Audi R2

Audi R2

  The Audi R2 is a future fuel efficient mid engine compact sports car from the German automaker that will be based heavily on the diesel burning Volkswagen BlueSport concept and inspired by the classic lightweight entry level Porsche 914. The R2 will be powered by everything from a TDI four cylinder to a turbocharged five cylinder from the Audi TT-RS and upcoming Audi RS3. If plans for the R2 do come to fruition, expect for an R8 super car inspired Audi R2 to spring up in the German automaker's lineup.

Audi R2

Alright, time to travel back into the murky waters that is the Volkswagen Group’s lineup mash-up. Here’s what we do know: Audi will get a version of the Volkswagen BlueSport concept . How it fits into Audi’s family is the debate.

Audi has been using a codename R4 on a mid-engined project. The thought was that the R4 would be the Audi based off the BlueSport. This rumor itself was already pretty tricky, and was explained last month . Now Auto Express is using the codename R2 for the VW based roadster, which could move the playing field.

If plans for a R2 and R4 both exist then, it could mean multiple cars coming from both Porsche and Audi. Porsche is possibly getting a version of the BlueSport chassis that could go to a 914 revival . An earlier rumor pegged the R4 to share many pieces with the Porsche Boxster . So one possibility is that the R4/Boxster/Cayman could play big brother to the BlueSport/R2/914 chasis.

But all this is speculation also would mean that the Volkswagen Group is laying out a lot of money on new designs at a time when cash is tight. Plus there are plenty of questions still to be answered: Is there really room in the Audi lineup for a R2 and R4? How many chassises will Audi be utilizing? Is this just a case of one car going under two names?

Only time and Ritalin will give us the answer.

Source: AutoExpress

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