Audi A6

Audi A6

  The Audi A6 is a full size executive sedan from the German luxury automaker that was introduced to replace the Audi 100 in 1994 and is currently in its fourth generation. Powered by everything from the tiny 1.8T four cylinder to V8s with Fuel Stratified Injection, the A6 competes head to head with the BMW 5-Series. While an M5 may be in the same league as the S6 powered by a Lamborghini derived 5.2 Liter all aluminum V10 that made 429 HP and 398 lb-ft of torque accelerates from 0 to 60 MPH in 5.2 seconds and runs the quarter mile in only 13.5, but BMW has nothing on the 572 HP Biturbo RS6.

Audi’s got a new car in the pipeline but in typical fashion, the company’s going to squeeze out every ounce of curiosity from all of us before unveiling their new ride. The folks from Ingolstadt even released a couple of photos showing off their fleet of new cars with one car intriguingly draped in a white blanket. Apparently, that car is Audi’s answer to the BMW 5-Series , the 2012 Audi A6 sedan. .

Not many details have been released for Audi’s refreshed sedan, but a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words and, although these pictures are disguised to say the least, information can still be gathered.

UPDATE 06/26/2012: It looks like Audi is about to give the A6 a little love this coming model year as they are adding in some upgrades to the base level A6 2.0T to make it a little more desirable. These changes include an eight-speed automatic transmission and the availability of Audi’s Quattro system on the 2013 A6 2.0T. Hit the jump for details.

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The most impressive model ABT brought to the 2011 Geneva Motor Show was the R8 GT S , but alongside the luscious R8, the German tuner also brought a nifty package for the new generation Audi A6 . The modified A6 includes a some exterior updates and some changes under the hood too.

The exterior package includes new side skirts, a front spoiler, a rear skirt insert, 4-end pipes, and a new rear spoiler. No changes were made for the interior, but the luxury sedan is luxurious for a reason, so no changes were necessary for the inside of it.

For the most powerful engine in the A6 line-up, ABT Sportsline reworked the power from a standard 300 HP to an impressive 410 HP. However, the 3.0 TDI engine has also received two different updates, getting the power up to 282 HP or 310 HP from a standard 245 HP.

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Thanks to a design that features an elegant yet sporty proportions featuring a long engine hood, a low, sweeping roofline and prominent lines on the flanks that create an overall dynamic appearance, the new Audi A6 was awarded with the 2011 EyesOn Design title at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show.

It’s the fourth time in the past three years – a remarkable achievement in every sense of the word – that Audi has scooped up an EyesOn Design award for one of their vehicles.

For this year, the new A6 was recognized with the “Best Production Vehicle” design displayed at the event, further strengthening Audi’s increasing position as one of the world’s best in automotive design.

In accepting the EyesOn Design trophy, Achim Badstuebner, head of exterior design for AUDI AG, was pleased with the reception the A6 received from the panel of judges. “This is strong feedback that we have done our homework," he said.

Over the past few years, Audi has scooped up EyesOn Design awards at an impressive rate. Back in 2009, Audi bagged two awards for “Best Production Car Design” with the Audi R8 V10 and “Best Concept Vehicle” for the Audi Sportback Concept , the same concept that later became the inspiration for the A7 Sportback . A year later at the 2010 NAIAs, Audi picked up from where they left off by winning another “Best Production Car Design” title with the Audi A8 luxury sedan.

Make that four in three years for Audi with the new A6. From the looks of things, it’s going to take a lot more from its competitors to take the mantle off of Audi in the near future.

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Source: Audi

Next to the standard A6 , Audi has also revealed today details on the A6 hybrid, the company’s second hybrid model after the Q5 hybrid quattro. However, the hybrid version will be available at a later date.

Its hybrid system combines a 211 HP 2.0 TFSI engine with an electric motor that delivers 45 HP and 211 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a modified 8-speed tiptronic transmission that sends torque to the front wheels. It will deliver an average fuel consumption of only 6.2 liters per 100 km (37.94 US mpg).

For the A6 Hybrid the equipment list will include: Audi drive select dynamic handling system, sporty ESP with electronic limited-slip differential on board, adaptive air suspension with controlled damping is available as an option and a dynamic steering will be available soon, also as an option.

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After only two years after the unveiling of the facelift version, Audi is bringing the next generation A6. Of course, if we take a closer look at the automotive industry, this decision should come as no surprise. Expect the new Audi A6 to make its world debut at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show. Sales in the USA will begin in late 2011.

The new A6 sedan will adopt a design that has yet to be seen on the A6 model. The design choice is that of the new A7 Sportback . Not only will the A6 be receiving the A7’s design, but it will also be built on a conventional steel chassis that uses numerous aluminum parts to keep the overall weight down. The standard suspension will use traditional steel coil springs, while an optional air suspension will also be available.

Under the hood, Audi will place a fully revamped powertrain lineup that could consist of all forced-induction engines. There will be a 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder as the base engine, while the top version will get a turbocharged 4.0-liter V8.

The list of standard options will include a touchpad-entry navigation system, live Google, lane-keeping assist, active cruise control with follow-to-stop, and autonomous emergency braking.

Source: Inside Line

It wasn’t long ago that Audi unveiled a facelift version for the A6. In fact, it was only in 2009, and Audi is already preparing its next generation . Set to be unveiled in 2011 in Europe and 2013 in USA, the new luxury sedan will be longer and lighter with new powertrains, including a hybrid.

The next A6 will be built on a 115-inch wheelbase - about three inches longer than the current model - and will share the same body steel with the A7 . As for the engine line-up, Audi will start with a 201-HP 2.8-liter V-6 engine for the entry level and will go up to a supercharged 372-HP V8. A hybrid version will be announced in 2012 that will combine a 3.0-liter supercharged engine and an eight-speed autobox.

While steel will be used for most of the body parts, Audi has chosen to use aluminum for the door panels, as well as for some of the underskin parts such as the cast front strut towers. The suspension systems will be shared with models like the A7 and the A8 , offering a better weight distribution. The list of standard options will include a touchpad-entry navigation system, live Google, lane-keeping assist, active cruise control with follow-to-stop, and autonomous emergency braking.

Source: MotorTrend

The German magazine AutoZeitung has just revealed a new rendering of the next-generation Audi A6 midsize sedan that is set to be unveiled sometime in 2010. The new A6 features a much more modern and sporty appearance, while it uses the same design cues as the latest A5 and A4 from the German automaker. The Audi A6 will compete head to head with the next generation BMW 5-Series, M from Infiniti and that new Mercedes Benz E-Class.

The 2010 A6 will be made from a multi-material space frame that combines different metals wherever they are most favorable as far as structural rigidity and impact protection. the added benefits are improved handling, increased fuel economy and lower emissions. The exterior of the future A6 will be inspired by the smaller and sportier all-new TT. The vehicle will be predominantly made up of aluminum, but there will be steel and foam reinforcements wherever necessary. In addition, Audi is developing an all-new lightweight front and rear sub-frames which allow for increased strengthening around the integral parts of the lightweight chassis that tie it together.

Audi will be offering all sorts of power plants to move the new A6, ranging from a 190 HP 2.8 Liter V6 FSI or a 224 HP version. The last gas burning V6 will also be an FSI and will displace 3.2 Liters making 265 HP. The only V8 in the lineup will be a 4.2 Liter motor making 350 HP. The top of the line nits will be powered by a 5.2 Liter V10 FSI making 420 HP in the Audi S6 and a 5.0 Liter Biturbo FSI V10 pumping out 580 HP for an RS7. There will also be two diesel burning V6 power plants in the range, consisting of a 2.7 Liter TDI making 185 HP and a 238 HP 3.0 Liter TDI.

Source: Autozeitung
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In an attempt at a bit of viral video marketing, Ford showed this video to a group of journalists at the recent launch of the 2010 Ford Taurus SHO . The drag pits Ford’s factory tuned flagship model against an upscale Audi A6 with Quattro all wheel drive and a Hemi powered Chrysler 300. Which do you think won?

What’s interesting is that Ford is playing up the four wheel drive and V8-like capabilities of the new for 2010 SHO, but what would have happened if Ford Ford put their best four door sedan up against an Audi S6 or an SRT-8. Either way, the blue oval group proved that a boosted V6 can outrun a V8, and use less gas while doing it.

Audi has lifted the veil on the 2009 A4. The new vehicle features a very big list with innovative technologies, an improved suspension, a new-generation MMI control system as well as cutting fuel consumption with over 15%.

Audi A6

The new design of the car consists in a new single-frame grill, bumpers, air vents and fog lights, new LED daytime running lights, a new gentle lip on the trunk, integrated chrome strip on the bumper, broad diffuser and straight exhaust pipes are part and partial of the revamped rear end”. Also, the car comes with 13 exterior colors to choose from, including five new ones.

Audi A6

Like most Audis, the interior of the car its clean and elegant, with new higher-resolution graphics for the instrument panels, with new materials like the Valcona leather available for the sport seats and integrated headrest system reduces the danger of whiplash.
Under the hood, the new Audi received engines like the 2.0 TFSI, a 125 kW (170 hp), two new 2.8-liter FSI engines: the 140 kW (190 hp) or the 162 kW (220 hp), 3.0 TFSI with 213 kW (290 hp) and the astonishing 4.2 FSI, a 257 kW (350 hp) V8 engine.

Pricing are as follow: the Audi A6 3.2 sedan Premium will start at $45,100. The Audi A6 3.0T quattro sedan Premium will start at $50,100. The Audi A6 3.0T quattro Avant Premium will start at $53,310. The Audi A6 4.2 quattro sedan will start at $60,950, and the Audi S6 will start at $75,900.

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