Audi RS6

Audi RS6

  The Audi RS6 is a full size sports car that was originally introduced in 2002 and then again in 2008. Available as either an avant or saloon the latest generation RS6 is powered by a Lamborghini sourced twin turbocharged 5.0 Liter V10 making 580 HP and 480 lb-ft of torque. This much power allows the RS6 to catapults the car from 0 to 60 MPH in under 4.5 seconds while the car's top speed is electronically limited to 155 MPH, but can be raised to 174 MPH at the customer’s request.

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After ABT unveiled its customized Audi RS6 Avant with 700 hp and 590 ft lbs of torque, its main rival, B&B unveiled its new tuning kit for the German car. The new program from B&B has 4 versions of boost for the V10 TFSI engine, developing 650, 670, 700 and 715 hp. With the 4th level installed, the car can hit 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds, with 0.3 seconds faster than the ABT RS6 Avant, and has a top speed of 200 mph.

Audi RS6 Avant by B&B

Also, a new a new suspension kit was added in order to obtain a better stability. No words about the price yet. Also check Audi RS6 Avant by ABT .

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It didn’t take too long and ABT, the great tuning specialist in German cars unveiled its version of the Audi RS6 Avant . The new vehicle includes the same V10 TFSI engine, but improved from 580 hp and 480 ft lbs of torque to 700 hp and 590 ft lbs of torque. ABT didn’t remove the body kit, but new 20” as wheels were added as well as a new suspension kit which lowers in order to make it more stable.

Audi RS6 Avant by ABT

With the new improvements the vehicle can hit 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 200 mph. More information and availability when the official details are released.

Audi will unveil the sedan version of the sporty RS6 this October at the Paris Auto Show. Latest spy shots reveal that the car is in the final stages of development and is ready to give headaches to the 507-hp Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and the 500-hp BMW M5.

The RS6 sedan will be powered by a V10 twin-turbo FSI direct-injection engine producing 580-hp. Now imagine what tuners will do to this car!

Stay tuned, more details will follow shortly.

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Audi RS6 Avant comes already with 580 hp and 650 Nm of torque but for those folks who consider that this is not enough there’s always MTM. The tuner unveiled today an even more powerful version of the German station wagon.

MTM RS6 R based on the Audi RS6 Avant

With the help of some ECU tweaking an astonishing 656 hp and 785 Nm of torque was obtained. With these numbers, the sprint from 0-100 km/h is made in 3.9 seconds while the top speed can be limited at 279, 290 or 310 km/h. All these are offered at a price of 3999 euro. According to the manufacturer, an even more powerful version of the vehicle is under development with a massive 702 hp.

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For those who think that the 580 hp of the Audi RS6 Avant aren’t enough, there is MTM. The tuning house boosted the RS6 to an astonishing 702 hp, making the sprint from 0-100 km/g possible in less than four seconds while the top speed exceeds 300 km/h. A good improvement if we think that the ”standard” RS6 sprinted to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds while the top speed was electronically limited to 250 km/h.

According to the tuner the car could go way over 320 km/h but with the addition of a new aerodynamic kit. For the moment the vehicle was fitted only with a carbon fiber ar diffuser, Price of the upgrade: $6,300 or around $1,500 just for removing the electronic speed limiter which makes the car stop at 280 km/h.

Audi will unveil the RS6 Sedan at the Paris Motor Show in October. Spy photographers from Auto Motor Und Sport caught it while testing!

The RS6 was already unveiled in the Avant version, but the sedan will feature new rear lights. Audi will put in the RS6 Sedan the well-known lights from the A4-Facelift.

Under the hood there will be the same V10 engine with FSI direct injection and twin turbochargers from the RS6 Avant version that will develop 580 hp.

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Nobody tried to modify theAudi RS6 Avant , until today when H&R unveiled its customized German car. As we are used to, ther car has no modifications at the exterior but for 380 euros, H&R offers a new set of sport springs which can lower the car up to 30 mm.

Audi RS6 Avant by H&R

According to the manufacturer the modifications are made without loosing any comfort. For those who want better handling, H&R can improve also the chassis of the car. Of course, all the H&R components are approved by the German TUV.

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Audi RS6 Avant

Due to a leak of informations in the Audi plant we found out that the more potent ”Plus” version of the Audi RS6 is going to be introduced at the end of its production, somewhere in 2011. Like the previous version the RS6 Plus will deliver more power than the standard version which delivers 580 hp.

The previous RS6 Plus was powered by a 480 hp engine, with 30 hp more than the standard. The new generation will deliver around 610+ if we consider that a minimum 30 hp will be added to the engine. Also, the production of the vehicle will be limited to 1000 units.

Before the arrival of the RS6 Plus we expect an answer from the other two important German manufacturers, Bmw and Mercedes, with their next-generation M5 and E63 saloons.

Audi RS6 Avant - UK pricing announced

Audi UK today announced that the RS6 Avant will go on sale in May at a price of £77,625. The first-year allocation of 380 vehicles has already been assigned to customers who formally registered their interest in the car with Audi Centres.

The RS6 is powered by a heavily modified, 5.0-litre version of the compact, naturally aspirated 5.2-litre V10 FSI petrol engine that powers the 435PS S6 quattro. Two turbochargers and extensive component refinements boost output to 580PS at 6,250 rpm, and increase torque from 540 Nm to 650 Nm, available from just 1,500 rpm through to 6,250 rpm.

Press release after jump.

Outstanding top performance and maximum dynamism combined with excellent suitability for everyday use are the impressive features of the new Audi RS 6 Avant, which will be unveiled to the public for the first time at the IAA 2007 in Frankfurt. A newly developed V10 engine with FSI direct injection and twin turbochargers, permanent quattro four-wheel drive and sports suspension with Dynamic Ride Control DRC set the standard for high-performance vehicles in the luxury class. 426 kW (580 bhp) and a maximum torque of 650 Nm add up to an unforgettable performance experience. At the same time, the new Audi RS 6 Avant offers a high standard of travel comfort – on long journeys, too.

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