Audi S3

Audi S3

  The Audi S3 is the German automaker's premium performance compact version of the A3 hatchback. The original 1999 Euro only model was powered by a tuned 225 HP 1.8T 20v four cylinder equipped with Quattro all wheel drive accelerating from 0 to 60 MPH in 6.6 seconds and reaching a top speed of 151 MPH. Along with new bodywork, in 2006 the S3 became a 2.0 TFSI making 260 HP and now going from 0 to 60 MPH in 5.5 seconds while being electronically limited to a 155 MPH top speed.

The hottest little Audi may be losing its top. Audi Passion caught the S3 open top in the parking lot below the Audi AG headquarters.

The spy photos show an interesting detail: the presence of dual exchange clutch S-Tronic, so far not available for the smallest of S. No word yet if the S3 will make it to the U.S. in any form.

Source: Audi Passion
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The Audi S3 got into full conversion process which resulted into a brand new vehicle from outside to inside. The drivetrain was transferred to the back of the car which led to an ideal weight distribution of 50% to 50% between front and rear. The new model is powered by a 2.7L V6 twin-turbo engine taken from the Audi RS4 , capable to deliver an astonishing 550hp. The performance is even higher due to the massively bodywork and larger front and rear bumpers.

O.CT S3 Biturbo based on the Audi S3

In the interior the changes continue with the carbon-fiber trim in the doors. Also the seats and the pedals were positioned further to the left and right respectively due to the big engine and STW-derived X-Trac race transmission which needed a larger and wider center console. The car also features a removable steering wheel which can be used as an instrument to tame the savage O.CT S3. A digital stack display ensures that all information in regards to vital engine stats are showed.

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O.CT, an Austrian tuning specialized in German cars unveiled their latest masterpiece: an Audi S3 with 550 hp. Maybe you’re wondering how this power was obtained, right? Well, according to the tuner, the Audi received a RS4 B5 2.7l biturbo engine modified in order to obtain the astonishing 550 hp.

Audi S3 by O.CT Tuning

The vehicle received major update like a completely new interior, simplified in order to loose some weight, an adjustable suspension system, improved brakes and new expanded fenders. Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything about the performances of the vehicle but judging the improvements the sprint from 0-100 km/h could easily be made in less than 4 seconds.

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It looks like MTM did it again! Based on the Audi S3 , the tuner obtained from the 2.0 liter TFS engine an astonishing 380 hp and 460 Nm of torque. The car comes fitted with 19 inch alloy rims „bimoto" in diamond cut, titanium oder shiny and MTM Brembo brake system.

MTM Audi S3 8P: 380 hp and 460 Nm of torque

As you figured the performance of the car are awesome: 0-100 km/h in under 5 seconds and a top speed of 279 km/h.

No words about the price yet!

The Austrian tuner O.CT Tuning has taken the Audi S3 to the next level and upgraded the car with an even sportier look as well as an extra helping of power. An extensive engine modification boosts the output of the sporty compact to 328 hp.

With the new Audi S3 Audi S3 , Sportec has taken a compact racer under its wing which is already in its standard version a quite agile machine.The engine, exhaust and chassis components newly tuned by Sportec quicken the Audi in a way to allow a peak speed of 258 km/h while the gained performance excites the appetite to literally devour the tarmac during spontaneous bursts of speed. The 2.0 L TFSI engine – already ex works a quite powerful one – produces in its standard version 265hp and a torque (...)
WEITEC now offers its SPORT F-sport springs also for the two current Audi-models S3 and TT. They help lowering the cars center of gravity resulting in better agility. SPORT F-sport springs provide a lowering of 30mm in case of the S3 and 25mm regarding the TT. With its high-quality spring kits, WEITEC offers what is probably the most cost-effective alternative in this segment. Driving pleasure was never more affordable! Within its product range, WEITEC offers over 1,000 spring kits (...)
Everyone was excited when the Audi S3 was launched. And off course you saw it many time driving arround the roas, but this commercial is quite impressive. Enjoy!

Everyone was excited when the Audi S3 was launched. And off course you saw it many time driving arround the roas, but this commercial is quite impressive. Enjoy!

Heron took an already agile car in the sports-compact series and make it even more powerful and faster. With new components for the engine, updates at the exhaust system and at the chassis you can increase the speed of your S3 up to 165 mph. The TFSi engine from the Audi company comes strandard with an output of 265 hp. Heron increase the output up to 300 hp and the maximum torque goes up to 309 lbs-ft (from 258). This will help the heron S3 to make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in just 4.7 (...)

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