A5 is a full size luxury sport back model that was introduced in 2008 just above the A4 sedan in the German automaker's lineup, aimed at competing head to head with the BMW 3 Series coupe and convertible by replacing the A4 Cabriolet. The A5 comes equipped with everything from a 180 HP 2.0 Liter TFSI motor to a 333 HP supercharged V6. Meanwhile the top of the line S5 features distinct bold bodywork and is powered by a 4.2 Liter FSI V8 making 349 HP and 325 lb-ft of torque. Rumors suggest that Audi is working on a very tantalizing RS5 making over 450 HP.

Seeing as most of the Audi family has already gotten their facelifts, it seemed obvious that the A5 was the next in line to receive a fresh look.

Not surprisingly, Audi was thinking the same thing as it officially unveiled the 2012 line-up of the Audi A5 Audi A5 , one that includes a number of variants - coupe, sportback, and convertible - to bolster variety for the consumers.

The sportiest of the lot is the 2012 A5 Coupe, which features its fair share of cosmetic improvements as well as new powertrain options. The changes made on the 2012 A5 Coupe features a new lighting form that fits right in with what Audi has been doing with some of their latest releases. That’s right; no more of those rectangular, shoe-box looking headlights that made the A5 look stiff in the past.

As for the powertrain, the 2012 A5 Coupe has plenty of choices for the market, including a new 3.0-liter supercharged V6 version that produces 272 horsepower.

All in all, the 2012 A5 Coupe offers refreshed looks with improved driving dynamics and better fuel economy.

Audi could have done more, as far as we’re concerned, but we’re not complaining with the changes they made on the car. At the very least, the fresh new looks fits right in with the performance tweaks done on it. No complaints from us on that end.

More details on the Audi A5 Coupe after the jump.

Looks can be deceiving, can’t they?

What looks like a seemingly ordinary Audi A5 is anything but normal when you look at what’s sticking out of its rear end. Dressed in a polished white garb, this particular A5 has been stripped bare of just about everything except for the body panels. What it now has, though, is a 1,000-horsepower turbocharged drag engine complete with a parachute on its behind and a full roll cage for safety.

The work was done by Jens Eklund and his team over at Eklund Racing, no strangers to turning Audis into 1,000-horsepower vehicles of mayhem. Apparently, their appetite for cars of mass destruction is once again being satiated by this unassuming A5.

Just goes to show how far boost junkies will go to to get their fix. We’re just hoping that they didn’t remove the seat belts like they did to just about everything else.

There are plenty of photos of this one-of-a-kind Audi A5 at your disposal. But more important than the photos is a 12-minute video of the car in action. Best be warned, this isn’t like any Audi A5 you’ve ever seen in the past.

Hit the jump for the video.

Just when Project Kahn seemed been lost in the shadows, the British tuning firm returns back to the spotlight with some pretty snazzy new programs for us aftermarket-loving fanatics.

We’ve already gotten a good look at the new Range Rover Diablo and now, Afzal Kahn and his merry band of buddies have released their latest styling package for the Audi A5 .

As a man who prides himself on providing customers with some of the most well thought of packages in the industry, Kahn’s work on the Audi A5 is a testament to why he’s considered one of the best in the biz. The new body kit for the A5 may be "subtle" compared to his past works, but there’s still something to be said about a man that can turn just about anything into his own personal work of art.

There’s a taste of subdued aggression with this new body kit, something that allows the A5 to look more menacing than its standard brethren. And on top of that, its interior has been spruced up to add get some luxurious shine.

All told, another fine piece of work from Kahn and the boys.

Details on the Audi A5 by Project Kahn after the jump.

After the Audi S5 , Senner Tuning is also preparing a tuning kit for the A5 Cabrio . The package is improving both the engine’s output, but is also offering a more sportier appearance for the cabriolet. The price for the kit is 19.900 Euro ($25,000 at the current exchange rates).

The tuning package includes an audibly superior exhaust system with a stainless steel finishing with four end pipes, a carbon hydride screw thread with adjustable settings, 20" SC1 light metalrims in silver chrome, a new spoiler in the RS6 Design, a cooler grill, exterior mirrors in the RS5 Design and a rear valance with sporty diffuser fins. The interior gets surfaces made from leather and extensive carbon fibre applications.

As for the 2.0 T-FSI engine, the tuner is offering sports air filters and software optimization that increases the output to 275 HP and 430 Nm of torque.

Press release after the jump.

The Audi A5 S-line is not only classy, but sporty as well, and that type of combination is something that many consumers hunt for in the process of locating the perfect car for their lifestyle. Find that perfect classy/sporty car and the only thing left to do is find the perfect tuner to jazz it up even further. The latest customization package to claim a classier upgrade for the A5 S-line is JMS and Senner Tuning. These two tuners have joined together to come up with that perfect package. Did they succeed? Read on to make that decision yourself.

The new body kit for the A5 includes a new front lip that extends to the sides of the bumper for € 269, a sporty rear apron for € 269, and a Senner 4-pipe exhaust system with oval tailpipes for € 1090. These exterior additions can be attached to all three of the A5 S-line models (Convertible, Coupe, and Sportback).

The whole package is finished by an upgraded coilover suspension from KW priced at 1,319 euro and a set of 20 inch custom design rims wrapped in 245/30-20 tires priced at 5,500 Euro.

And, unfortunately, that is where the package ends. There is no power upgrade from JMS and Senner Tuning to boost the Audi to the next level. We have to say, without a power upgrade, the package just feels incomplete. If we go back and check out the Audi AS5 Sportback by ABT , we’d find a much more suitable package. We understand that the package from ABT is just for the Sportback, but it’s still a better pick. We’d hold off on purchasing this package until other tuners take the opportunity to provide a real package for the S-Line.

Our buddies over at GT Spirit were able to take the ABT Sportsline-tuned Audi AS5-R out for a run in Dubai recently. There’s not a whole lot going on because we didn’t actually see the car’s full exterior and because GT Spirit isn’t divulging further details surrounding their city excursion in Dubai on-board the AS5-R.

On a separate note, is it too far-fetched to say that the Middle East, particularly the Dubai-Abu Dhabi region, has become the exotic car capital of the world? It’s beginning to look like it. What it is not currently looking like is a place for morons to take their thrill-seeking personalities out for a spin on the public roads.

Remember thosetwo hooners that used the Sheik Zayed Road in Dubai as their own personal playground? Well, it looks like the local Dubai police weren’t exactly pleased with the antics of the two, arresting them and impounding the Nissan Patrol and Toyota pick-up that were used in their public display of hoonage. The two thrill-seekers are currently facing charges and could very well be facing three years in prison for their reckless - yet highly entertaining - stunt.

Note to everyone out there. Hooning isn’t exactly against the law provided you do it in the right setting. Race tracks are a good place to do it. Public highways? Not so much.

Source: GT Spirit

Motor Trend knows how to make the ultimate throw-down among rival manufacturers: pit them against each other in a good ol’ fashion fatal four-way Topless Drag Race!

For this event, MT brought together an Audi A5 , a BMW 335i , a Lexus IS350 , and an Infiniti G37 – all of which, incidentally, are convertibles. It’s the showdown of showdowns to determine which top-down machine takes home the coveted bragging rights for winning Motor Trend’s special Topless Drag Race.

We’d spoil you the result of the race but where’s the suspense in that? But just so you won’t get caught off-guard, we’ll give you a little teaser of what to expect – or not to expect, for that matter.

It’s not the kind of drag race you’re accustomed to seeing.

Source: Motor Trend
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When the luxurious four ringed German automaker introduced the all new Audi A5 complete with sleek styling and a sporty fastback coupe character thanks to its stretched mid section and its elongated lines the world took notice. So it was only a matter of time before they decided to drop the top and come up with the most attractive Audi Cabriolet of all time. The new Audi A5 Audi A5 Cabriolet was such a good new car design; featuring the fastest folding rag top in its segment, taking only 15 seconds to be stowed away and can even operate at speeds of up to 30 MPH, and not to mention that the Audi Acoustic Roof technology gives the new A5 Cabriolet interior noise levels on par with a hard top. That the folks back in the motherland decided to effectively use it to replace the smaller A4 based convertible, for good.

The model we were fortunate enough to become familiar with was a well equipped Ibis White 2010 Audi A5 2.0 TFSI FWD Multitronic Cabriolet set off by a Brown Roof and slightly sweeter Cinnamon brown interior. The combination of Xenon charged headlamps and LED driving lights and rear clusters ensured that we would clearly see the road ahead as well as being seen by everyone around us. On the inside we enjoyed such creature as Bluetooth hands free connectivity while sitting snugly inside the ventilated and heated sport buckets wrapped in perforated milano leather and get a little extra help from the large colorful LCD navigation display with built in back up camera that also controls the Audi Multi Media Interface (MMI).

Powered by a combination of forward thinking and fuel efficient turbocharging and direct injection, the 2.0 Liter TFSI four cylinder produced a total of 211 HP and 258 lb-ft of torque being routed to the 18 inch 15 spoke rollers via Audi’s FrontTrak front wheel drive Multitronic CVT transaxle to a top speed of 130 MPH while returning an estimated 23 MPG in the city and as much as 30 MPG on the highway all starting at $42,000 and climbing up to a nicely equipped $51,525.

Unveiled back in 2008, Audi’s stylish full size luxury sport back A5 has undergone a few mechanical changes for the 2010 model year. However the A5’s styling keeps the classic coupe like proportions that come from the long hood and short rear deck lid combined with a low slung sweeping roof line. The interior of the A5 includes Audi’s three dimensional driver oriented cockpit to make owners feel a bit more sport when behind the wheel. The 2010 Audi A5 will be offered in three trim levels: Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige. The Audi MMI infotainment system, which is now in its third generation, is offered for all A5’s equipped with navigation while the Premium Plus and Prestige models are further distinguished by a set of LED tail lights.

As far as the changes are concerned, the fuel efficient 2.0 TFSI power plant is now available with either a manual or Tiptronic transmission and the German automaker is permanently removing the clutch pedal from all 3.2 FSI powered all wheel drive Quattro models. Either way, the turbocharged four cylinder is good for 211 HP and 258 lb-ft of torque while the larger 3.2 liter V6 produces 265 HP and 243 lb-ft of thrust.

Full details after the jump.

Ordinarily, commercials serve the purpose of making you want to buy a certain product, whether it’s for a car or a detergent. Sometimes, however, the real message of the ad gets skewed by what the consumers see at face value when they’re watching it.

Take this new commercial by Audi for the new A5 . Sure, we get the message of clean diesel technology and all that. But do you really have to use a suicide attempt to get the message across?

If you ask us, it’s a terrible idea and it’s definitely of poor taste to even remotely associate the benefits of the A5 with some poor schmuck trying to suffocate himself to death.

If you folks haven’t seen the ad, feel free to check it out.

Source: YouTube

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