Audi R4

Audi R4

  The Audi R4 is an EV roadster that will share its chassis with the next generation mid engine sports cars from Porsche and will be powered by a a purely electric drive train with with two motors placed at the front and two more at the rear axle fed go juice from a next generation Lithium ion battery pack, just like the E-Tron concept. With over 300 HP the R4 should be good for a 4.8 second 0 to 60 MPH run and will have a range of up to 155 miles.

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Audi R4

At the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show, Audi technical chief Wolfgang Durheimer confirmed that, along with the Le Mans-inspired hypercar, Audi could still offer a Boxster-sized sports car. This statement puts the R4 back in the cards, after being up and down for quite some time.

Durheimer confirmed that Audi has space for two different sports cars in the lineup — one placed above the R8 and one under it. The smaller one will be about the same size as the Porsche Boxster and has already been in "design, packaging and evaluation," but the market wasn’t quite ready for it. Audi wants a mid-engine sports car added to its lineup, but it will have to deliver "perfect weight distribution and perfect handling" and in the same time offer it at an affordable price.

As for the one placed above the R8, Durheimer said that Audi still has to make a decision on it, but he has big hopes to create one. However, it looks like if built, the model will not be offered with a diesel-electric hybrid powertrain, because keys markets like China and North America don’t have much support for diesel cars.

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Volkswagen Concept BlueSport

Porsche ’s decision for putting the baby Boxster on hold because the current generation may not be ready for it may just have started a domino effect for similar proposed vehicles. Volkswagen has just announced that the production version of the mid-engined Blue Sport Concept is also uncertain, stating the same reasons as Porsche: the company can’t find enough sales to justify investing in the model.

This may put a little hiccup in Volkswagen’s plans to increase sales to 800,000 units a year by 2018, but according to Volkswagen of America boss Jonathan Browning, "we don’t need to keep adding to our portfolio of models. We’re concentrating on our core models." Nice sidestep, but this only means that the company failed to find the market needed to sell 50,000 units a year of the production BlueSport.

They’re surely not getting rid of the vehicle, though, especially since engineering for the Blue Sport has been completed: "There is no official release for the project. It’s not a technology problem, but of finding enough customers. I don’t have enough [sales] volume to get the go-ahead," said Volkswagen’s engineering boss, Uli Hackenberg.

So, for now, the production Volkswagen BlueSport has been put on hold, further opening the door Porsche cracked when the Baby Boxster took its fall. We’re guessing Audi ’s plans of offering a new sports car slotted under the R8 may get invited to this party, but Audi seemed pretty intent on producing the junior model. Only time will tell.

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Rumors about an Audi R4 sports car have been circulating for a very long time now. Audi has denied its existence a few times, but Volkswagen announcing three different production versions of the BlueSport concept has brought the R4 back out on the table. The first rumors suggested the model would be revealed in 2010, but that was obviously not the case. The R4 will actually be revealed in 2014 as a 2015 model and will share its platform with the new entry-level Porsche and Volkswagen two-seaters.

When talking with AutoCar about the new R4, an Audi source said: "We have not abandoned plans for a roadster along the lines of theE-tron Spyder . We have reached a stage where we are moving forward and are now in the process of progressing the business case further, but it won’t go on sale until after the third-generation TT."

This statement can be translated into the fact that the R4 won’t hit the market until late 2014 and it will be designed in such a manner that it won’t hurt the sales of both the Audi TT and the Audi R8 supercar, meaning it will be placed somewhere in the middle.

UPDATE 10/26/2011: During an interview with British magazine, AutoExpress, an Audi insider has confirmed that the future R4 will feature both a 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo producing around 400bhp and a hybrid powertrain: "Even in our sports car ranges, customer demand for efficiency is increasing." The model will be offered in both roadster and coupe versions and Audi hopes to sell around 10,000 units a year.

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Audi R4

Volkswagen’s plans to roll out three production versions of the BlueSport Concept sparked all sorts of discussions on which vehicles would get treated to the design. As of now it looks as if Porsche will be dishing out the 550 (Baby Boxster? ) based on the iconic 550 Spyder launched in 1953, Volkswagen will be serving up the Bluesport production model using the concept’s design, and Audi will be treating us to the R4.

The new Audi R4 will only be offered in a roadster version and will take its design inspiration from the E-tron Spyder concept , as well as new design lines that will also be seen in the next generation R8 supercar. It will be powered by a choice of three engines, including the current 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine featuring a new variable cam and valve lift control system and an output of about 280 HP. The second choice will be a turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine with an output of about 350 HP and the third will be a twin-turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel with an output of about 200bhp and 295lb ft.

Audi will be debuting the new R4 sometime in 2014 with sales starting in 2015 at about $40,000-$45,000.

So, how did everyone like seeing the E-Tron Detroit Showcar when it debuted at the Detroit Motor Show? How would everyone like to see a roadster version grace the show floor at the Paris Auto Show ? That’s right, rumor has it that Audi will be bringing a roadster version of the the 2-seater concept most commonly dubbed as the R4 . It looks like the Americans got a coupe version while Europe Audi will see a roadster version, bringing all of us a step closer to the production version of the concept.

The production version will be either an electric model, or a mid-engine competitor for thePorsche Boxster . The Detroit concept was powered by two electric motors with a combined output of 204 HP and 1954.54 lb-ft of torque. The concept can sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in only 5.9 seconds and reach a top speed limited to 155 MPH. It was dominated by their signature super car grill as well as a pair of large vertical air intakes and a matrix LEDs to make up the headlights just like the R8.

We like calling it the R4 because, well, the name just fits, but, truth be told, we don’t really know what name the small sports car will actually come equipped with. The R4, unfortunately, was already taken by Renault for a hatchback they produced from 1961 and 1994. Anyone want to take a stab at possible names?

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At the 2010 Detroit Auto Show Audi unveiled a new version of their E-tron concept car. It previewed a new sports car that until now was rumored to be called the R4 . Now, Automobilemag is suggesting that the car will, in fact, be called the R5. This suggestion stems from the fact that the car will have an inline five engine instead of the four-cylinder reserved for the Audi TT .

However, while the E-tron concept was powered by two electric motors, the production version will be a compact, gasoline-powered, mid-engine, two-seat sports car. With the E-tron, Audi only wanted to show that they could develop electric cars, not that they wanted to. The only E-tron anyone will be seeing so far will be the R8 E-tron which will go into production next year.

The R5 is codenamed 9X1 and will be built on the same architecture as the next 911. The 9X1 components will be tailored to meet the needs of VW , Audi , and Porsche (Bluesport, R5, and new 356). Audi will offer both coupe and roadster versions and they will both be revealed sometime in 2013.

If we’re to believe this particular rumor, and we’re more inclined to be hopeful on this one particularly because it’s pretty juicy, then according to Auto Motor und Sport, Audi ’s continued efforts in developing and slotting an entry-level sports car just may come to fruition with what is rumored to be the R4 that’s scheduled to be out on the market in 2013.

What’s more, the rumored R4 is also looking to be based on what is now one of Audi’s most talked about concept cars in recent years, the E-Tron concept that we all laid our eyes on at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year.

As far as what tech specs will come with the car, it’s expected to weigh in at nothing more than 2,500 pounds and will have either a 1.4-liter TSI engine that produces 180 horsepower or an engine similar to the ones being used in the Audi TT , that is, a 2.0-liter TDI inline-four that produces 170 horsepower. No word yet on how much the R4 is going to command in the market, but the rumor is that it will be slotted just below the TT with it’s price tag of $27,000.

Yes, we know we’ve had a few back and forths on this one, but an entry-level Audi sports car for under $27,000 that will be based on the E-Tron concept? Pinch us, please. We must be dreaming.

At this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Audi unveiled a new version of the E-Tron concept car , a preview version of the future R4 sports car and they received an overwhelming amount of feedback. To not build a vehicle that created that much of a stir would be a conceptual nightmare and everyone seems to know it except for Audi. To build it or not to build it has been on ongoing struggle the company has dealt with since the debut of the VW BlueSport roadster which was supposedly the original concept for the R4 production vehicle. Yes, it’s a very confusing back and forth of emotions. Needless to say, the Audi R4 needs to arrive and, inspired by that concept, this is a new rendering of the production version.

The R4 will be built on an entirely new platform previewed by the aforementioned Volkswagen BlueSport roadster concept. As previously reported, the R4 will use a smaller powerplant than the ones found in the Audi TT . This means that we will see a range of 1.4 TSI, 1.8 TSI, and 2.0TDI engines. The engine from the newly launched Audi TT RS might also be used in a powerful high-performance version of the R4.

The Audi R4 will be offered in both coupe and roadster versions. We should expect the official debut in the next two or three years.

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When Audi brought the E-Tron Detroit Showcar at this year’s Detroit Auto Show everyone believed it previewed the next R4 sports car. Unfortunately, it seems the company hasn’t yet decided about the R4 and whether ornot they will move forward with the design.

An insider told AutoCar: "The reaction to the e-tron concept has been overwhelming. We’re weighing up all of the options and possibilities. There’s no real time pressure because we’re not replacing an existing model, but establishing a new one." Apparently, the final decision will be made by the parent company, Volkswagen .

The R4 was supposed to share the platform with the production version of the BlueSport concept, which was unveiled at the 2009 Detroit Motor Show. Porsche , Skoda , and Seat were also rumored to build models on the same platform, but a final decision has yet to be made: "Scale is important to a project like this. But with three different car makers working to a common goal, the chances [of it getting the go-ahead] look good."

Source: Autocar

Audi recently revealed the E-Tron concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and shortly after announced that the electrified R8 super car is a preview a future electric car from the four ringed automaker. The latest reports have said that Audi is planning on taking on Tesla Tesla ’s electric roadster with a German topless wonder of their own, and best of all the design will be inspired by the curvaceous E-tron concept.

Audi’s EV roadster is being called the R4 and the new zero emissions sports car will share its chassis with the next generation mid engine sports cars from its German Porsche cousins the Boxster and Cayman . However unlike the flat six powered sports cars, the future R4 will be powered by a a purely electric drive system made up of a quartet of motors, with two placed at the front and two more at the rear axle and fed go juice from a next generation Lithium ion battery pack, just like the E-Tron concept.

The flow of electrons will generate a total of 300 HP and over 3,300 lb-ft of torque thanks to the nature of electric motors that will deliver an instant acceleration and propel the open air EV from 0 to 60 MPH in just 4.8 seconds and can run for a range of up to 155 miles, all without emitting a single hydrocarbon.

Source: Autoexpress

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