Audi RS4

Audi RS4

  The Audi RS4 was originally introduced in 2000 as a European only avant model powered by a biturbo 2.7 Liter V6 with a pair of upgraded turbochargers and flared arches. The power plant produced 375 HP and 325 lb-ft of torque and would rocket from 0 to 60 MPH in only 4.9 seconds on its way to a 155 MPH top speed. In 2005 the A4 was redesigned once again and with it came a 4.2 Liter FSI V8 that made 420 HP with 0 to 60 MPH times falling around 4.0 seconds flat.

The next time you see a vulture pecking away at a carcass near an automotive graveyard, that carcass may just be Audi’s highest performing version of the A4 . The Audi RS4 was originally rumored to receive a new generation in 2010, but since this year has come and gone, we can all venture a solid guess that that rumor was completely unwarranted. Now the next ripple spreading through the automotive world is that the next generation A4 - set to be revealed in 2015 - will not receive its RS version.

Not being able to see the next RS4 is extremely unsettling for us as it was one of our favorite Audi models offered on the US market - especially in its convertible version - but we’ll just have to see what other piece of automotive meat will get tossed to us when the time is right. Audi seems to think the future RS6 will be worthy enough to attract the RS4 fans and this is where their focus will be until the car debuts. This new model is rumored to be powered by a new 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 engine that will deliver around 600hp, which is same as the RS7 . Sounds intriguing enough for us. What do you guys think? Hit us up in the comments section below.

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According to reports, the German automotive conglomerate Volkswagen AG is reshaping the lineup of four ringed luxury vehicles that it is planning to offer in the U.S. in a more economical way. While Audi has no plans of producing a diminutive A1 mini car or a drop top A3 , they are planning a few other versions of the compact hatchback. These variants include everything from a clean diesel burning five door to a four door sedan, much like an upscale VW Jetta , and even a compact crossover called the Q3 . The German automaker is also considering a zero emissions A2 BEV. An all electric A2 city car would definitely soften up the U.S. market’s opinion about a possible e-Tron super car further on down the road.

Audi has more mid size RS models in store for the U.S. market

On a more global note, the German automaker has also canceled plans to build an all out racecar spec motor sports version of their current entry level sedan, the RS4 . However Audi did tell us that their RennSport division is focusing on the B segment cars, so that only leaves the RS5 to get our high performance hopes up, at least until the next round of cutbacks. However it would have been unlikely for the German automaker to expand the breadth of their RS lineup for next year with the TT-RS scheduled for delivery and an RS3 in the works. Although we here in the U.S. will most likely never see the latter, it is rare that Audi build more than one RS variant per model year. Either way it looks like all of Audi’s in house high performance tuner cars will keep with a sleek two door theme.

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The last new Audi RS4 to roll out of a showroom was back in early 2008. At the end of that year the German automaker has already released a new generation A4 with the theme of downsizing for efficiency. With the new body also comes a new RS4. Audi prefers to wait until they are closer to the end of their product’s life cycle before developing and all out factory tuned hot rod and so the word has just broken that the next four-ringed sports car to wear the RS4 badge will go n sale in the spring of 2010.

Next generation Audi RS4 will debut in 2010

It is possible that the German automaker is aiming for a Geneva Motor Show launch, looking forward to embarrassing competitors offerings like the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG , the BMW M3 and the Lexus IS-F . The current trend is a high horsepower combination of speed and luxury, however none of these other high performance machines can match the handling performance of Audi’s Quattro all wheel drive system.

The 2010 Audi RS4 will be powered by a V8 engine that will deliver an impressive 450 HP, a gain of 30 HP compared to the old 4.2 Liter FSI equipped RS4. The future super sedan will also feature larger air intakes in the front bumper, inspired by the Audi TT-RS and the upcoming RS5 . Like all of the rennsport models, the RS4 will wear a more aggressively styled aero kit.

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Audi has got a new body for the A4 . With the new RS4 due in 2010 , and tough economic times, how is an Audi dealership supposed to get rid of its current supply of the old-style $67,000 sports sedan?

A very special Audi RS4: Romero Britto guest stars

Good idea: use tall inflatable manlike statute to flail arms and attract customers. Better idea: offer deep discounts off sticker price. Best idea: have famous artist Romero Britto use the car to create a one-of-a-kind piece of rolling art.

We spotted this car at a Miami area dealership. It is not a wrap or any kind of shortcut; it’s got raised paint and all. We were not given a final price, but expect to pay over sticker to take this home (his regular paintings go for five and six figures). Britto’s artworks are worth a smaller fortune. He has painted everything from CD covers, to dinnerware, to bikinis and murals. He even has a line of fragrances.

Fourtitude revealed the first official information about the future RS4 and RS5. It seems the car will feature the same V8 engine. Power will come from a 4.0 TFSI turbocharged engine, same that will be used for the next-generation A8. This means the output will be around 470 hp.

Audi RS4 and RS5 will get V8 engine

The engine will be mated to Audi’s latest 7-speed S-tronic dual-clutch automatic transmission (a.k.a. DSG). The new RS cars will also benefit from Audi Drive Select (ADS) - controlling suspension, steering weight and ratio, throttle mapping, and shift points on S-tronic models.

Considering that spy shots of the RS4 have been circulating on the internet for a long time now, we presume the car is about its debut. Unlike the RS5, which there have been no spy images.

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In order to update the looks of your Audi A4 Cabrio , Hofele, the well-known tuning company, unveiled their RS4 front bumper which updates the old A4 B6 8H Cabrio to the new A4 B6 8H Cabrio. According to the manufacturer the front bumper can be combined with the S4, RS4 silver and RS4 black front grill.

Hofele updates Audi A4 Cabrio with RS4 look

Made of high-quality material PKG, the front bumper from Hofele comes already painted and it can easily integrate OEM components like the parking sensors, headlights washing system and the fog lights. Additionally, the tuner offers also a light package consisting in a pair of LED day driving lights with five LEDs.

Even they have the same power and both features four-wheel system, the RS4 and the R8 are two different cars. But still, the RS4, a sedan for "sporty-dads" as it is called has the power to stand in front of the sporty R8.

Even they have the same power and both features four-wheel system, the RS4 and the R8 are two different cars. But still, the RS4, a sedan for "sporty-dads" as it is called has the power to stand in front of the sporty R8.

Here’s a very nice video showing the Audi RS4 in action. A must see for all the fans! Enjoy!

Here’s a very nice video showing the Audi RS4 in action. A must see for all the fans! Enjoy!

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